So, please, ‘Pit Bull’ the standard nickname of a breed of dog. Moreover, these tests let you know about the dog’s character traits. Thank you for your kind words. Anyhow, Thank you again for loving and caring for these brilliant loving beasts. This post stirred up some emotions among several advocates of pit bulls, pit bull-type dogs, and American pit bull terriers. American Bully has only recently been accepted as a breed! Site: Love & a six-foot leash. John, I’m beginning to believe that you are just looking for a platform to be heard/read from. Both terriers and bulldogs make up the foundation of the pit bull, according to the American Kennel Club. If a participant labeled a dog as any of the aforementioned breeds or “pit bull” or “mix” with any of the labels, their breed assignment was considered a DNA match for the study if the test results showed 12.5% or more of American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Some historians believe that in order to create better, and perhaps, smaller fighting dogs, some type of game terrier dogs were bred with bulldogs. So then, back to Aleksandra’s Chick and Doodlebug. How to Obtain a Dog DNA Cheek Swab Sample. So one thing I never blame when a Pit Bull turns human aggressive is its dog fighting ancestry. The bloodline may have mixed breeds if the profile suggests the genes of breeds not used develop the pit bull. How could two dogs with no common DNA be considered the same dangerous breed? The problem is that the term “Pitbull” does not refer to a single breed. I’m very sorry to hear about what happened to your dog and your wife. If a breed appears in your pet’s DNA in very small amounts, it would be included in this category. Thanks for the comment and the compliment. Many dog owners are intrigued by the idea of revealing their puppies’ breeds. I get your point, but I hope you see mine too. We blame the environment in which that dog lived! Maybe another time! Many people think that you can easily spot a Pit Bull by appearance. •    And can two mixed-breed dogs that share zero common breeds both be “pit bull” dogs? Researchers call this “Pit Bull heritage”. I went with it, and wrote a post of my own in hopes that it would provoke thought. I already pointed out that a lot of abused dogs do NOT go bad. I’m not on a campaign, John, but I feel confident in my knowledge of pit bulls and pit bull history. To go a step further, I do not believe that pit bulls exist as a genotype. I am not sure if you think that I am, in some way, doing the breed harm. Oh, and my opinions, of course Be well. It certainly appears that you did succeed at making a thought provoking post! Take out the swab without touching the brush end. You can dress up any dog, put any dog into a Gucci bag or let any dog eat falling potato chips. When unknown parentage is indicated via DNA testing, the status of the registration will be downgraded to “conditional” until a three generation pedigree is established. The bloodline may have mixed breeds if the profile suggests the genes of breeds not used develop the pit bull. We will keep your dog's DNA sample in our storage facility for 10 years. You will receive a detailed Parentage Report showing matches or non-matches along with a detailed explanation of inclusion or exclusion of a sire. Most can’t even ID pure bred dogs, let alone breed mixes. Collecting a sample for testing is easy and can be done at home. Hi: one point- American Pitbull Terrier is defiinitely a distinct breed, as much as Rottweiler, etc. Hand made with precision from durable Kydex with an appropriate amount of flexibility, Pitbull Tactical designed the Bloodline Holsters to be 100% customizable catering to various body types as well as ensuring comfort. Two and a half weeks ago, here in Denver where us unfeeling souls who don’t understand how lovable pit bulls/American bulldogs are, my 12 year old border collie mix and my 105 lb wife were walking in a neighborhood, when a fun loving American bulldog who has never been trained to fight, and who loves her master so much, and is just a f… sweetie, ran out of its back yard, crossed a street, ran a half a block down, turned the corner on to the cross street and hurled itself at my dog, shredding her. Above a photograph of her two blocky headed dogs, Aleksandra asks one question: Which of her two dogs is a “pit bull” dog? What a shame – fear from ignorance. Repeat Steps 2, 3, and 4 for the remaining three swabs on the same dog. I began my path on research of American Pitt bull Terriers back in year 2000 during a cross country trip (best time of my life: exploring this beautiful country with my beautiful wife and learning about the gladiator breeds). I find this comment funny, because on one hand, we do not want to judge a dog simply because he was owned by a degenerate looser, dog fighter. Thank you for this article. And if I were on my account on game-dog, I would not have shared that post. Aleksandra and her family help a few unlucky pit bull-type dogs by taking the unloved and often mistreated dogs into their home, caring for and loving them, and then ultimately, finding them their perfect family and forever home. Aggression against humans doesn’t correlate much with aggression towards other dogs or other animals. Dear Carlos, I do agree American Pit Bull Terrier should be on this list, but not all dogs commonly defined as “pit bulls” are American Pit Bull Terriers. medianet_crid = "844329263"; I am trying to defend the breed I love, the American Pit Bull Terrier (and the AKC equivalent the American Staffordshire Terrier). If a pit bull is any dog with large jaw muscles, then the answer is A) Both. That’s it. “Pit Bull” is a term used to refer to dogs that come down from different breeds. Mail the sample back and wait for your results which usually come in about two weeks. Buy now When people use the term pitbull, they’re usually referring to a dog that’s composed of a mix of some of the breeds listed above. If I have an English Bulldog who has never participated in the cruel “sport” of bull baiting, he is still a Bulldog. Again, I’m writing my opinion. I know you like to be heard/read from, and I also know that it’s going to kill you to not be able to get the last word in, because that’s just the kind of person you are, John, but I think you should go and write off-point somewhere else. To be honest, I have a low opinion of the tactics and methods used by many (not all) so-called “professional” dog evaluators, and their general knowledge of dog behavior.