catch ’em everyday down by my outhouse!!!!! especially if they are Free range chickens. He has been given his own plate an... Where are we heading? take out let cool for ten min. Total Carbohydrate Houdt van barbecue, chocolade, koffie, cocktails, thee, reizen, theater, (filmhuis)films, kunst, raw denim en zijn naaktkatten. Put the possum in the pot with just enough water to keep it from burning, cover with a good tight lid. Mix, stuff possum and skewer or sew the opening shut. They are good braised with a mixture of soy sauce and oyster sauce.. Can you do Possum meat balls and sphaghetti ? But when it comes to great meals like Crock-pot Possum or a Possum Stew some people find something funny  about it. Hier staat alles klaar om deze ook te gaan maken,ben zeer benieuwd. Dit is met recht een “klassieker” Dennis! I think all yall been smokin ya undershorys!!! Next use any good rub & coat the meat. As I said, use ’em for bait for something better, or feed your chickens or feed a tree. Kun je ze ook invriezen als je klaar bent? Ik doe de chipotle saus in kleinere jampotten en steriliseer ze, dan zijn ze heel lang te bewaren. De MOINK Ball was geboren. Direct van de barbecue zijn ze natuurlijk het lekkerst. Somewhere on Staten Island there is an old dude who tells his grandchildren, “The eat possums all the time down in Kentucky. Skin and bone the possum (use only the best meat for the casserole, ie: the strip loins and hind quarters, cubed). Wil je niet Larry’s saus maken, dan is mijn Sweet Smokey BBQ saus een lekkere, maar deze echter wel even van te voren dan kunnen de smaken aan beetje aan elkaar wennen. En half om half is wel tegen de regels van de MOINK Het moeten runderballetjes zijn om MOINK te mogen heten . Sweet … I have a baby possum I am trying to raise. Zo maak je de originele en allerlekkerste versie van deze barbecue-snack! WARNING!There’s JUST ONE REASON you might fail on the Paleo Diet and it has everything to do with your ability to make delicious food, FAST.But now, with this stunningly simple cookbook I’ll show you how to cook savory, mouth-watering meals in minutes for some of the busiest Paleo eaters in the world...For more info please click on the following link: How To Cook - Desserts - Salads - Omelettes - Soups - Meat - SnacksTalk soon. Naphthalene balls. If you are a northerner who lives in a town you probably have possums in your garbage cans. Voor de saus moest ik alleen wat crea bea zijn, ik was de rum vergeten maar berenburg is een prima vervanger. Vorige week deze ballen als test gemaakt en zoals je zelf al aangaf vond ik dat ze zelf ietwat te zout waren en de knoflook overheerste (verse). My dear departed father’s favorite meat was coon, with squirrel being a close second, but he told me that possum is greasy stinky meat that is just not fit to eat. Sinds die eerste keer dat het MOINK Balls recept maakte is er een hoop gebeurd rond deze ballen. The only way to eat a possum is to get a white oak board the same size of the possum .lay possum on board ,salt & pepper .and a little corn mash on it Keep stirring a little longer to toast the roux (this adds a little flavour and removes the floury taste). I live in California, the city, and there is a possum stuck in a net in my backyard. Three Possum Recipes. CDKitchen, Inc. 20:11:05:09:48:45   :C: 1 large possum, skinned, dressed, and washed, 17 AMAZING Ways To Cook With Jack Daniel's Whiskey, 34 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You Must Try. I have 20 Ha of rural land with very nice woods, too many possums, and insufficient time/need to turn the fur into cash. Er is niet echt een vervanger voor. Shape into walnut-sized balls. I grew up in the scrub in outback Queensland, ( Australia,)……..actually, most people say I didn’t grow up, I was kicked up the arse and told to get up……..bastards! Maybe I will burn the intestines so the dogs don’t make a nasty mess or perhaps put them up a tree for the puma (possibly bait for a trap). Thats what folks from the Caribbean call it. When I’s 11 goin’ on 12 my daddy die Geen rook hout toegevoegd. Discard bones. An sich lekker, maar de rooksmaak is erg hard en scherp in het magere rundvlees. Via Danny Brassinga en zijn BBQ-avonturen verleden jaar een WSM gekocht. Mix, stuff possum and skewer or sew the opening shut. With a very serious face I told him that yes, of course we eat possums but not every day. Is 1 handje geweekte hickory snippers (van Weber) bij het laatste kwartier aan te raden? Most fancy city slickers, like the one in the picture on the right, are shocked when they find out they have to skin the possum. Apply possum to stick Baste once or twice with the marinade from the pan as the possum cooks. MOINK rules!!! Place the butter in a pot and cook over medium heat. Step 2: get the biggest jug of the cheapest red wine you can get. Is that gone now? That looks absolutely delicious. Ik heb rub op een plank gestrooid en de balls hier doorheen gerold. Amazing. I cannot say that I ever tasted any fine possum cuisine but I do have much experience working with the cunning rodents. 5. Stir, cover and cook in slow oven for 2-3 hours, adding more possum stock if necessary. Skunk? Je kunt de MOINK Balls ook op een hogere temperatuur klaarmaken, 160°C is geen probleem. Deze MOINK Balls nog niet eerder gemaakt. Then makes BBQ sauce with ketchup, chili powder, brown sugar onion powder, garlic powder, and liquid smoke. Ik kan er geen genoeg van krijgen, vandaag 42 MOINK Balls gemaakt, morgen op de WSM47 met wat kersenhout chunks en na ca 5 kwartier: smullen maar weer! …….don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, so long as you keep clear of those claws, the bastard goes berserk!! Good clean tender meat if prepared right…With sweet potatoes, of course. Perhaps you have missed the entire point of this site because you are obviously taking this as serious when it is but a joke. Vandaag ook maar eens deze klassieker gemaakt. Ietsjes hogere temperatuur +/-135 en kersen i.p.v. Possum , properly dressed and placed on a rack in a pan so the grease will drip out when baking is pretty good eating. I think it’s hillbilly influence at it’s best if you ask me. Yep, fur, blood and guts. There’s better eating, and yer possum or skunk can be fed to the chickens, or used as bait for something better. THEY LOOK LIKE RATS….. For the record, to my knowledge there has never been a confirmed case of a possum with rabies….. No one know why, I say if it cant out smart me or my dogs im eating it, and with a possum if it climes a tree im heading up after it and my dog will meat it at the botum b4 it bounces.