Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water won Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards, which makes it special in several ways. No nudity shown. A woman stitches up a man's wounds. We are introduced to group of rowdy locals hunters. With posts containing trailers, fan art, official posters, reviews, music videos, short films, and toys. It cost $ to make this movie, and while it may have been a lucky crowd source by horror and bigfoot film fans who probably read a really slick synopsis of the story to part with thier currency, after the finished product is out for sonsumption folks might not be convinced to part ways with thier hard earned dough. It is one of the few genre films to ever win this award, but its win also revealed that the Academy has no issues with a sex scene between a human woman and a fish-man.. Surprised it hasn’t happened yet.. No surprise – I’ll tell you why there isn’t and won’t likely be one. A man is hit in the face with what appears to be a rock. The acting by the husband was dull! Soon they found themselves terrorized by a mysterious creature in the woods. I would a second movie of this title. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Start your interactive experience now! Halloween! If you already saw this movie, help us rate the movie by click on the Star Rating. Cage-ify Your Halloween with this Exclusive Pumpkin Template! This is a very brief scene. The monster then appears and hacks off his head with an axe. Interview: Michael Ballif Talks The Witching Season and They Live Inside Us Feature. Duskyea woman eats children and kidnaps bad kids putting them in her basket. There is a scene in a cave with the woman tied up. Showing all 26 items Jump to: ... No real nudity. I’d give it 2/5 or 2.5 at the very most. Simple put, Primal Rage is about big foot. 2, CS Soapbox: Freddy, Michael & Jason: Why We Can’t Seem To Let Them Die, TRICK ‘R TREAT Director Michael Dougherty Hosts Special Watchalong TODAY 10/30 @ 7 PM (PST), FROM ‘PARANOID’ TO PARANORMAL – IT’S AN OSBOURNE FAMILY GHOST HUNT, DISSECTING HORROR – What It Means to be a Scream Queen. Basically, it is a big foot possessed by angry Indian warriors. The big foot monster didn’t look like a cheap monkey suite, but it was actually pretty convincing. I doubt that the movie is bad because it made total sense I mean how did the Wife and Husband got lost in the first place, well let me give you Guys a Hint Bigfoot is a Possessed Angry WARRIOR And Hunt Out For Human Beings Its Not No Ordinary Bigfoot If Guys Suspected It Was, Then YOU GUYS DON’T HAVE A SINGLE CLUE ABOUT THIS MOVIE AT ALL! A man slips and breaks his wrist. The main vie was nowhere as bad as movies like, plan 9 from outer space. A man accidently shoots another man in the head and blood splats from his head. With Casey Gagliardi, Andrew Joseph Montgomery, Jameson Pazak, Marshal Hilton. [3 out of 5 stars], I would like to know what you think of the movie. The husband character was horrible in the acting dept., but everyone else was ok. (2016), Beauty of Horror: Christmas Clay-Massacre, Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween (2015), Chris LaMartina's Trick or Treat Video Goodie Bag Mixtape, Cinematic Void 2019 Halloween Video Mixtape, Commander USA's Groovie Movies: Trick Or Treats, Count Spookula's Horrorthon: Halloween Special (2020), EC Comics Style Artwork of Horror Movies Part 1, EC Comics Style Artwork of Horror Movies Part 2, EC Comics Style Artwork of Horror Movies Part 3, Everything Is Terrible! A man is shot with an arrow through the mouth. There are quite a bit of big foot horror films already out there, but this one is bit different. If they make a Primal Rage 2 I hope they pickup from the first one. A Horrific Urban Legend Comes Calling in the Horror Short INVOKE! Really??? The movie is consider low-budget but the special effects are surprisingly good. Its definately worth watching. “The big foot could easily kill him but he didn’t. There are multiple innuendos from a group of men. Maybe he studied reviews of other Bigfoot movies and wrote up a synopsis that was every Bigfoot movie fans wet dream. A couple engage in brief sex in a car early on in the film. There are many other big foots that are out there who are hunting human to kill. HALLOWEEN II (1981) Art and Print by SADIST ART DE... Halloween Night Short Film - The Afterparty. Perhaps it can sense she is in estrus like with other mammals. ” The big foot eventually kidnap the wife back to the cave where he lives. HALLOWEEN 2020 - THE ADDAMS FAMILY, Fifty years of Chicago's WGN-TV 9's CREATURE FEATURES....and what a long, strange year it's been, indeed.... Halloween at Home: A 2020 Trick or Treating Greeting from Halloween Series Cast & Crew, Episode 92 - Found Footage-Tober : The Ghost and the Host, 2015-2016 A Totally Bogus Halloween Vol. The bone is seen protruding from the skin and he is bleeding badly. Lots of blood is seen oozing out of their necks. Ashley and Max Carr are married couple who found themselves lost in the forest of Pacific Northwest. We’re celebrating the ‘80s slasher classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, with a... 'Halloween: Artbook' to Feature Over 225 Artworks Celebrating the 1978 Film | Halloween Daily News, Photos from Halloween The Sister Trilogy's post. New Soundscape! UPDATED! I was disappointed that they didn’t take advantage of the fact that the actor who plays the husband had actually lost his foot. Actually not that bad of a movie. At the end, there is big battle between the husband and the big foot. Your email address will not be published. Luckily, the movie does explain little bit about this supercharged big foot. 1 and Vol. The film maker most likely got lucky and got sourced by writing a clever syniopsis and story outline. The Bigfoot special effects, I thought, were quite realistic. The Bigfoot tore off the woman’s shirt in the cave and made it look like he was raping her.. First of All Bigfoot was not “in Love” If You Guys Thought It Was, Then Your 100% Retarded, The Bigfoot Was Not in Love with Wife It Was Torching Her And Abusing Her And What I Mean By “Abusing Her” I Mean It Was Trying To Rip Her Head Off Not RAPING HER BECAUSE HER UNDERWEAR WAS STILL ON If You Didn’t See It, GO RE-WATCH THE SCENE SHE HAS ON PANTIES STILL ON THE PICTURE, So That Means There Is No Raping Scene In Primal Rage RETARDS! The surprising ending is that this isn’t the only big foot out in the woods. The big foot could easily kill him but he didn’t. The girl starts to unbutton her shirt and doing kissing. New Immersive Live SCREAM Experience Slashes Into Your Home This October, Matthew Therrien Painted Every Different Version of Michael Myers as Expressionist-Style Portraits, Creepy Scarecrow Featured in Our Exclusive Clip from THEY LIVE INSIDE US, Spooky Season is Here with HALLOWEEN 4 + 5, TRICK ‘R TREAT, & TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE Merch from Fright-Rags, Waxwork Records Releasing Soundtracks for Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN & HALLOWEEN II on Vinyl, David Gordon Green Says Halloween Kills Deals With Outrage of Haddonfield, Universal Studios Cancels 2020 Halloween Horror Nights, DAWN OF ASHES’ Kristof Bathory Names Top 10 Horror Movies Featuring Rock Stars, Bloody Bill’s Top 10 Clowns in Horror (Who Aren’t in CIRCUS OF THE DEAD). If you are a big foot fan, you might want to check it out. 2. It has to do with some kid of Indian curse. in this scene both girl and boy are doing passionate kissing in the car. Also it is able to camouflage itself to hide within the forest. Bigfoot turns her over & rips her shirt & bra. As far as current horror movies this one was not that bad! When he got his foot caught in the bear trap, I was sure he was going to cut his foot off and start hopping to get away- it was such a wasted opportunity. But the movie starts to drag in the middle of the movie in a point where I started to loose interest. Money! HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIES VHS DVD and Blu-ray Covers, Playlist of Halloween Horror Movies, Halloween Movies (Not All Horror), Playlist of Halloween Horror Movies, Halloween Movies (Not All Horror). I am not sure if there is going to be sequel or not, but I am not sure if I am interested in seeing what happens next. Required fields are marked *. The female creature is Duskyea woman or Tsonnaqua, my spelling stinks. Upside is that the female lead played by Casey Gagliardi is very attractive actress and fair good job. The two main characters are husband and wife who have bit of love and hate relationship. The action and suspense start right away and we get to see the mysterious big foot create very early in the movie. But it is an uncomfortable scene. Bigfoot turns her over & rips her shirt & bra. In real life this big ass thing would have been blasted to bits before it killed the second hunter. We are not so sure who this scary looking witch lady is. Taglines No sexual intercourse. I’m ready for “Primal Rage 2: The Offspring” however. The Ultimate Guide to Over 100 Horror Movies Set Around Halloween! Did they really have to include a scene like this in an already pretty good movie to begin with??? Bruce McDonald’s HELLIONS Returns to Theaters Today. Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, language, and brief sexuality. and this is my ending of a word for all of you.. FUCK YOU. HOLLOW GATE (1988) Newspaper Ad, Trade Ad, VHS and... 24 Reasons HALLOWEEN & THE TERMINATOR Are The Same... 12:01 Beyond - Episode #1: Halloween Special, Alienween: Halloween Party Apocalypse (2016), All Hallows Eve: The Dead Have Stories to Tell (2016), All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest (2012), Baron Von Laugho's Christmas Special (1985), Baron Von Laugho's Halloween Spook-A-Thon! So there you go this comment is a come back from Primal Rage’s Biggest Fan To You Arrogant’s of Primal Rage! The husband just got out of jail and the wife was there pick him up. He falls and slides down a steep hill then tumbles into the water unconscious. AVAILABLE NOW! The acting from all the actors are below average to just average.