You can see there are difference between actual numbers and calculated numbers. Are Online Slots a Gateway to Learning More About Ancient Times? If you set the "Q" parameter in the calculator to the same as your monitor's aspect ratio, you can see that it keeps all the numbers the same across scopes. The highest rating is 8057. You’ll have to jump into games to test it, and potentially gain losses, which is discouraging for first-person shooter veterans as well as newcomers. I wish I knew exactly what it is was doing, but like I said in my other comment, I didn't write the base calculator. See this thread if you want to assist in translating the calculator to your language! I tried to keep all the relevant math stuff in their own functions at the top of the script. Sensitivity Settings For PUBG Mobile: Recommended settings for Indian players in terms of camera, camera sensitivity, gyroscope, and ADS sensitivity. It’s also attracting players from other first-person shooters who want a different experience than the ones they are used to. I use 103 fov for FPP and my general sensitivity for TPP is 41. This is the ultimate solution to having a more satisfying PUBG gaming experience. Scope Sensitivity – Shroud compensates for his low DPI with a high scope sensitivity of 50 and a general sensitivity of 56. It's my understanding that the adjustable FOV slider only affects VehicleDriver, Targeting, and Normal. There’s a relation between Camera Sensitivity and a player’s look-around view. I just adjusted the old version to include the new 3x and 6x. The math for this particular case reduces down to a very simple formula: sens_multiplier = horiz_fov_scoped / horiz_fov_base. Updated August 19, 2018. I use 1.08 in cs go and for zoom i use 0.6975 with 800 DPI, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PUBATTLEGROUNDS community. This should make it feel like the zoom does in CS:GO. They work for both first and third person modes (which is 80 FOV as of now). Add . Our sens converter will do the rest. Setting it to 0 means the crosshairs moves equally for the smallest of movements, 1 moves equally the distance of the height of the monitor, and setting it to your aspect ratio (like 1.78 for a 16:9 display) is equal movement for the width of the monitor. If you look at LastConvertedMouseSensitivity=0.040000, the sensi at the calulator is MouseSensitivity=65.051500 and the acutal sensi is MouseSensitivity=65.061996. Different players would have different DPI setting preferences. I'd like to incorporate that into the calculator. If you came from CSGO and PUBG has never felt quite right while scoping in, use this calculator. 3x Scope: 30% 4x Scope, VSS: 20% 6x Scope: 20% 8x Scope: 15%. PS! With the massive usage of smartphones around the world, PUBG Mobile was launched as a way to reach more players. The sensitivity numbers this calculator produces are "converted" sensitivities and must be set directly to the LastConvertedMouseSensitivity values in GameUserSettings.ini (found at %LOCALAPPDATA%\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini). This should make it feel like the zoom does in CS:GO. It's really what I was looking for. This is why the PUBG sensitivity calculator comes in handy. The dimensions of this window are controlled via the Q parameter, which is expressed as an aspect ratio. Set this at 40 as well. While using the same settings as Shroud doesn’t guarantee you the same level of success, it can help you improve certain aspects of your game, like zeroing in, moving around in stealth, managing recoil, and sniping. Here are the settings that he uses: Team SoloMid. If I just want my crosshairs to move equally far on the screen, per 5 cm moved on my mousepad, for every scope ... the numbers should be the same for every scope? Though it’s far from fortune-telling, researchers have found that bats master an aspect of seeing the future: finding prey. It's certainly more than 1, but less than the 1.8 factor of Scope2x. To avoid aiming difficulties from very long range scopes (6X and above), make sure you set the mouse sensitivity to the lowest possible setting you are comfortable with. This calculator has been built to make porting your favorite first-person shooter mouse sensitivity settings simpler and faster. I don't own nor have played any of the recent Battlefield games, but this description of uniform soldier aiming makes me believe our algorithms operate in the exact same way.