unsafeWindow.mdlsettings.screenaim = message.data.autoAimOnScreen; var socialWS = new WebSocket(`wss://krunker_social.krunker.io/ws`); let msgRaw = new Uint8Array(msg.data).slice(2); msg = msgpack5.decode(Array.from( msgRaw )); let playerObj = unsafeWindow.players.filter(x=>x.name == playerData.player_name)[0]; playerObj.kdval = Math.round(playerData.player_kills / playerData.player_deaths*100)/100; if (!playerObj.kdval) playerObj.kdval = "N/A", unsafeWindow.Ze2 = unsafeWindow.Ze = (t, e, i) => {, for (chatList.innerHTML += i ? Also, sometimes when I enter the code and run it the hack won't let me change the time and it stays at 0. Ok, I once again used your new extension and turned it into a bookmarklet. These mods allow players to access Flyordie.io unblocked servers and they are downloadable to any browsers. )\.js\?build=.+"><\/script>/g, ``); newBody = newBody.replace(/`); //newBody = newBody.replace(/`); //newBody += ``; newBody += ``; newBody += ``; //newBody += ``; newBody = newBody.replace("jsdelivr", "xyzsource"); newBody = newBody.replace("SCRIPT", "BLEEP"); unsafeWindow.addEventListener("message", (message) => {. url: `https://krunker.io/js/game.FQiza.js?build=FQiza`, unsafeWindow.gameCode = jsresp.responseText. So Please Be Nice And Don't Hack! You are receiving this because you commented. How do I activate the code? GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. I've seen some services that did a client side check. Copy and Paste script then enter 4. You can also play all io games in Godmods.com. :

'); getId("gravityButton").addEventListener("click", function() {. In order to change that, you must edit* BOTH of those numbers to the SAME number you choose. This works perfectly, but only if you can use Tampermonkey well. This is why I have left the credits in all bookmarklets, and have not modified anything at all. Hey, I was wondering if you could create a slower time, for example, lower than 0.3 seconds, because I am trying to beat some guy but I can't. tiles[j].style.backgroundColor = colors[i]; for (var F = setTimeout(";"), o = 0; o < F; o++) clearTimeout(o); var tiles = getClass("MatchModeQuestionGridTile-text"); //[0].childNodes[0].innerHTML, if (getClass("MatchModeQuestionGridTile")[i].classList[1] != "is-selected") {. the 0.5 always works but i have seen people with 0.0 seconds but cant find the code that they use unless they actually hack witch i'm pretty sure is not the case, the time cant be changed and it automatically pauses at 0.5 second, why not just 0.0. Learn more. Is this just a glitch for me? Thanks! Learn more. How to hack in krunker. (server|party)=.+)$/, // @require https://greasyfork.org/scripts/368273-msgpack/code/msgpack.js?version=598723, // @require http://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.3.1.min.js, // @require https://code.jquery.com/ui/1.12.0/jquery-ui.min.js, // @require https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery-confirm/3.3.0/jquery-confirm.min.js, 1 = users, [userid, x, y, z, angle_x, angle_y, ?, ?, ? var question = getClass("TermText notranslate lang-en"); for (var i = 0; i < question.length; i++) {. lol, @b0iii, It actually does. Give credit to Jan Biniok - the creator of TamperMonkey Author Rayquaza Remix Daily installs 8 Total installs 8,354 Ratings 4 0 0 Created 2018-08-10 Updated 2018-08-10; Project CrackRBLX - BREAK ROBLOX! Very nice code, unless you don't know what tampermonkey is or is idiotic enough to not know how to make a bookmarklet. }, 0); I'm new to this and I'm wondering why can't I create a pull request with my fork? let realAttack = msgpack5.decode(START_ATTACK); console.error(`Sending ${JSON.stringify(realAttack)}`); this.oldSend(msgpack5.encode(realAttack)); //["i",[[402,17,"f",-1,"f",17,"f",-1,0,0,0,0,0,0]]], return Math.sqrt(dx * dx + dy * dy + dz * dz). Create Copy And Paste For Tampermonkey And VIolent Monkey, // @description krunker online io mods hacks cheats this one is really WORKING Krunker . you press inject. If you have Google chrome I would definitely use snowlords extension on the Google chrome web store. Anybody here tried to hack this quiz game to get always the right answer? You can also directly copy paste into the chrome inspect console. button = getClass("UIButton UIButton--hero")[0], button && button.click(); 2 with menu (outdated) April 13, 2020; Krunker HackĀ© 2. io is a free io Multiplayer First Person Shooter. I'm having a problem that when I open up the Quizlet match and I click the bookmarklet before I click start, (that's how you get 0.5 right?) The timer will be paused when at the chosen time. document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[4].click(); if (document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[2].checked === true) {. io Script Tampermonkey 2. well for starters I suggest you read the entire thread. Also, sometimes when I enter the code and run it the hack won't let me change the time and it stays at 0. Without you, this exploit wouldn't be possible. unsafeWindow.zipExt = jsresp2.responseText; unsafeWindow.zipExt = unsafeWindow.zipExt.replace(/=== -1/g, `=== "hello"`); url: `http://iomods.org/mods/zip-main.js`. Edited by WizdaniUnleashed - Use Target:Roblox.com, TamperHack Script for Roblox by GamingWithAJ. **Usage:** 1. 55 min ago, Java | (in case you do not already know) How to use a bookmarklet: In the code, change "500" (it occurs twice) to your preferred time in milliseconds. Join a Quiz in quiziz 2. cAlert('

Game Mode: Test

Thank you for using Gabes Quizlet Exploit
Dont bother changing the time it only goes to 0.5


Right click to toggle answers.
(Be subtle when using)

'); getId("testButton").addEventListener("click", function() {, } else if (href.includes("/micromatch")) {. Match Time: i just realized it doesnt work coz my school blocks the inspect command on our chromebooks document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[2].click(); if (document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[3].checked === false) {. MicahManGaming 1 15 hours ago. they're used to log you in. @24seegersbCMS return getAnswer(Quizlet.matchModeData.terms, question); } else if (Quizlet.gravityModeData !== undefined) { //Quizlet.gravityModeData.terms. Here is the new code: javascript:void function(){function e(e){return document.getElementById(e)}function t(e){return document.getElementsByClassName(e)}var n,o=window.location.href;(function(){function i(){function i(){for(var e=t("TermText notranslate lang-en"),n=0;ni;i++)t.advanceLevel();e(function(){console.log(null)});var s=t.promptCopyAnswer.bind(t);t.promptCopyAnswer=function(n){s(n),setTimeout(function(){e(function(){t.checkCopiedAnswer({liveTermId:n,answer:""})})},0)}}function a(){for(var n=parseInt(document.getElementsByClassName("LearnModeProgressBar-value")[0].innerHTML),o=0;n>o;o++)e("user-answer").value=Math.random(),e("js-learnModeAnswerButton").click(),t("js-learnModeOverrideIncorrect")[0].click()}function l(){return"100%"==t("SpellModeControls-progressValue")[0].innerHTML?1:void(null!==e("js-spellInput")&&(e("js-spellInput").value=m(t("qDef lang-en TermText")[0].innerHTML),setTimeout(l,10)))}function u(){function e(){if(t("MatchModeQuestionScatterTile")||t("MatchModeQuestionGridBoard-tile")){for(var e=setTimeout(";"),o=0;e>o;o++)clearTimeout(o);for(var i=t("MatchModeQuestionScatterTile"),s=["#FF0000","#FF0000","#FF6600","#FF6600","#FFFF00","#FFFF00","#00FF00","#00FF00","#00FFFF","#00FFFF","#0033FF","#0033FF","#FF00FF","#FF00FF","#CC00FF","#CC00FF","#6E0DD0","#6E0DD0","#C0C0C0","#C0C0C0","#FFFFFF","#FFFFFF","#A52A2A","#A52A2A","#F6CFFF","#F6CFFF","#CFD9FF","#CFD9FF","#FBFFA3","#FBFFA3","#FFD1A3","#FFD1A3","#710000","#710000"],o=0;ot;t++)clearTimeout(t)},0);for(var n=t("MatchModeQuestionGridTile-text"),o=0;o