I’ll read that couplet again: Much like a press of people at a door Throng her inventions, which shall go before. CHARLES FERNYHOUGH: What the experiments did next is that they thought, okay if language is adding this extra element let’s knock it out. He might or might not accept my advice. Jean Kean: My name is Jean Kean. BRUCE BLAIR: The decision process just is too short. ALEX WELLERSTEIN: That says, "We dropped two bombs. Their hunger started a chemical process that reached all the way down to the DNA inside the boy's sperm. Because it was not one big explosion that goes just boom and that's it. Pejk Malinovski: Okay, I'm here. JAMES SHAPIRO: Head to foot Now is he total gules; horridly trick'd With blood of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, Baked and impasted with the parching streets, That lend a tyrannous and damned light To their lord's murdeRobert Krulwich: This is Shakespeare. Our farm is about two miles away from where we are selling right now at the farmer’s market. He stuffed himself silly; 9, 10, 11 years old, so he's a happy grandpa, you the grandson, you then would have. Nixon was drinking more than the President perhaps ought to. How -- what do you -- how do you feel right now? ROBERT KRULWICH: When you drop out of the “I” ness of yourself or the story of yourself then you're left, she says at peace, I could argue that that's just stranded, that's stranded in the sunshine, with the wind in, in the now. Robert: Interestingly, the church has also kept track of the farmers'--. GLAESER: That’s the usual argument. And they are providing the pressure that's needed to produce words. So imagine that he gets an order to launch. ing hungry. Sam: I guess the way I would look at it is that you can change your environment a lot more easily than you can change your genes. This is my name…. So it's been a while. JAMES SHAPIRO: The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. JAD ABUMRAD: It takes a little journey to get to the mind blowing part, but luckily, well I’ll let Charles explain it. ROBERT KRULWICH: Alright so uh (coughing) should we get on with this, because I’m well aware of rectangles. If he wanted to, he could go into the other room, pick up a telephone and in 20 minutes 60 million people would be dead. They have found very similar effects for smoking, for instance. CHARLES FERNYHOUGH: I don’t think they think in the way I want to call thinking, which is a bit of cheat, but let me say what I mean by thinking. We’re you’ve got like thousands of people in a tiny space and everyone’s trying to push their way out, and they’re like, “God, let me through the door. DUBNER: And … is there a moral upside to not eating local food? The sky turned red. So you know what, in some twisted configurations of incentives that has come to pass, but it’s stupid. Jad: If a rat mother licking her baby can have such a profound effect, basically change the expression of the genes in the baby, that's hopeful. When he was growing up, he would always hear Air Force planes flying overhead, and that's why from when he was very young he always wanted to be an Air Force pilot. JAMES SHAPIRO: You got me; I mean I should know I taught…, ROBERT KRULWICH: But look what he did just by adding a little prefix “un.”. Yeah, perfect. And we picked him up and brought him back. The world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base.]. Why would we give one person that much power? DUBNER: So this paper that you wrote, I understand that you’ve said no matter what you do…You’re a young guy, right you’re in your early…. [unintelligible 00:02:25]. Just three days after Hiroshima ...]. ANN SENGHAS:  Some of them were passing, yeah. LATIF: And so since Harold never got an answer to his question, we decided to make it our question. As Cleveland says, producing food requires a lot of energy. For any incoming missiles could destroy the command and control system, and that forces the President to make a decision on how to respond immediately, because missiles are flying in at four miles per second. Jad: [unintelligible 00:09:50], that's all this is. genes in the sperm oF starving versus well-Fed boys? JAMES SHAPIRO: He was the first to use it in print or on stage. A little part? You go and I’ll shadow you. Also, thanks to Elaine Scarry, Ryan Pettigrew at the Nixon Presidential Library, Ryan Furtkamp, Robin Barry and Lisa Barry, Thom Woodroofe, Doreen de Brum, and Ray Peter. ROBERT: Have you thought about this at all and wondered whether there's a better way to do this? JAD ABUMRAD: I mean Susan did he, did he look like he had some kind of disability or condition. LATIF: So it's 1953, just a few years before Harold entered the military. In many European countries you can bike half an hour from the city center and find yourself in farm land. And so my question is: where, if anywhere, if the President issues an order, can they, will they say no? Well imagining you don't hear that little voice that says man the sun is shining you just experience the sun and the shining. HAROLD HERING: It bothers me immensely that the only area that there is not a check and balance is the one that can literally result in the end of the world. Am I right to say that? There was some discussion about pre-emptive strike. So ... LATIF: Harold waits until the end of class, walks up to the front of the room and asks the instructor a question. Who better to trust than the President with something so powerful it could end the world? And they’re also important environmentally, so it’s also a frustration that…It’s fine for her to grow gardens but I would love it if we just heard a strong message about what a great thing living in dense areas, living in high-rise apartments can also be for the environment. I think she had someone in her family who had a disability not deafness. That's the term. Olov: Methylations, phosphorylation [unintelligible 00:09:49]. Jad Abumrad: And go. Then in each instance, his affirmative assertion was followed immediately by a personal subjective qualification. "There's presently a degree of doubt my mind.". Are you with me? ], [BILL PERRY: With help from Tracie Hunte, Valentina Bojanini, Nigar Fatali, Phoebe Wang and Katie Ferguson. Robert: Meaning that they had less incidence of heart disease. ANN SENGHAS:  Hi this is Ann Senghas, just back from Nicaragua, just in time to read in the credits. SONYA MCMULLEN: And I'm a former Air Force missileer. Robert: It just so happens this town is a perfect place to dig. His name is Tony de Brum. JAMES SHAPIRO: I think it takes you a split second. I am organic. Robert: Although, sometimes that your grandfather's suffering helps you. President Eisenhower comes to power. And that's because the fate of humanity and our world should not rest on one person. You know, high cheekbones and black hair, black eyes. 400% greater? I had some wonderful experiences, probably chief among them was my crew and I, we picked up a pilot that ejected into the North Sea at night in the wintertime. JAD ABUMRAD: Can you just introduce yourself? But today on Radiolab, we are going to re-ask Harold's question, and this time ... ROBERT: And Latif Nasser takes it from here. This is Radiolab. That’s really hard, actually. LATIF: He learned all about the technical stuff. P: Well if you have to ask me about myself…, JAD ABUMRAD: He told me that there's a theory out there, which he believes actually, that all a person is in the end.