© 2020 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved. When choosing a rat cage, you will want to purchase one that has proper ventilation. Also, if you have multiple pet rats, they will get along with each other better if there is ample room for them to spread out and have some private time as needed. Taconic can accept orders by weight for this model. The rescue MIGHT even know how long the previous owner had the rats before surrender; if not, they might still be able to contact them for that information! Can Rats Eat Chocolate? Walking on wire all the time may cause swelling and an infection, a problem called bumblefoot, which is certainly not something you want to have happen. All animals were thrifty on arrival and appeared clinically normal. If you want you can put a fleece on the bottom ofor a blanket. Due to colony size restriction, a minimum 20 gram span for orders sourcing from Danish production facilities is required. Larger cages also encourage your rat to exercise more, possibly extending the life of your pet by reducing the likelihood of obesity related issues. A rat who is in poor health will bounce back with a healthy, lustrous coat in many cases. Orders for specific weight spans will be assessed a nominal fee. You say wire bottom cages are bad for their feet, but some of the enclosures you recommend have wire bottoms. A slide smear was made from a single drop of whole blood. Satins, for example, might maintain a shiny, fair coat that is always softer to the touch. *Untimed pregnant requests are filled with late gestation pregnant females. ET / 5 p.m. CET, For some applications, weight may be critical. Males tend to have a bit more coarse fur than females. Before you can determine whether or not a rat is old due to a poor coat, offer the rat a top quality formula supplemented with some fresh fruits and veggies for 30 days. Even balding spots could be caused by parasites; but, balding can also be a symptom of old age. Strips were read and recorded as per the manufacturer's instructions, and the results are presented in Table 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add the amount of time between surrender and your adoption to the amount of time you have owned the pet. All animals appeared normal during this period and routine health surveillance of this colony detected no microbial pathogens. Now let us take a look at why each cage is the best size for your rat(s). Pups aged at one year and above can now begin taking part in much more strenuous activity and sports. Its dimensions are 25.5’’L x 12.5’’W x 14’’H, which is perfect for one rat. Medium 100-150grams Large 175-275grams Jumbo 300-375grams. For orders sourced from US production a minimum 10 gram span is accepted.