In a stream last month, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek ran down many criticisms of RAW. There are a select few games that can provide this life style and occupation level. The second solution is to make it trough our website.”. With RAW, players can hire other players, and they would also work in an interactive environment. The developers say “we are very disappointed, but not broken,” and will continue to seek funding elsewhere. He suggested that “maybe it’ll be done in 30 years. The person claiming to be the sole programmer for Killerwhale Games had a lot of Russian text going on in their screenshots uploaded to a Russian version of imgur/Photobucket in one of their YouTube comments, so also unlikely a German native. July 15, 2019 RAW was suspended because the developers “would need to raise additional funds outside of Kickstarter to complete the game.”. Who knows), (Use Google translate on the site), (YouTube comment I'm referring is the first pinned reply), (Artur's YouTube channel with trailers made from footage of other games. A subreddit for PC gaming news and discussion! Look at the FAQ, they clearly don't commit themselves to Steam probably in hopes of getting picked up by EPIC: We considering Steam as more appropriate game store for our game at the moment. The difference here appears to be that the developers stated the Kickstarter wouldn’t provide enough money while the campaign was still ongoing. Is the programming being outsourced or is Artur the one working on the coding side of things? “IndieGoGo can become one of those solutions. “This creator stated in an update that they would need to raise additional funds outside of Kickstarter to complete the game. Even the vehicles in RAW have to be refuelled regularly. Among all the ambitious immersive open-world multiplayer games, RAW has the potential to stand out from the rest of its peers. Kickstarter pledges are typically only charged once a fully-funded project’s campaign ends, so backers will face no charges for the cancelled pledges. RAW draws significant inspiration from the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto, Rust, and Arma Life. Additionally, RAW put forward massive focus on the real-world social aspects. Dustin Bailey (Potentially broken laws), (Says his Facebook page states Artur is from Finland, but his YouTube channel seems to have some Russian? In their FAQs section, they say that the Kickstarter funds will primarily go towards hiring more programmers and 3D modelers, but that they also still need to get an office, purchase hardware, software, a motion capture system “in the future”, plus pay taxes, which should be around “30-40% of raised funds.”, Related: Check out the best MMORPGS on PC, The devs added in an FAQ update that “a lot of gaming websites and people critic[ise] you and say it’s impossible,” saying “of course from the very beginning the game will come out a little raw, all the games come out like this. For quite some time now, Killerwhale Games was garnering funding to roll out RAW. Developer Killerwhale Games’ official site says RAW will feature a “vast open world”, as well as building, “advanced government”, real estate, business, profession, and contract systems – plus land, water, and air transport and “reliable” tested multiplayer. Unfortunate cause it does look pretty freaking sick and ambitious but again, Star Citizen.... Lol. inspiration from the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In-game decorative Statue of You You choose your name in the credits 20× Digital copy of the game Unique backer light Aircraft 3× Unique License Plate number Semi-truck Trailer with increased capacity Pick-up Truck with increased trunk capacity Unique T-Shirt with your custom print Unique backer assault Rifle Unique backer Pistol We have other sources of funding too.”, In a message on the game’s official Discord, the developers say there were “no warnings” ahead of the Kickstarter’s suspension. Maybe, I don’t know.” Similar concerns Reddit, where users have raised concerns about the project’s legitimacy. Some people in Second Life don't even have real world jobs. It looks like RAW has created a soft spot for itself among the players. What an incredible looking game but let's face it.... it will never happen. RAW is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) Sandbox that focuses on the realism and structure on Kickstarter. RAW is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) Sandbox that focuses on the realism and structure on Kickstarter. Moreover, the players can also climb up the ladder and become the leader of a region’s business system. View entire discussion ( 144 comments) More posts from the pcgaming community. Within the Ring of Fire® is a deep immersive Dark Fantasy roleplaying game designed to allow players to explore passions and politics as members of strongholds, ambitious mercantile guilds, rigid theocracies, blasphemous covens, exploratory expeditions, and more. Even if they do get all of those activities in, they'll most likely be clunky, buggy and not terribly interesting.