For the new style Jaguar GameDrive, please follow the onscreen instructions as you boot the cartridge to access firmware updates. New Video is live right now. Below is a video that looks at the cart. | Subscribe: RSS We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Running fully -- no audio was as simple as the volume pot being oxidised. In many cases, The homebrew community has always been a very special one. Share your opinion with others, be the first to write a review. Additional details in regards to loading the ROMs into RAM: “There is 16MB of RAM on the cart, which is used to hold the data for the ROM image. The RetroHQ Jaguar GameDrive cartridge allows you to play the full back catalogue of Atari Jaguar games and homebrew directly from a memory card. Whenever people think of new games being developed for retro, Back in 2015, KHAN Games released their original NES homebrew title “The Incident”. The Jaguar GameDrive has full support for all games and sizes of EEPROM (used to save game progress). Wipe that baby down with isopropyl alcohol and you’re virus and bacteria woes are no more. RetroHQ's Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge Discussion thread. We're proud to announce the addition of three new Atari Jaguar games to the AtariAge Store, Last Strike, reBOOTed, and Brawn and Brains!We've also re-issued an older Jaguar title, Xenon 2, with an updated box and label, as well as a completely new manual!Pre-order these games today, and we'll have them shipped to you in October. These horrors are the worst thing that's ever been invented.,,,,,,,,, « Previous: RetroHQ Atari Jaguar GameDrive Flashcart - Getting Hold Of The Complete 100% Compatible ROMSet, » Next: Acorn Archimedes A305 Restoration Update - Keyboard Rebuild, Monitor Fixes & Video & Audio Mods. Two more weeks until we start shipping these boxes with nice cartridges inside. Although no audio, so more to track down... Now that is remarkably cool. If anyone is after a NeoPocket GameDrive cartridge, they are in stock at both. Source: AtariAge Forums I can write a review, sure. Official Website: RetroHQ This additional item would permit using file transfer protocol (FTP) to copy games over to the SD card using a wireless method, serial to IP abilities so you can (potentially) play games over the internet, have the potential to have directly accessible downloads for games via the internet, as well as offer remote debugging for homebrew developers. I was able to order one and it should be arriving next week. It's a great way to unlock the potential of the Atari Lynx! Most video games released, past and present, go through several prototype stages before they are considered complete. You cant access an SD card as ROM, it’s a serial device. In other homebrew news today, we have some information and details in regards to the latest installment of Brian Matherne’s. The cart also has an SPI interface to communicate with the SD card, this is what will be used to read from the SD card and populate the RAM in the cartridge memory space. 74LS08 replaced and it's now running! Mark Fixes Stuff’s Skunk Board Review: The Jaguar GameDrive has full support for all games and sizes of EEPROM (used to save game progress). And I do like lego.... and it would look great on display.... argh! Well, I wasn't expecting this. But if you format larger cards with FAT32, they will work.