It was dreaming to go back to the war. So, yeah… that’s the straightest answer I have. However, what I have heard of the issue about the South Korean troops was more than a rape; there were more terrible stories about it. So we hit the tractor park and you can see… Do any of you guys know what a satchel charge is? He was the most amazing teacher there: in the richness and depth of his thought, in the care and compassion he had for his students, and the mind-bending and world-shattering questions he posed. The internship must be located at an off-campus facility. So obviously this fort that had these memories… and that was there so that… I also remember the same… I remember this very well… at the same post. And the soldiers, the marines kind of recognized who they were at. Berg is my all time favorite professor at USC. Okay, so while this is going on, the guys who are driving these tractors have to get in through the top and close these things on the bottom and back away because if these are being blown up it means the ones next to it will be blown up. So we come in and I walk past a guy who’s coming in and I said, “so you assholes we’re watching a comedy last night” and he said, “oh yes, the funniest thing that I ever saw in my life” and I said “what was it”, “oh it was John Wayne’s stupid movie called the ‘Green Berets’, it was absolutely hysterical, it’s just hysterical”. So all of that has. That’s the scary thing about being overrun. I've had Berg twice now. And I remember, there were three of them and they were stopped. Selected studies of prose and poetry in the age of Bacon, Donne, Jonson, Herbert, Browne, Marvell, and Milton. History, transformation, and theory of genre; studies in epic, lyric, drama, comedy, tragedy, the novel, biography, essay, and other forms. Amtracks are these big things that they supposedly land marines on. Professor Berg is a wealth of knowledge. I teach English literature and American literature at USC. I’ll have to listen to your ramblings & see how they tally up with what you related to us around the pool at Manhatten Place. The degree in literature which allowed me to investigate a new cultural production, which I’m assuming you guys are dealing with in your course. He is a generally caring and brilliant professor. Wrong neighborhood… and when I got into the military, I said, “well, there are other thing I could do with my life and maybe I could go to school when I get out”. Professor Berg: Actually, what I have heard of those issues regarding South Korean army was very horrible. And you could see it one moment “they do this all the time?”. So the Chieu Hoi program right… they would come to our side and they would end up in different battalions as guys who would go out on patrols with us. So now we’re really pissed off because we missed the comedy. I think at that point I realized that I had to talk about Vietnam because if people were confusing this thing with Vietnam, a country… if they were confusing that with Nang, which is a beautiful city… and the war, you had to do something about it. I don’t remember dreaming about it there. Thank you for sharing. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. So, so… and mostly small arms fire. But we didn’t go through the rice because we knew that if you start doing that you really piss them off. And so what they had done is that they had overrun us to blow up the Amtracks because the Amtracks cost us 150,000 dollars. Studies in fiction form and function or critical theory. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Very interesting to hear about his experience during the Vietnam War. I wasn’t very serious about it. Students should be well-versed in literature, and have written in one or more genres. I remembered that in 1997, South Korean President Kim Dae Jung visited Vietnam and apologized for the war atrocities, is that true? We didn’t want to do this crap. I actually don’t remember dreaming about the war while I was at the war. They could go into Saigon, they could go into Denang. I have heard he used to be good but this man is psychotic. Professor Berg is the epitome of what I believe higher education should be. I took Rick Berg’s Eighteenth century literature class at Occidental in the 1980s and it changed the way I looked at the world. Part-time or full-time practical work experience in the student's field of study. Us: Was that about the war in your dreams? Bookpacking: "The Big Easy": A Cultural and Literary Journey New Orleans, Louisiana. Literary studies in the relationship between fiction and drama and their adaptation as films. Wouldn’t you two have had quite a discussion! And I still remember dreams that I had there. Women as writers and as subjects, with special emphasis on feminist and liberationist traditions and on changing female images after 1800. Introduction to the techniques and practice of writing poetry. Professor Berg: Thank you guys, have a great semester. We couldn’t… I used to driving around to Denang, when I could I would stop and wander around because I needed rest. Shelley, and Keats. All you learn is his biased view of history and nothing substantial - he basically just yells the entire time. Just don't. Now, some of the things that I remember I think about it because – your professor had told me about this – that I’ve been thinking about the things that I’ve told people before about the war. I have taught at other colleges. Selected topics. Young Kook Yoon originally came from South Korea and is in his Senior Year at USC, majoring in international relations. We can hear them laughing. And there’s that exhilaration that you’re alive and you’re sitting on a beach and it’s warm and it’s May and most of the guys you know are alive and that’s what happens when you fuck up because you going to be dead. VC!” “No VC!” And you know, it’s like there weren’t any there, and there weren’t any there and he’s just out there doing this thing. Because this is the kind of strange world we lived in. Practical Humanities and the Art of Medicine, D class assignments for undergraduates available in. Research leading to the doctorate. “Oh you we’re drafted” I said, “Yeah”, “how long?”, I said, “couple years”. Man! We put together a conference in 1980 that brought together… it was one of the first conference actually on the war in Vietnam. He insists that you read the books, imagine that. Graded CR/NC. And it was vivid… I was in Vietnam in 1968, which is I think before you guys were born. Rick Berg: THH203: Information accurate as of June 24, 2020 6:12 am. You know, like a comet, like a flame just… like this flame leaps up into the sky and it lands – it must have a hundred yards away from us – but lands in the middle of the tractor park and the Amtrack is burning. Graded CR/NC. And as I leap into the hole and stick my head up, I see this explosion and I see this kind of arc in the sky. Graded CR/NC. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Research leading to the Master's Degree. It’s, it’s… and that’s why the war… you know I’ve always, always… it is necessary and right to say Vietnam is a country… because we got all that bullshit with… we now have the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. Novels, stories, essays, poems, and plays written in and about California from the Gold Rush to the present. I remember this too, there were Vietnamese working on the base and Chieu Hoi, you know Chieu Hoi? I aspire to teach as he did. Us: Thanks for Professor Berg to share your precious experiences and memories of the war with us today, we learned a lot today, and we are very appreciated for your help and intention with our sincere heart. And he worked with what was the intelligence. And this is one of those things… if I don’t know if I remember it… and there were these three… and we knew, we knew enough about the dignity of those elders, those old men. So it wasn’t to be disrespectful. Us: Yeah, yeah. History, political-economy and aesthetics of the African Diaspora with emphasis on Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. It an odd and unusual kind of myth but we had these three guys working with us. You could see him running across the top of the tractors to get to the last one to drive it away while this guy is burning small arms is going on. I grew up with these stories and witnessed the effects. And there are other things, some negative, some much more positive, some about how you change your perspective and how you change your perspective about the world. And what they’re doing is they’re running by these tractors and they’re throwing these satchel charges into it because the gasoline is on the floor. And what what kind of specific…, Professor Berg: And uh, I remember dreams that I had then. Studies of the narrative experiments and innovations in fiction following the realist novel; emphasis on gender, empire and class and the pluralities of "modernisms.". Students are individually supervised by faculty. He kind of laughed and said he got drafted to and I said, “How long”, and he said “nine years”. Go to office hours, he appreciates the effort and it significantly helps your paper. I remember about dreaming about the war when I got back and for a long period of time I used to have a nightmare that was… I had been called… even though long after the war was over… there was a civilian and I had been called up to go back to the war and it was just awful. he keeps the class interesting. Or there was a man that was acting as a translator for the battalion. A concentrated reading and criticism of the works of one period or one genre of American literature; for example, colonial literature, the American Renaissance, American poetry, American drama. Not for English major or English (Creative Writing) major credit. Also -since a picture tells a thousand words google my name…it will mke you question the fates! His classes generally have 3 essays and a final that consists of two essays. You will regret not taking this class. He changed my life forever. Individual research and readings. For a long period of time I worked on and still work on, as a matter of fact, textbooks and movies about the war in Vietnam. And exactly the same time, it traumatized me and it left me with all sorts of things which were not as bad as some other guys, but you end up with a kind of post traumatic stress syndrome. So here’s these guys five miles from the Nang, with a movie that looks like it’s from the Nang, watching John Wayne and they go the beach like right over here and they thought this was just hysterical. And you could get the sense that he didn’t really want to be in this thing. The army and air force could go into the cities. I remember walking by one of these student bars and I overhead two guys talking. We had beaches, we had surfing, we had Coca Cola, we had outdoor movies which would show and we had people being bundled. “How come I was serving? And we know we’re not in a dangerous area but we’re not safe either. And none of us could get to him to put him out and even if we could he couldn’t have survived because there’s so much… and that’s one of the things that stayed in my head, still stays in my head, and that scream of this kid burning in the middle of the tractor park. Survey of black poetry and plays in America from the Emancipation to the present, with special emphasis on the new poets and dramatists of the current "Black revolution.". Editorial and publishing workshop with an intensive hands-on student project following the progress of a single piece of writing from manuscript to print. Intensive reading of major writers to 1800. Those sticks that the women carry the rice baskets on… well the marines used to call them “idiot sticks”. It’s a… and the end of that, the end of this night is the morning Buy robaxin sitting in front of the sea watching the South China Sea, the sun coming up from the South China Sea. Why weren’t we there when we had the comedy? May not be taken until the student has completed at least on semester of enrollment in the graduate program. Studies in British literature and culture, from the 1790s to 1830s, including gender and genre, authorship and authenticity, "romance" and revolution, forms of belief and doubt, and other topics.