De los mejores comandantes de soporte, excelente incluso con la primera habilidad desbloqueada, pero aún mejor si logras desbloquear la segunda y quizás subirle de nivel un poco. Without further ado, click on one of these commanders in Rise of Kingdoms to get started! These are useful for certain tasks in the game like farming but they are not good for fighting, defending and some other tasks. If you are not sure how to purpose the commander, don't spend the talent points until you are. Click on the commander icons or scroll down to see their Rise of Kingdoms talent trees. One of the main advantages this pairing has is the increased 40% archer attack while on the map. Confira! These effects can be boosted from troop-specific talent specialties. The level of the commander determines the maximum troop capacity of the dispatch. Lo bueno de Cayo Mario es que no es tan raro como Cleopatra, por lo que definitivamente desbloquea todas las Habilidades y maximízalas para conseguir un gran recolector. One consideration that went into these rankings is the. Load More. Similar a Minamoto pero con bonificaciones más bajas ya que es un héroe más común. YSG, we can unlock him between days 90-95 via the “Wheel of Fortune” by spending a certain amount of gems to unlock him. Building the city, storing resources, training an army, researching technologies and recruiting legendary commanders- all that you do here will decide the future of your people. Then, dedicate all of the golden sculptures you have to maximize his skills. Although the chance of getting his sculptures is pretty low, you can absolutely invest your golden sculptures on him, and even maximize him. Este también es bueno contra los bárbaros gracias a su segunda habilidad, pero puede ser un gran comandante para las batallas PvP gracias a una habilidad activa masiva y excelentes estadísticas. This skill is enhanced by his expertise “Arrow Storm” increasing his damage capacity and turning that radius into a circular shape. Focus on them until you feel comfortable enough to expand beyond these 4 commanders to grow your roster. P2P (Pay to Play) players may go after one or multiple Legendary commanders. Otro gran comandante con bonificaciones interesantes. Do not waste stars on commanders that you will not use at the beginning of the game, especially the Legendaries that the stars are more difficult to get unlike the rest, first decide which commander will be worth your effort and then use your arsenal of items to increase their power. Great at the beginning but weak at late game. Guan Yu deals more damage while serving as the primary commander. Cela est tout à fait possible et vous trouverez des explications sur la manière de procéder tout en bas de cette page. There are several builds that focus on Cavalry, which can get you the fastest march speeds in the game, along with good attack buffs. Being a fearsome defensive commander, his skill “Martel’s Counterattack” increases his counterattack damage by 30% maximum, undoubtedly one of his best skills, any commander who faces Martel will be affected by a great blow of this. While Yi Sun-Sin is able to put up extra defense to reduce incoming damage and counters your enemies with powerful strikes. F2P players often choose to generalize, as they can train all troop types simultaneously, the best way for them to get a large army is to train them all. Una vez que desbloqueas su segunda habilidad, también recibirá un impulso a la velocidad de recolección de piedras, mientras que su tercera habilidad aumenta la capacidad de carga de las tropas. Guía de los mejores comandantes de Rise of Kingdoms en 2020, Cómo funcionan los comandantes en Rise of Kingdoms, Los mejores comandantes para obtener recursos. You may want to scout your target to know which pairing they are using and how good their commanders are, especially if it is an enemy alliance structure or garrison prior to attacking, though this will notify the enemy that they may become a target. Each commander has a series of skills in an order that depends on the experience and the level of stars that we have. Similar a Minamoto pero con bonificaciones más bajas ya que es un héroe más común. También es bueno usarlo como comandante de apoyo. Un comandante realmente sólido para mantener en tu guarnición para defender tus recursos. Regardless of experience gain is the perk of reducing action point costs from the peacekeeping talent tree and increased damage to barbarians and neutral targets which peacekeepers excel at from their passive skills and peacekeeping specialty talent tree. If you are free-to-play, you likely won't be leading major attacks, only joining in, so you might just care about march speed, or applying debuffs to help other marches do more damage. Si continúa utilizando este sitio asumiremos que está de acuerdo. They pair pretty well because of the synergy that boosts each other dynamically. These are the best Rise of Kingdoms commanders in the game that every player should be going for. Next, are Epic, Elite, and finally Advanced. This will result in you having good expertised legendary level 60 6-star commanders, higher rallying capacity in your Castle, and better and more troops of the highest tier to use, which all combined makes your marches and garrisoning ability stronger than most. Esto es así especialmente para los comandantes recolectores que nunca participarán en la batalla (a menos que sean atacados por otros jugadores, en cuyo caso son inútiles). Then you have come to the right spot because in this guide, I am going to share the meta Rise of Kingdoms commanders. These skills identify and determine the strength of these commanders for any task we assign them, the differences between the rarity of commanders is quality of skills and cost of upgrades: These skills are progressive through a sculpture system that improves with each level. In multiple commanders we can use an exquisite variety of talents, we must not only focus on a single specialization or seek to develop one of these to the maximum. Epic Commanders are pretty strong Commanders. They then may have 3 or 4 additional passive skills. Yi Seong-Gye (YSG) one of the most useful commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, another great option for F2P in all game modes. No matter the rarity of the commander, anyone can be used as primary. 3 Mejores Comandantes de Rise of Kingdoms – Rarezas Todos los comandantes pueden serte útiles, ya que cada uno cuenta con habilidades únicas. He is an undisputed leader in leading archer units, excellent for open-field, great garrison defender, and versatile for PVE and PVP. Es un poco más difícil de desarrollar a la hora de acumular talentos, pero la ventaja es que a partir de su segunda habilidad, obtiene un impulso masivo tanto en la velocidad de recolección (más que las anteriores) como en la capacidad de carga. Cuando se trata de recolectores, si puedes elegir uno en el cual centrarte, recomendaría a Constance como tu recolector principal y Sarka como el segundo. “Heavy Infantry” increases the defense and health of the infantry units under his command, as infantry leader, his buffs are very good. If your enemies manage to zero your city, you will lose resources, troops, and have a hard time recovering from the war. Sun Tzu – Uno de mis defensores favoritos, ya que comienza con una gran habilidad y luego se pone aún mejor. En Rise of Kingdoms hay más de trinta comandantes de diversas rarezas, la mayoría de ellos realmente difíciles de obtener. Each one of them requires sculptures and stars to increase their power, raise their level, and unlock their skills until they reach the maximum possible level. In this case, we highly recommend Yi Sun-Sin and Theodora. Esta ha sido nuestra guía con mejores comandantes de Rise of Kingdoms y aprendee cuáles debes elegir según su función y habilidades. Cómo desarrollar tus comandantes y cuáles descartar, Trucos para conseguir gemas gratis en Rise of Kingdoms en 2020, Lista completa de códigos de Rise of Kingdoms (gemas gratis), Guía de las mejores naciones de Rise of Kingdoms en 2020, Guía para jugar a Rise of Kingdoms en PC (Bluestacks y más), Guía de equipo de Rise of Kingdoms (crea el mejor equipo), Trucos para conseguir recursos gratis en Rise of Empires, Guía de trofeos de Snowrunner (logros completos y platino). All garrison/defense commanders are specialized, and you can choose anyone you like for defending your city. Attila doesn’t do any direct damage, however he is amazing at leading the troops and does a good job debuffing your enemy targets. The advantage of specializing is that if you can get a full march of one troop type, the buffs are effectively much higher, and you will be able to win more battles and march faster. Getting more commander sculptures is easy when you join one of these top alliances in Rise of Kingdoms. If it doesn't critical, apply one more to get to 80%, but hopefully not 100%. TRENDING POSTS. No es una recolectora exclusivamente, pero es bueno tenerla con su segundo talento aumentado al máximo para obtener ganancias adicionales. Conquering: A specialization purely for PVP and attack precisely on garrisons. You have entered an incorrect email address! House of Kingdoms is the biggest Rise of Kingdoms guides and tips. Throw in infantry, cavalry and archer troops and you will be able to stop most of the incoming forces with ease. Leonidas does more damage as a secondary commander and can silence up to three targets. JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"}), Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence.