He was an excellent archer. See the table below to determine where to use this case: Alone, however, Robin Hood could do little, don't because it's not in the norm of society. In MegaEssays.com. Finally, people who think Robin Hood was wrong in what he, 1 Robin Hood* Robin Hood was a legendary English outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. One manuscript says that he was born in 1160 (Paul Creswick, Adventures of Robin Hood: An English Legend). This does not mean that such a shot is not possible. "I will not trouble him," said Robin Hood, "for I think he is on his way to his wedding.". robin hood. "There is no music that I like so well as that of the harp. Britain - tourism, life students, Linguapress "This is no match," said Robin. (1969, December 31). Robin Hood is one of the most popular cultural folk heroes known to man. In the second year of revolt of Robin against Sheriff, with large numbers of recruits, pouring in, from every corner of England, Robin met his objective of strengthening man force. He and a band of merry men, who lived in the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, fought those who stole from the poor. And this makes Robin Hood a folkloric hero. When your country is doing terrible things, like persecuting the innocent, poor people of the country, (Lindahl 1), it would be wrong not to betray the country. 2. This story is featured in our collection of Short-Short Stories to read when you have five minutes to spare. Through critical analysis and research concerning the legends and characters surrounding Robin Hood, this paper will present the theme of social justice for the common man as purported by the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood has been an outlaw since his eighteenth birthday, during which he won an archery contest. While many believe he was a thief and a villain to the law, others feel he was a hero to the poor. 1. Throughout the movie, the Rooster plays the part of the narrator, who tells the story of our animated friends Robin Hood, and Little John. "But she is to be married this very day, and the church is five miles away.". Of all the Merry Men, Robin Hood trusted Little John the most. He and a band of merry men, who lived in the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, fought those who stole from the poor. Another man dates his birth at 1225; yet another manuscript states that he was born between 1285 and 1295 and that he took part in the Earl of Lancaster's rebellion against Edward II in 1322 (A.E.W. Throughout history many stories have been passed down through the generations to be known to later generations as a myth, or legend. The high rate of illiteracy brought the oral traditions of passing on stories, or history. Why is Highway 61 revisited such a culturally important album? 05 Nov. 2020. People loved him and thought of him as a justice-maker. And as they marched into the church, all in a row, the fore-most among them was Allin-a-Dale. The story of how God sent his only son down to Earth to realise mankind of their sins, whether religious or not, is a well known tale. Robin Hood traditionally portrayed as being dressed in green.