Electrical parts are also available including a cooling fan controller and all types of lights, such as reverse lamp bulbs, brake light bulbs, tail light bulbs and turn signal lamp bulbs. I think yes, wouldn’t you agree? 6418 Normandy Lane I hope they’re around for years to come. The RockAuto parts catalog list is updated every day with auto parts such as shock absorbers, brake pads, mirrors, door handles, steering gears, bumpers, CV axles or carpets. RockAuto, LLC Today, the company ships thousands and thousands of auto parts every month from more than three hundred manufacturers to customers located all around the world, except Antarctica. Does your car need some parts changed in the near future? RockAuto supplies a wide range of parts for all sorts of cars, from the most popular to less well-known ones. Cooling systems are also available, along with heat and air conditioning. A full selection of parts is available in the RockAuto parts catalog, such as parts for the body, brake systems, electrics, engine, exhaust, suspension and wheels. The catalog lists cars by name, year and model. RockAuto Discounts, Sweepstakes, Giveaways & Rebates, Napa Auto Parts: Rewards, Rebates & Locations, ResellerRatings.com`s RockAuto.com review page, users are happy with receiving their items, some of the users may have received wrong parts, generally selling over 1 million different parts. I’ve ordered several times and the only time I get the wrong part is when I foolishly ordered the wrong part. The RockAuto parts catalog list is updated every day with auto parts such as shock absorbers, brake pads, mirrors, door handles, steering gears, bumpers, CV axles or carpets. There is also a Davico catalytic converter for sale. Let`s say you have to change a part for your car like for example, a bearing. Nothing easier! Don’t go by the pics. This isn`t the best situation for the average customer, but even though AutoZone discount and Advance Auto Parts discounts provide bigger savings, the auto parts are still much more expensive without those discounts than what RockAuto is offering. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The prices that you`ll see listed there are usually for individual parts, however, they are generally sold in packages of “X” products. RockAuto parts are among the cheapest products in the field, competing even with the major companies like Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone. There are various parts for the engine of a Subaru Outback listed in the RockAuto parts catalog. And let`s face it – the discounts aren`t always available. The company will then send you the required guidelines in your Inbox; In your email you`ll be able to find information about where you should send the old part; You`ll need to pay the carrier (UPS, FedEx) to send your part to the manufacturer; The shipping expenses for sending the part back to you is added to the total of the order; Core expenses do not apply to R&R pats (if by any chance a core fee was applied to the order, you will get a refund along with R&R guidelines); If an old part cannot be remanufactured, you will get the part back as well as the rebuild cost refund (exceptions are made for testing or handling fees which have been charged by the actual manufacturer). Red Rock Auto Parts. And yes, it`s true that you will be able to find a match for what RockAuto is able to offer at brands such as Summit Racing or AutoZone, but this wont happen every day. So you tell me! RockAuto stocks brake pads for the car, such as "True Friction," "Ceramic" and "ThermoQuiet." Maybe Advance Auto Parts can offer it for $234, but from RockAuto you can get it at almost half a price as well as with an extra $20 for shipping. And while is true that you can find a RockAuto price match for most parts at other brands like AutoZone or Summit Racing, these are still rare occasions and it`s better to stick with what you know than losing countless hours searching online and comparing deals from different auto retailers. Let`s say you ordered some parts from Rock Auto, but something`s wrong with the order and you want to return them. For example, a spark plug will cost only $1.18 if purchased individually, but you`ll be able to save some money if you purchase it in packs of 4 because you`ll just have to $0.99 for each of them. If a customer get a car part and then decided he doesn`t need it, then he will be his responsibility for shipping both ways. So, isn`t better to stick with what you are used to than wonder for hours at different auto stores or search online at various websites, which in the end may not be so reliable? For steering needs of Toyota Camry, there is a power steering cooler and tie rod end. The brand`s catalog is updated every day with new RockAuto parts like brake pads, door handles, absorbers, bumpers or mirrors – and aren`t the only ones. I see bad reviews from dumb people. You`ll be able to find at Advance Auto Parts for $219, while RockAuto will offer it for $150 along with an additional $20 for shipping the part. And if you want to get in touch with someone from the company`s staff, you can use the below contact info: Contact Information: Regardless of the model of your car, its engine size or its year, you`ll most definitely find that parts that you need there. I read some negative reviews. By choosing this option, you`ll avoid all those shipping costs that go to the carriers that aren`t so cheap. That should really mean something, don`t you think? The latter includes an A/C Condenser and Cabin Air Filters. From the negative reviews, we noticed that some of the users may have received wrong parts and decided to move to Advanced Auto Parts or AutoZone. The truck icons from the company`s catalog indicate that those particular parts can ship together with the other parts you already selected. A 5-Star company. And in terms of auto parts, RockAuto is probably the best on the market. Note: Remember that the same process is applied no matter the model of your car.