He planned this all along and was successful. The ones who were mean to Jaune apologized for their selfishness. "What's dad's job there?" Ruby look down in guilt for never defending him from Yang. said a smirking Torchwick. said a smiling Velvet. The White Fang were shocked that Jaune's family supported them. "Tai, watch what you say around children." Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite 3. (however, Jaune checks on Ren and was relieved to see him still alive) Jaune, there's no time. ), (He sees Jasmine, who saw him and kindly waved to him. "Oh hell fucking no!" They claim that she is making up for what she did but Jaune calls them out and claims that they only cared about strength. Weiss was angry that Whitley knows so was Winter. ", Jacques: (sighing) "It is unnatural. "I forgot he was there." "Count me in. "How is he alive from that?" ), (As Russel collapses to the floor and moans in pain, Jaune then head butted Cardin and launched his knee in his face four times. (However, he found out that she felt bad for the bet and that she started to love him back but her teammates' mistreatment towards him had gotten to him. said a smiling Blake. Weiss, you always insult him and only take flirts from a womanizing pervert called Neptune." "What is wrong with him?" Often times, I feel as though I'm including them too often. My. (After calming down, Jaune shook his head. She is like Blake and always acts bored but loves Jaune and is overprotective over him. (At the abandoned apartment, Pyrrha is waiting for her hero but unknown to her, an upside-down Jaune is lowering himself down. (In an empty part of an apartment, Pyrrha is chained up and gagged with a bandanna. ", Juniper: (smiling) "I'm so proud of you. (picks up some clippers) Uh, gotta turn these on. (However, she heard an alarm and brought down binoculars before seeing what's going and gasping in horror. said a cringing Russel. After bringing everyone to the theater, the host appears. said a laughing Blake. ", Jaune: "Uh, you guys go ahead. ), (In the future, they got married and named their children John and Juniper.). said a sympathetic Yang, who felt bad for her little cousin. YOU'RE NOT FAMOUS! "Yeah, you're such a bitch." ), (Cardin asks for Ren to answer the answering machine and not his own, which the latter agreed to. (they were stunned) Ruby, you have a chance to make it up to me because you don't really hate me while Ren and Nora also have a chance but the others are no longer my friends. asked a perverted Neptune. He stopped being our uncle when he committed his crimes." Salem, Cinder, Glynda, and the Arc Family gulped, knowing what's going to happen. "We would never betray you." (then he notices something strange) Huh, that's funny. said an annoyed Qrow. "Oh man, I hate picky eaters." However during the battle, Jaune gets scratch gets burnt scar on his left arm, making him wince in pain.). (Yang and Weiss bullied him but Ruby and Blake protected him and he explained his reason. (When the smoke cleared out of the way, they are being chased by a giant stampede of bulls.). (The next customer was an obese fish faunas like human with glasses, an orange tank top, and orange shorts.). Atlas Students: GAMA Resort Security Outfit. (He then concentrates and the weapon starts to move.). Well, let's just say it's a way to get that fluffy, tingling feeling in the back of your neck. Everyone felt bad that he only had a classic weapon instead of one made out of technology. Rwby fanfiction watching jaune multiverse Rwby fanfiction watching jaune multiverse However, he just smiles at this and checked his map of all the traps he set.). (Ren and Adam then start fighting hard until Adam distracts Ren by hitting him in the face with the handle and uses this distraction to stab him in the heart.). ), (Ozpin is shown looking at them and sighed in disappointment because the patties were burnt. ), (Everyone heard him and went in to celebrate. JavaScript is disabled. ", Mercury: (not impressed) "What? "Also, Adam needs to brush his teeth." said a serious A. said a sympathetic A. (However, Oscar was appalled by this and takes out his pitchfork to stab one of the rockets. said a laughing Jaune, increasing the laughter. ), (That stopped the argument and they agree to take him with them.). Take him away. ", Sky: (explaining) "Yeah, to scare people. said a forgiving Jaune. "I guess we don't have honor." There might be some mistakes as I try my best spell checking but with a phone it's hard to do. Community. ", Salem: (worried) "My dear Jaune, are you alright? ), (However, Glynda grabs him and brings him back in. ), (They continue the fight until William force-pushes Ren away, leaving him to fight Jaune. (The bus pulls out into the open, showing a long line of other school buses. In this world, Count Arc was once a Jedi but after losing his Padawan to Adam, he turned to the dark side and became a Sith Lord. (Her transmission turns off and Jaune prepares for the family's revenge. Customers scream and Russel hits one of the security guards in the head. ", Torchwick: (amazed) "Egads! I trusted all of you with my secret but your turn your backs on me. Jaune is a tall young man with fair skin, blonde hair and dark-blue eyes. However, Ruby, Pyrrha, Whitley, CFVY, Sun, Jasmine, Ozpin, and Goodwitch were nervous because they know about it. He realizes that the possessed aliens are his family and he becomes concerned for them. "Jasmine, please don't embarrass your brother and stop flirting with him." Lose! He reports that he has taken care of Cinder and the others for betraying her. YOU'RE JUST LIKE YOUR TEAMMATES! (Ozpin frowns at a sheepish Glynda, who nervously gave her money to the fat bastard. Her body lit up like it was glowing and soon all the black infection sludge belonging to the source melted away inside her body! He's in detention for 8 months. ", Qrow: (serious) "Twelve Krabby Patties on the Wheat Bun! The hostages scream, still holding on to their grenades for dear life. said a serious Jaune. ", Bubble Bass: (annoying) "Give me the regular. "Good job Jaune and Zwei." (As the bus pulls out, the pin is pulled, and Mercury's eyes (here and the audience) became wide and was shaking in fear as to what would undoubtably happen next. "I hope they're okay." "Oh come on guys, I barely get paid." "Is that so?" She wanted to cry at that memory, but the worst thing about it was she had to know Jaune had not gotten peace after death, he had to keep going on as a ghost trapped and never able to see his family. "As if Yang and Ruby would be with a weakling like him. Additionally, he wears black gloves with gold-colored metal armor plates over his fingers, and he appears to wear a red sash around his waist, similar in design to the late Pyrrha Nikos. ", Dove: (confused) "So why do they call him the Joker? said a happy Jaune as he went over and hugged them. asked a curious Ruby. ", Sky (flashback): (upset) "Hey, he burnt my krabby patty. ), (Bubble Bass gave a weird sounding roar but Jaune just says rawr, making everyone gasp. Teams RWBY and JNPR watch Red Vs Blue. Blake got worried for him but Yang laughed. Prick." Twice the pride, double the fall. ), (*BANG* Dove collapsed dead and Cardin steps over his corpse and into the vault. ", Ozpin: (glaring) "Winchester, I can't believe you lied. Log in Register. Then she saw Nebula, "Mommy.". ", Jaune: (glaring) "I'm right here Bubble Bass. ", Weiss: (shocked) "What? (then she realizes what they meant and defends herself) It's just Old Man Jenkins and his jalopey. 'Who's that little shit calling a bimbo?' asked an annoyed Yang. said an angry A. Yang and Weiss apologized for their reaction and sat down but Ironwood and Winter were still angry. The girls found her adorable. said a smiling Caira. Today, I'll be doing an ASMR video. (When Jaune finally defeated Cardin, the others were impressed but he ignored them because he feels like they only care about his strength. (Jaune holds Ren's body and checks on him. However, Jasmine knew his lie and forgave him but Sapphron and Blanc used this as a way to teach him a lesson until their parents came home and were angry to hear what the girls did. "How the hell did he burn a shake?" (The prologue starts with a 8-year-old Jaune Arc innocently having a mac and cheese dinner on a winter holiday.). They are accompanied by RWBY and two second year students Coco and Velvet. ), (Nora, NDGO, and the Arc Sisters also smugly smiled.). Please Review! Besides, it's a one time thing." "Wait, that bank seems to guard a lot of money to have a lot of electricity." Then he looks at Jaune, "What's Jaune's relationship with my sister?". All the girls got nosebleeds and smiles. asked a worried Nora. (He was transformed into something small but somehow adorable and innocent.). "Don't criticize him. How is that guy still in Beacon? ", Dove: "They wired this thing up with like 5,000 volts. "Yeah, that's what he gets." Everyone was also angered. ", Jaune: (serious) "This is where I belong. He shows them proof and Sienna was angry at him for his betrayal. asked a horrified Nebula, who was comforting a crying Caira. asked an angry Yang. Cardin grumbles about stupid brats and the teachers shake their heads in annoyance. "Seriously, who is this guy?" Forum. (After he finished chewing, he gives a rude burp to everyone and doesn't say excuse me. said a stern Ozpin, making Glynda look nervous. (they run to her and she yells at them) I OUTTA WASH YOUR MOUTHS OUT WITH SOAP FOR USING SUCH LANGUAGE! He defeated the Joker and put him in Arkham but there's an alternate ending where Joker successfully had all criminals be let go and became a popular villain in the whole world. ", Glynda: (stern) "Alright you two foul mouths. (he dropped the tray and checked on Velvet) Are you okay? All the girls went awe at the cute child but they also understood now. I hate all of you. asked a confused Yang. "Yay, Lil Jauney's cooking. (Back upstairs, they fought until Jaune managed to get the guy's weapon and tried to use it but didn't work because he doesn't have the force.).