%PDF-1.3 She took her own life and now left me crying and missing her so much everyday. There is always time to be kind. I humbly request that You strengthen me everyday in everything I do in my life. %���� But I will not give in, for I am stronger than the mind games the devil tries to play on me. Also praying for my husband to find me that God has for me because l am tired of being alone. Why’s everyone looking down on me?!! /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB You know her needs and you will provide for her. Also, I have found that feeling sad is sometimes comforting; it causes me to be still and quiet. Please pray for me I am going through somethings dealing with my family myself and other things. I need You, Lord, now more than ever. In Jesus mighty name,love,joy,peace and happiness will follow me wherever I go. The sadness of my heart consumes me. Take time to be kind. Click here to add yours in the comments section. /Filter /DCTDecode /ModDate (D:20101028063511-07'00') AMEN!! Oh loving Savior Jesus Christ, only you know the sadness of my heart. Hope your doggy friend will come home the soonest so that both of you will feel each other’s love… I feel you ‘coz I have a dog daughter too and I love her soooo much. I know what u are going through because I am going through a little of what u are going through. I pray that You will open up a way for me. In Jesus’ name, love, joy, peace and happiness will follow me wherever I go and this sadness within me will be destroyed, Amen and Amen! Send your Angels to comfort her in this time. I just wonder why am I still going through all this pain. Losing everything and losing my mind to gain it all back? In this moment I pray for your family, I asked God to restore your soul and your family for this loss. Thank you for sharing this post Christianity.com. My heart cries out to You. There is no room in my mind for dark thought,and no space in my heart for unhappy feelings. Peace shall follow me all the days of my life. I’ve been homeless, lost my job and I’m to the point where I just want to give up completely. 440 400 300 320 320 460 440 680 420 400 440 240 520 240 520 750 I just ask that God comes into my life and help me. 9 May 2016. Yes, I will help you, yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. In the name of Jesus amen, Your prayer has been heard by many and I your sister on earth also pray for you and your daughter. He will trust and believe in God. I praise you Lord and Thank you for loving and saving me Amen & Amen, Thank you Lord Jesus in advance for everything «» I believe you are my strength in each day of my life. Hallelujah Amen and Amen. Clean her temple as you would clean freash linen. I hate my life! I try to be good and follow my heart, but it has led me to do some “not so good things” in my life. /BitsPerComponent 8 But be patient and have full trust in Him. In the mighty name of Jesus Amen ???? And when one cross hits, then another, then another… it’s very hard to keep putting our faith (if we have one) in front of our worries.