[10] He also believes in a indirect teaching-method, feeling that while people need guidance, they cannot truly grow as people if they don't find the answers themselves. Sai and the rest soon find out that Hotaru had a scroll that held her clan's kinjutsu embedded in her back, much to the Konoha-nin's surprise. In the anime, when two chūnin gate guards were attacked by unknown assailants, the village was put on lockdown. Main article: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes [19] He can also use Fire, Water and Yang Release. Sai has a frank, obedient and submissive personality. Shortly after arriving at the Fire Temple, the team are notified that another tomb has been robbed. Since Magire is a medic-nin, they decide to separate Kido from him so that Magire can't heal his injuries. Naruto and Sai split away from Sakura and Yamato to go looking for Sasuke. Naruto asked that Kakashi and Yamato help him find the Fourth Raikage. Sai is very observant, and is always focused on his missions. Sai pays him for this information and requests another meeting in the future. However, since he is learning most of this out of books and by trial and error, he often accidentally ends up offending people with his nicknames and conversation. On their way to the rendezvous point, Sai once again aggravated them, questioning Naruto's manhood and insulting Sasuke. Main article: One-Tail Escort Arc Lee told Sai to just concentrate on sealing the enemies, he would protect him while Sai's at it. Defeated, Team Kakashi returned home. After that Sai was tasked with bringing him to an secure place. However, he got attacked by some of Guren's men and despite his efforts, he was defeated and Yūkimaru was captured. Ino dubs themselves Ino–Saku–Sai and they promise to keep each other informed of their findings. The large scroll he carries is attached to his belt and he also wears gloves. [14][15][16] When he's not on missions, Sai wears a casual outfit consisting of a long-sleeve shirt with a high collar, matching pants, and his regular shinobi sandals. Yahoo face parte din Verizon Media. During his time in Root, Sai was ordered to eliminate a large number of individuals that posed a threat against Konoha. After Kabuto retreated he and Yamato went to gather information on The Hole. Having learned of their friends danger, they were determined to help and requested to join the Hokage. Later, they all returned to Konoha, with Kabuto's plan failed. A decade after the Fourth Shinobi World War, his jacket now covers his entire upper body, with both sleeves long. Garashi agreed to take them through the tunnels. As per standard Root training, Sai was conditioned to remove all emotions and as such, had difficulty connecting with others. During Gengo’s speech, Shikamaru attempts to assassinate him but is intercepted by Sai, who is now under the influence of Gengo's genjutsu. [27] During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was able to break Shin's neck with a flying knee kick in mid-air. By morning, Sumire returned from the separate dimension along with Boruto and Mitsuki. Based on what I've seen I can't put sasori ahead but I could see him winning one out of ten with crafty poison tricks. When the spy, Kabuto Yakushi, arrived with Orochimaru to kill Sasori, Sai, Naruto, and Sakura were called in for help. Main article: Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission. Because she didn't mention the decision to kill Sasuke and that he felt responsible for what she was about to do because of what he had told her back in Konoha, he left an ink clone behind to tell them what Sakura had not. Between the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War and the events of. Sasori's gonna think he has Deidara, find out it's a clone and get nuked gg. This is apparently, as when Danzō countered the symptoms, ink splattered from Sai's body.[8]. The rest of his outfit consisted of a high-collared midriff shirt, black pants, shinobi sandals and gloves with his index and thumb fingers exposed, most likely to facilitate the use of his drawing based techniques. Sasori captured/defeated a stronger Kazekage than Deidara. While arrogant at first and demanding compensation, the timely arrival of Sasuke and his dark reputation quickly swayed Shojoji to talk. In the anime, as mysterious attacks began happening more commonly and expanding in area, Sai was called to help in the investigation. Inojin then asks his father for the reason he can no longer perform their technique, instead Sai advises his son to enter a children's art competition to figure out the answer himself much to Inojin’s displeasure. Naruto allowed Karui to take out her anger on him. C4 won't work on Sasori since he's a puppet. He wears a short black-and-grey jacket with red straps — as customary of all Root members, to most likely show his allegiance to the organisation. In the anime, he learned Ikkyū was gathering a large amount of money, Sai and his genin team went to meet with the daimyō. Ultimately, Sai was freed from the genjutsu by Naruto and Sasuke as the war finally ended. Hinata and Aoba join there efforts in successfully stopping the invaders however both Ino and Aoba pass out from using their techniques and Sai transports the two to the hospital as Sakura provides aid. Sai was satisfied with his explanation and went to meet with Naruto and Sakura. When Karui left, Sai brought Naruto to Kakashi and Yamato and then tended to his wounds.