If you want to use with Zwift the Schwinn is probably a better option but you do make sure the Power (output)number is accurate for competing in the races. Schwinn’s IC4 gives you a better riding experience because there are so many resistance levels to choose from. This can make it really hard to see your workout stats. However, because both are well known for producing great products, it can be rather difficult choosing between them. The higher-end elliptical features 25 resistance levels and a total of 29 built-in workouts. There is a resistance knob on the frame which is used to increase and decrease resistance levels but there is no way of telling exactly how much resistance you are riding on. Echelon Treadmill Review: Stride for the Win? Seat The IC4 has a more racing style seat with the SF-B1805 has a more padded and wider seat. Schwinn offers better connectivity throughout its entire lineup of workout equipment. It has a 44 lbs flywheel, magnetic resistance, belt drive and a sold build. The Schwinn IC4’s primary selling point is its interactive training ability. You lay it on the handlebars you don’t have to place it in hooks as you do with the Schwinn. The Schwinn IC4 has a power cable because it needs to be plugged into a wall socket. You will find just about every type of rowing machine you might be considering. It is a relatively heavy bike, weighing 139 pounds (64 kg) so the transport wheels at the front of the bike come in quite handy when you need to move it from pace to place. Schwinn sells (3) models of their elliptical series. Customer Height The Schwinn IC4 has a much wider range of height accommodation from customer being between 4ft 6 ins and 6 ft 6ins with the SF-B1805 being best suited for those between 5ft 2 ins and 6 ft 2 ins. Echelon Reflect vs Tempo: Tips for Picking the Perfect Smart Home Gym. One of the standouts is the Synergy Pro Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike. There is no questioning the purpose of the Schwinn IC4 (see IC4 review) exercise bike when you look at the design. It simply has better resistance, more connectivity options, an actual display, better feature integration, and better build quality. The SF-B1002 is compatible with the Peloton app which gives it access to live and on-demand classes. Winner: The Schwinn IC4 beats out the SF-B1002. Schwinn IC4 Bike Review – the Pros: Upgraded Backlit Console. Another standout is the Evolution Pro II Magnetic Indoor Cycling bike. Schwinn IC4 Console . Peloton Digital App If you are wanting to use a bike with Peloton Digital App these are two good choices with the Schwinn coming with the measures and compatibility to see your cadence and heart rate on the App as well as SPD compatible pedals and measured resistance. Do the pricey extras really make a difference? While the SF-B1002 offers great value in itself, you are not going to get the same kind of value that you will get out of the Schwinn. Schwinn has been much better at packing in more connectivity into their exercise equipment which is a major benefit. Sunny Health and Fitness have Schwinn beat because you have more options to choose from in terms of the type of rower-machine available. Users ranging from 4-foot 6 to 6-foot 6 will be comfortable on this bike. Schwinn offers its own rowing machine which is extremely affordable compared to some competing brands. The Sunny bike has a 44 pound flywheel while the Schwinn bike has a 40 pound flywheel therefore giving it a slightly smoother feel compared to the Schwinn. The Sunny bike has a single pedal design. Schwinn Ic4 Vs Sunny. Although there is some debate on the benefits of heavy flywheels, it is generally believed that the heavier the flywheel is the smoother the bike. With both exercise bikes you can change the seat easily. With these users can wear regular running shoes to use the bike. By comparing two of the best-selling models, namely the Schwinn IC4 vs the Peloton, you are bound to learn several interesting things. The lower tier and the higher tier model are capable of connecting with the Explore the World app for convenient fitness tracking. The Sunny allows you to get many of the benefits of indoor cycling on a bike with magnetic resistance and belt drive at a lower cost. This bike also comes with a Bluetooth heart-rate armband and a set of dumbbells to help you work your upper body muscles as you go. Not knowing exactly where your resistance is could prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of the workout session. The Sunny SF-B1805 has the tablet mount and water bottle holder. Here is a Sunny vs Schwinn comparison. One common complaint about this bike is the fact that it doesn’t have a resistance display. Both bikes have a heavy flywheel which is responsible for smooth pedaling motion. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Anderson is almost glued to his bike! You have the option to use it plugged in or not. Assembly guides and owner’s manuals for this and other Schwinn products are available here. Schwinn offers (2) different models of their recumbent bike series. It does offer caged pedals and an adjustable seat. Schwinn IC4. This machine features premium build-quality with a metallic blade fan wheel and 16-levels of adjustable resistance. Schwinn’s IC4 gives you a better riding experience because there are so many resistance levels to choose from.