Affiliate links do not influence the content seen on this channel. Whether you are looking for a bike to go on a day trip with your family or whether you’re looking for a professional bike to race on, the new mountain bike from Schwinn is the one that you have been looking for. The Schwinn Santis is available for purchase at Walmart stores for $299. Price range: Medium To High Quality construction: The new range from Schwinn has some very impressive quality. The new Suntour front derailleur, brakes and suspension system from Schwinn mean the bikes can take the wear and tear of everyday riding conditions. The Schwinn mountain bikes are designed to fit every budget and every situation. Durability: These bikes are known to be tough and can stand up to use in the harshest conditions. Comment below and let me hear your thoughts!See the Taff on the Walmart website:\u0026sourceid=imp_000011112222333344\u0026prodsku=799113661\\u0026intsrc=PUI1_4308note: this channel may receive a small commission through purchases made via affiliate links. 2020 Schwinn Taff 29er Mountain Bike with Tapered Head Tube | … With a great design, a great performance and value for money, these bikes are great bikes that you should buy. Performance: The new Schwinn mountain bike comes in a variety of different models with different features. The suspension system uses a series of shock absorbers to give the rider a smooth ride. High Performance: The new mountain bike from Schwinn has a great design and is lightweight. The new suspension has been improved over the last few years and is better than ever before. An 80's bike shop bike VS an expensive big box store bike. Re: Schwinn Taff VS Schwinn Boundary Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:32 pm Looks like a good bike, both this and the upscale Santis look to have the same thicker fork (made with disc brakes in mind) and 8s solid freewheel-style hub axle. We suggest replacing the original saddle for casual riding, but the retail price point is hard to beat. Please take our 3-minute survey, Hello, this is my blog. It’s not hard to find quality parts for the mountain bikes such as tires and headsets and it also offers a good warranty for bikes over 5 years old. Bestseller No. Be sure to like and subscribe, and visit the website and YouTube Community tab for even more! For 2020 Schwinn has updated their Taff mountain bike to include a tapered head tube, 1x8 Pro Rush drivetrain, updated suspension fork, 31.8x720mm handlebars, and more.In this video I check out the bike and put it through the paces on a mountain bike trail. Also, what do you think about the hunchback frame design of the top tube? 21-speed shifters with rear derailleurs provide easy gear changes. All opinions are based on actual experience and/or knowledge of products.Want more KevCentral content?