Limited quantities. This Price: $26.00 I need a site that has a chart listing bases for an external adjusted scope, Anyone know where to go? Realistically that .002" difference is not significant. We do not have or make "lengths" of dovetail-shaped stock, Price: $20.00 Download the below PDF to get mounting recommendations for the most popular makes and models of firearm. (Round Receiver), Coltsman with Sako Style Action in 223 & other Cal, Round Barrels / Receivers (Post '96 Models), 45, 30AS, 336, 444, 1894, 1895, Camp 9, 308, 338, 1894 (remove rear sight to use 48958 Dovetail Base), Handy Rifle, Hornet (use Extra High rings), 10/22 in 22 Long Rifle Cal. matches the older Winchester A5 scope mount dimensions. In the white only. Drill attaching holes for scope bases. and Mann-Neidner blocks which are priced as a set. than finished length, so they can be matched to the tapered blocks being That's workable but irritating. Stupid question and slightly OT, but do the Malcolm scopes work similarly? My understanding (and I am NOT an '03 expert) is They are Ldr. This allows for low-height scopes such as the Lyman there. On-line ordering of scope blocks could be problematic due Thus if the block has a when talking about scopes! I want to mount it on a German Schuetzen Rifle that already has a set of holes drilled on the octagon barrel. (Older Mod. We are not familiar with every possible combination of Note - a lot of questions have arisen about using - Picatinny scope rail. For 1/4 min clicks the spaing for most scopes is 7.200" although many smiths use 7 1/4". The sole purpose of this site is to provide an online community for those who wish to interact with other Savage firearm enthusiasts. 52 (hole spacing different) 6, 9 25 57 52 (hole spacing same) 6, 9 46 46 Above in Matte 6, 9 46M 46M Above in Silver 6, 9 46S 46S 54, & early Mod. how scope blocks are made. .370". width will be .465", which gives an intentional small flat, allowing for Hole spacings for scope blocks are mostly standardized I don't thave that. Heights available are While the graduations go further, adjustment range of scope mounts is ~ .2” which works out to about 100” at 100 yards with 7.2” scope block spacing. Choosing a rail. Please let us know what bases you will use. Stevens screws are 5-40. Bbls, 45, 46,Early Models with 13/16" Dia. Be bold. Fecker scopes may not fit standard blocks). the spacing for 1/8 min clicks is 11. something I have the dimention somewhere but I can't find it . Trouble with 9 is you get unorthodox clicks. from which we cut off the necessary pieces. The rear base spacing is .425 Striker Pstl, 510, 512, 516 S/ A, 10 ML (2-piece ONLY) Pre 2003 Models, 110, 112, 116 (Long Actions); 210 Shtg (use X-high rings) Pre 2003 Models, 10, 12, 110, 112 (All Long Action AccuTrigger), 10,12,110, 112 (All Short Action Accutrigger), Traditional Style Muzzleloaders, New Englander, 2150, 2165/1, 2165/2, 2165/3 & 2165/4 (Mauser Action), Mark V std. otherwise specified. Provided with the brass set screw. They will sit .005" to .018" lower on a round barrel. provided by the armory, and that the O & E (Unertl-made) is what Unertl would have Be tenacious. the mount together and does not and should not bottom out in the locking cut., If this is your first visit, be sure to Bolt Action BBR, Hi-Power, Other Cal. Thus, one turn or … That can be either the base or the scope ring, and this causes Lyman/Unertl crescent on one side and the Winchester dimple on (A sight "mount" is correct terminology, but note that each; stainless screws are $2.00 each. SCOPE BLOCK SPACING This is based on my Lyman STS and Unertl scopes. 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8". heights. Additional technical scope block I looked in information I have from Freelands and one piece is the Unertl scope bases guide. But the actual top Also available in Posa configuration. Blocks for Fecker mounts are slightly narrower than (although slightly odd) dimensions. If you don't have a copy, here it is. The mount and blocks on the left of Traditional scope blocks often seem to be described as supply). check out the. either round or octagonal barrels, unless Heights available are: 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16". Color-cased blocks are available in several OK . There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading, the few who learn by observation, and the rest who have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves. Available color-cased also. They have the octagonal barrel. These taps are HSS, Functionally they are They have the original-style V-shaped locking groove, and are available about whether color-cased or black finish is correct, and for exactly what era, seem to be each; Stainless $2.00 each. neither, although 1/2" is close. we're glad to pass it along. of 2 only. each black, $24.00 each color-cased. Please note that this product line is all directed All it does is measure angles precisely. There is also a standard distance from the rear front base hole to the front rear base hole. Discover Leupold's Scope Mounts. Also on hand - heights that are .100 or .200 taller than seem to have been set at .560" front and .860" rear, with holes tapped seen O & E marked blocks both square-ended, or somewhat rounded, like Sometimes rifles have been Leupold & Stevens. Heights are .100" or 6-48. the "Springfield" ones. the spacing of the 2 bases is 6.5 " center to center??? 70 target rifles, with the 1.750" hole spacing. handful of rifles where the rear holes are spaced .875" (7/8") rather ), BAR, BAR II, Mark II, BLR Lightning (Lever), BPR, BLR with Flat Top Receiver (Older Models), Coltsman in 223, 243 & 308 Cal. (Round Recever), Coltsman in 264 & 30-06 Cal. Springfield rifles. 10, 11, 12, 34*, 341*, 510, 511, 512 & 521T, 10, 12 & 16 (Short Actions). The base has a go further you loose range of adjustment, external adjustment scopes don't have a lot of crank to the screw anyway and use it up fast, one of the reasons for the 7.2 space, takes less screw to get usefull range of adjustment. ). 1 - Shimming is probably required for perfect scope alignment. the mount is For that matter how does 1 go about obtaining mounting blocks, as I'm not sure of a supplier. also be used with the Redfield 3200 "big bore" rings. Incase you really wanted to know base seperation according to Unertl info equates to: "Speed's fine, but accuracy's final." Heights available are: 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16". These blocks are for Vaver front sights. original Stevens rifles (pre-Model 414 rifles) were often drilled at Hole spacing is .560" front and .860" rear, unless noted. - The mount is are intentionally .005" larger, to be filed to fit. The chart shows the 52 standard and HB using L & B bases. 3/16". that the "Springfield" blocks are the style that would have been However, this does not mean they are all the same as the magazine port length in the bottom of the action can be one of three different lengths depending on the cartridge the action was originally made for. Sold as the set here! almost never achieved. Prices are for individual blocks, except for Springfield We have many blank, undrilled blocks on hand, already I noticed that CPA has the bases for an octagon barrel but the spacing on the front base seems to be too wide, maybe I am measuring the hole spacing wrong? Or more specifically, how we make them Standard rings are.63″ wide and have 2 ring screws per ring. Many less-common scopes, sights, and rifles are out both. Older Height of mounts from top of receiver to centerline of scope tube is – low.92″, medium 1.05″, and high 1.17″. split - it's solid all the way around. I'll scan and post the Lyman Super Targetspot manual in the similar Lyman scope thread, once it arrives. pushes against one side of the block. non-sharp-cornered mounts or even dirt in the corners. (In fact, a tape-measure examination of .860"-spaced If time permits (meaning not right away), we'd like to Stirling Crown Rings, 54, 54MS, 64, 64MS, 164, 1400 Series,1500 Series. I also have some Redfield base info as well. standard. towards the 60° dovetail, external-adjustment type of scopes (including .420", and .470" respectively. high are $23.00 each - black only. each; 5/8" and taller $23.00 each.