The Flintlock is a mid-range pistol. For this reason, it's considered somewhat unreliable as a long-ranged weapon. Although this can be somewhat of a rotten thing to do, this is a game about pirates after all. These tips will ensure that every pirate, beginner or seasoned, will be able to take down their enemies during combat and will become skilled with the most powerful pirate weapons. Then the player can obtain the enemies loot and turn it in for their crew to gain the gold instead. Most pirates wish to win these battles with ease and, as such, are seeking the best tips to obliterate their pirate opponent without much effort. Here are the best ways to defeat other players in the game of Sea of Thieves! The spray contains 10 pellets, each dealing 5-10% damage. save hide report. Like the Spyglass, the scope on the Eye of Reach will reflect the Sun or Moonlight, giving away your position from afar. This will be a surprising attack that the enemy won't expect and will probably deal a massive amount of damage, perhaps even defeating the enemy completely. The Eye of Reach is ideal for picking off enemies from long distances. The Blunderbuss is a very powerful weapon, and it is basically the pirate version of a shotgun. Players should use caution when approaching a Sloop and avoid them altogether if they have lots of treasure on board because players never know what we'll be waiting for them on that tiny ship! 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These players are usually experts in terms of combat and can take on multiple enemies at once, so even if there is just one enemy on the ship, it will be a tough one to defeat. You can use Weapons as a sort of flare by firing towards locations to indicate Players of the location or direction of a point of interest. 1. Ammo can be refilled at an Ammo Chest or Ammo Crate. Players can't go wrong with the powerful Blunderbuss weapon! Players should utilize this when the enemy is standing still or seems to be moving in a straight line. He has been a hobby writer all his life and is now a content writer for TheGamer among other gaming websites. It was a unique cosmetic to reward players who were part of the Sea of Thieves launch. The cracks in the scope act as cross-hairs to aid in a Pirate's accuracy. For this reason, is to be used sparingly when stealth is required. Shooting at these locations will allow the ship to be taken down much more easily and will create holes in the ship for water to pour in from. The Sword Dash is a universal trick that most players are aware of, and it will allow pirates to dive off of a ship, getting to their destination much quicker. Here are all the different Cosmetic Variants of the four main weapons. The Blunderbuss is a shotgun-type firearm which shoots a cluster of pellets from its broad muzzle. Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure free-roaming pirate video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox One. NEXT: 10 Reasons To Try Sea Of Thieves Again (And 10 More To Stay Away). 1 List of Cosmetic Sets 1.1 Permanent Sets 1.1.1 Regular Sets 1.1.2 Merchant Alliance Sets 1.1.3 Order of Souls Sets 1.1.4 Gold Hoarder Sets 1.1.5 Hunter's Call Sets 1.1.6 Glorious Sea … Weapons may be swapped using an Armoury found on all ships, and outside the entrance of Weaponsmith's Shops. Never aim for the middle of the ship because it will usually result in holes that will not bring water into the enemy ship. Sloops would appear to be the weaker type of ship because they are smaller and house fewer players than a Brigantine or Galleon. Archived. A player can take food, cannonballs, and wooden planks back to their ship and steal them from the enemy pirate. Posted by 1 year ago. Sea of thieves bottle sniper. This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 00:38. Sea of Thieves Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. A single slashing attack deals 25% damage, while a lunge attack deals 60% damage. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Certain variants of the Flintlock offer an iron sight, while certain variants of the Eye of Reach have uniquely coloured scope lens. This tip should always be kept in mind, and sabotaging the enemy's steering wheel and the anchor is essential for defeating them. Cosmetic Sets are all the different Cosmetic Customization Theme Sets available in Sea of Thieves. This Sea of Thieves interactive world map shows locations for points of interest such as outposts, skeleton forts, cannons, ammo crates, riddle clues, animals, cargo runs and more. RELATED: Sea Of Thieves: 10 Pro-Tips For Completing Skull Forts. You don’t really want it. When pirates are battling their enemies on a foreign ship, they should be attempting to steal all the supplies they can while they have the chance. The most important thing to remember for this tip is that the player will be able to steal the enemy's food and then eat it to heal their health back up while in the heat of combat. The Flintlock, Blunderbuss, and Eye of Reach each hold 5 shots worth of ammunition at one time, which must be refilled when used up. When fired, the bullet follows a steep arc which requires very precise aim over long distances. Though, the Flintlock retains its accuracy when hip-firing which makes it an ideal sidearm for close and mid-range combat. The Eye of Reach is a long-range rifle with a mounted scope. For example, a Flintlock and Eye of Reach shot after one another is enough to immediately kill any Pirate at full health. RELATED: Sea Of Thieves: 10 Pro-Tips To Ensure Your Boat Never Sinks. Cannons are stationary weapons that appear by mounted on all Ships, or found at most Forts and Large Islands. PvP combat is a big part of Sea of Thieves - and we've got all you need to be the best pirate. Wouldn't really make sense if people who weren't around during the launch of the game could get it, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Seaofthieves community. Sea of Thieves has many pirate encounters between different players that will have players in a battle for treasure and honor. Close. share. Here are the best ways to defeat other players in the game of Sea of Thieves! Press J to jump to the feed. Players often forget to block while they are in combat with enemies because it is a feature that is easy to dismiss as useless. The sniper may not be the best weapon for close combat encounters; however, it will be useful when sneaking up on pirates that don't see their ship coming. Hip-firing an Eye of Reach is far more likely to miss than when aiming down the Scope, making this weapon difficult to use in close-range. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. However, every pirate should remember to use their Cutlass to block whenever they get the chance because it will allow them to not take as much damage when hit by another sword. An aspiring writer, Michael is just trying to share his passion for video games with the world. 10 Block Frequently Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Blunderbuss is most effective when aiming before firing, as this reduces the spread of the pellets. All Clothing, Vanity, Equipment, Weapons and Ship Items can be customized with various themed Cosmetic re-skins. Weapons are items used for combat against enemies or other players. Only lasted a couple weeks in the store and was purchasable for 1 gold piece. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Players should always remember to utilize firebombs to their full extent and, more importantly, use them before ever entering combat with another player and their ship. ... Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure free-roaming pirate video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox One. When a ship is on fire, players will need to maneuver around this burning hazard so that they don't take damage. The Eye of Reach is very powerful, dealing 70% damage in a single shot, which makes it very effective against enemy boarders trying to swim towards your ship or for picking off Skeletons at a distance. Alternate cosmetic variants of each weapon are available for purchase from the Weaponsmith's Shop. The player will have to be very careful, though, when sneaking up on enemies because it can be easy to be detected, especially when their ship is in the middle of the open water. You’re not missing much, Its the Launch Crew sniper. This will allow the player to take the enemy by surprise because they will be so concerned about putting the fire out and not stepping in it. However, players could not be further from the truth with this thought process, because Sloops usually contain powerful solo players that have trained their skills over the past few years.