Several morbid "stan" accounts have also been created for Manfredonia, and the efforts appear to be an ironic in-joke among a subset of Nicki Minaj fans, as well as fans of the controversial social media star Peaches. I still do, but I used to, too,” are prime examples. The comments are split into two parts, where the second part is unexpected and makes the whole comment funnier. Essentially, mean fairy comments are comments with a twist ending that makes them extra funny. He is believed to be armed with multiple guns, and his family members are publicly asking for him to turn himself in. Subscriber Not all mean fairy comments are created equal, of course. The really good ones are more than just a simple insult. These are known as mean fairy comments, and they might actually be our favorite thing about the video-sharing app at the moment. Now on get your copy and paste ready while you devour on a set of insulting comments! While Minaj and her stans are both controversial (as is just about every A-list celebrity and their corresponding stan base), Peaches is a lesser-known and significantly more inflammatory individual. If you’re trying to craft your own, good luck! However, merely including a fairy emoji in a TikTok comment does not make it a mean fairy comment. In addition, several ironic "stan" accounts (an internet slang term referring to "stalker fans," or social media accounts devoted to famous figures) have been created for Manfredonia. One of the Manfredonia stan accounts fused the suspect with another internet phenomenon, Peaches. This hits different ✨ like physical abuse ✨, I used to be prolife‍♀️ until i saw you✨❤️, Everyone makes mistakes ‍♀️✨ especially your mother , Hannah baker called✨ you’re the 14th reason why‍♀️, You have a hidden talent❤️✨‍♀️ keep it hidden please‍♀️, You really snapped with this one ✨ now make it your neck next time ✨, Shoot for the moon‍♀️but please turn the gun around first‍♀️, Omg Great moves It would look better if it was a seizure tho ✨, Almost scrolled past this ✨ next time i make sure i will , Rusted the process ✨now i have trust issues ✨, U dropped this dont pick it up‍♀️‍♀️, The sky’s the limit! The key to a good mean fairy comment is getting a good jab in where someone least expects it. Recently, you may have noticed a bunch of TikTok comments featuring heart and fairy emojis. Here's What Those "ACAB" Videos on TikTok Are All About, No, You Can’t Change the Age on Your TikTok Profile (and That’s a Good Thing), TikTokers Think This Terrifying Clip From a Quibi Show Is Real, Because Nobody Watched the Quibi Show, People Have Tons of Funny Ideas for Private Snapchat Story Names, DaBaby's Brother's Cause of Death Hasn't Been Confirmed, but Video and Sources Point to Suicide, All 'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Guesses and Reveals So Far.