Take off the metal cover beneath the handle, exposing the valve stem. A rough check is to remove theshower head turn temperature control to fully hot the water coming out of thehose should be a bit more than a dribble … There is no variable electrical control (other than an overheat safety cutout) fitted so if your shower is getting too hot, it must be suffering from a reduced flow. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some mixer showers are thermostatic mixer showers, and have a thermostatic valve which keeps the temperature constant even if the flow of hot and cold water changes (so, for example, if someone flushes the loo and the cold water flow to the shower is reduced, the thermostatic valve will automatically slow down the hot water too to keep the temperature at the shower head constant). A plumber can help you get to the root of the problem, and bring your water supply back up to the temperature you prefer. Your email address will not be published. After removing the panel, you can easily adjust the gauge with a screwdriver before replacing the panel. If you have a mixer shower or an all-in-one power shower supplied by a gravity-fed stored supply, then you might need to increase the maximum temperature setting on the mixer control. Click here for more information on our water heater repair services. Many manufacturers guarantee their cartridges for life, and they’ll ship you a new cartridge for free. I not only adjusted, but also replaced the mixing valve to the shower. The directional controls will probably be noted on the RSL, but in general a counter-clockwise turn will release more hot water, and a clockwise turn will release less hot water. In some cases, it may be easier to adjust the temperature at the source rather than impacting the entire household water supply. Abrams warns, however, that you should take it slow when adjusting your scald guard, or else you could end up making the water temperature dangerously hot. This is the part of the shower that controls the mixture of hot and cold water coming out of the faucets. This plastic part is known as the “rotational stop limit,” (RSL). The process will depend on the type of faucet you have in your shower in tub, but in general you’ll follow these steps: If you have further questions, or still can’t seem to get the right adjustment, there may be additional problems either with your fixture or with the water supply. I replaced both top & bottom elements & both thermostats have cleaned the mixing valve on top of the tank the water is some warmer but could still be warmer yet what can be the problem yet, Your email address will not be published. Copyright © 2017 Terry's Plumbing . “In most instances, your scald guard — a plastic disk with notches — simply needs to be adjusted,” says Carson. This is warm enough to fight off the growth of bacteria, and warm enough to supply you all the warm water you desire for your shower, tub, or other household chores. DO YOU LIKE TO SMELL EVEN NICER AFTER YOU SHOWER? In addition to the YouTube videos above, there are several online resources that may help you adjust the hot and cold water in your shower or tub. “It’s important to note that faucets are set at the factory to a safe setting to prevent scalding, which is especially important to remember if you have babies, children and elderly people in the house,” he says.