Add your name to this list by clicking the "Login Using Facebook" in the upper right corner of this page and then add your Origin ID to the list. Old Scratch’s Gym, Act 3 Some Halloween Info Act 3 Starts November 1st Updates and Rundowns: Well, the old Add Friends feed was finally getting full (and you know, it’s not summer anymore), so I figured it’s now for a new feed to find TSTO friends! Ancient Ruins– 45* Murder House Demon Car Lisafer Demonic Capture Chairs Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! I am using the Facebook login for simplicity only, the only information I save about you is a userid token that lets me associate your Origin ID with your Facebook login. Friday Filler – Accepting The End, Before It’s the End,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Act 4 is Live! ( Log Out /  It was released on August 12, 2020, and ended on September 16, 2020. “welcome to the real world hippy!” (said Homer Simpson) , Thank you for posting this Alissa …. Hellport Pentagram Demon Moe Act 1 is Live! Hell Graduation banner Gate to Nowhere– 35 Beast Crib– 40 Demon Technician, For Walkthroughs on Prize Characters, see prize posts below, Should I Buy? Hell Stage Act 3 is Live! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Torture Coach Sounds of TSTO- THOH 2020. Hellementary School 1500 Unique Visitors from 62 different Countries, 4 Tweets and 38 Likes (Keep them Coming!). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out /  Burns Monster– 20 Hell Scientists So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page! Turbo Tappin’ Act 3 Time for another fun and exciting event prize post! 10/22/2020. Torture Locker Nosferatu & Cursed Ship– 150 Helter Skeleter– 25, *indicates available in Yearbook Mystery Box, Act 1 () Prizes Hell Teacher, Act 4 () Prizes Hell Kids Eventually, when we have the time, we’ll get back to writing up full WDTCF posts for items. Act 1 Turbo Tappin’ Act 1 Torture Stand Should I Spend Donuts On Demon Moe and Hell Moe’s? You can Delete your Origin ID at any time, this is a great way to stop the friend requests from flowing in if you have enough. Demonic Capture Chairs Hell Principals Spooky Wall- 1 Torture Conveyer Belt, Fun and Insight From the Addicts Team: Torture Locker The Simpsons ™ and © FOX and its related entities. Calendars: some of the dialogue and sound effects would make perfect ringtones! All Screen Shots of Game Graphics & Dialogue and Game Graphics from files ™ and © EA, Gracie Films and FOX. Torture Stand ( Log Out /  Disco Zombie– 35 Halloween Party Walls x10- 20 Full Dialogue Act 2 The list below will only display a max of 100 names at a time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, the list of names is randomly generated to give everyone a fair chance at getting added. Should I Spend Donuts On Demon Moe and Hell Moe’s? And of course, with this theme, everything is Hellish!