For starters, he tasks you with questioning the three townsfolk gathered around the body. If you spoke with the mage rather than with Jorleif, you will save the first one some tortures and in fact save his life. If after returning to the Palace of the Kings you won't speak to Jorleif and instead head to Wuunferth (he's in his office on the first floor), you will be able to interrogate him. Talking to Viola has her suggesting to talk to Jorleif about the journals, especially since the Wuunferth is supposedly a very dangerous man and should not be dealt with directly, better to let the steward handle the matter. The quest, Blood on the Ice, is one of the Side Quests in Skyrim. From the second part of his journal, which can be found on the altar surrounded by bones, you will learn the "ingredients" of the beast that the necromancer wants to bring to life. With all of this evidence in hand, head back outside and speak with the first city guard you see. This section contains bugs related to Blood on the Ice. One possible solution is to follow the trail of blood to Hjerim in an attempt to skip part of the quest. A slow reaction would let the next victim die, a quick reaction lets the Dragonborn kill the murderer just in time. On the shelf in this room is a stack of pamphlets entitled, "Beware the Butcher!" I had the same problem earlier. No one will interfere, and only women under attack will cry for help. If you choose to have Wuunferth arrested, then Arivanya will be found murdered. a blood trail needs to be followed from the graveyard into the city. Outside of her own line of work, she has only ever seen such a tool used by necromancers. If you speak to Wuunferth directly, instead of Jorleif, then Calixto will attempt to murder Arivanya in the Stone Quarter. She is understandably upset about the presence of a serial killer and the apathy of the town guards. If you are running Skyrim on a seven year old laptop using a dozen performance mods, most likely, you won't see the blood stains. Look for clues: 70: Follow up on the clues from Hjerim: 76: Meet Viola outside of Hjerim: 80: Investigate Hjerim with Viola: 90: Talk to 100: I discovered that Wuunferth the Unliving was the Butcher of Windhelm, and helped bring him to justice. Wait for Tova to leave her house. Butcher's Journal #1 and Strange Amulet. He then will not leave Hjerim and becomes hostile when you enter. I'm sorry, sir. A new quest with the same name will pop up in your journal, and the guard will suggest you remedy your mistake by talking to the imprisoned Wuunferth. The guard will approach the Dragonborn, telling them to keep their distance from the scene. The blood trail leads to a chest in the southeastern corner, so investigate it and pry it open. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. I will let you know what I found tonight. In the upstairs area, you will find his chest, unlocked with the key you claimed from his body. If you reject Calixto's offer or otherwise fail to remove the strange amulet, the necklace will permanently remain a quest item and be stuck in your inventory indefinitely, though it can be placed into the inventories of Susanna the Wicked or Arivanya after they've been murdered, as long as the bodies are around. Once outside the house, the Dragonborn can have the following conversation with her: Inside, Giordano will move through the first floor of the house towards the northeast room straight ahead, where she will notice something off about the wardrobe with the false back. All of the murders so far have coincided with dates and times of significance, if one is a practitioner of necromancy. Meanwhile, she decides she wants to see the secret room for herself and asks you to meet her there later. Page 1 of 2 - Blood on the Ice is stuck - posted in Skyrim Spoilers: I didn't really pay much attention and I screwed this all up.Here's the quest steps1.At night find the murder scene in the graveyard 2.Talk to the guard at the scene. Once at the door, simply unlocking it will get you into the building. The manor is master-locked and can be opened if the Dragonborn successfully lockpicks the door or by retrieving the key. by Viola Giordano; obscured underneath these is an amulet with a jade carving of a skull, marked as, "Strange Amulet." This quest is triggered by a counter that starts at the beginning of the game which will increase each time you visit the city of Windhelm or the immediate surrounding area. As you witness the crime, you will have to choice but the arrest the madman. It too bears spatters of blood on its surface, and within you find a number of pamphlets warning of the night creature its author, a local woman known as Viola, calls "The Butcher", along with a journal. If you conquered Windhelm before patrolling, the next murder will be in front of Blacksmith Quarters but the next murder will not take place and you will be unable to finish the entire quest or kill Calixto. Approaching the door will complete the "Examine the crime scene" objective and remove the marker over the tomb near where the victim was found. Evidently the real killer is still at large, and you've accused the wrong man! If Calixto is able to kill his victim, he will make his escape and proceed to run to Hjerim and into the secret room there. An operation table sits in the center, its surface marred with congealed blood, and to its left is a set of shelves bearing the implements with which these bodies were dissected. (If you chose to follow the bloody trail before speaking to Helgird, the map marker pointing toward her will now be gone.). Further, he tells you that if the pattern holds, there will be another murder soon. Furthermore, it indicates that its owner doesn't quite have all the components needed, necessitating yet another murder, and soon! Despite this display, the guards will not react, and so it is up to the Dragonborn. To find the Butcher's Journal #1, turn tot he left just inside the house. Quest Giver Pick them up to progress to the next stage. This can be repeated as many times as you'd like. Find Viola and speak to her. And Friga Shatter-Shield. This chest contains items such as ancient Nordic embalming tools, definitively indicating that he was the Butcher. After chasing Calixto into Hjerim, he cannot be killed. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Ask the guard if they need help with the investigation, and the guard agrees as long as permission is obtained from the Jarl's assistant before you go snooping around. But it may be the right thing to do. The Dragonborn can proceed to follow the trail of blood leading from the cemetery to Hjerim, a manor to the northwest. This problem can be addressed by speaking to Wuunferth in his cell after the three day wait period for the second murder. The wardrobe yields only a few articles of clothing, but the bookcase next to it has several more of the pamphlets you encountered in the chest, as well as a strange amulet lying beneath them. Location Either return to the Jarl's assistant and name the court wizard as the murderer, or speak with the wizard to hear his side of the story and possibly lead you elsewhere. Once the deed is done, the Dragonborn should then speak with Jorleif to confirm that the Butcher has been stopped. But before the Dragonborn can look into the matter, the proper authorization is required. As they enter the market, you will witness elderly museum owner Calixto Corrium sneak up behind a female citizen (normally Arivanya, but another woman will be randomly chosen if she is already dead), with his knife drawn for the next kill. Read one of the pamphlets and then read (and take) the journal. The next victim is supposed to be a woman named Sussana, who the murderer plans to attack as she heads out of the Candlehearth Hall this night. Naturally, Tova will be more than willing to hand you the key so you can go take a look inside. Jorleif, the steward, may have advice from time to time. 1. Speak to the curio shop owner and he'll tell you that the amulet is one typically carried by the Jarl's court wizard, and offers to buy it off you for 500 gold. The "Beware the Butcher!" If you buy Hjerim and arrest Wuunferth, when you get the objective to patrol Windhelm's streets Calixto may appear inside Hjerim, in the room behind the wardrobe, and use any equipment you may have left in it. To find Viola, go to the exterior west side of Candlehearth Hall and wait until sometime around 11am (if not, try 2pm-3pm). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After solving the case of the court mage, be will give you a mission of protecting the city from the Butcher (regardless of whether you threw him to the dungeon or not). He will offer to buy it for 500 , claiming that it is merely of ceremonial value. When you approach the grieving mother, it becomes apparent that Friga was one of the former victims of the killer. The quest will resolve as normal, and you will save the life of an innocent young girl! Sometimes, on completion of this quest, the message that the quest is completed will be displayed twice. On your way there you will hear a cry for help. While interesting, this revelation doesn't quite provide any new leads, so exit the Hall of the Dead to search for more clues. New main objective: Look for clues If you failed to pick up the journal in the hidden chamber back in Hjerim, Viola will immediately take interest in the old house and set off at a running pace to help with the investigation. A way to avoid this is to leave Windhelm and return a few days later. I watched this youtube video and followed that exact path to reach the clue house as I was not able to find it even after reading the spoiler in the accepted answer. As mortician, Helgird took the body to the Hall of the Dead, a visit may enlighten. Talk to Jorleif 4. Normally, waiting for an hour will cause Calixto to start moving, allowing the scene to progress as normal.