VIEW When equipped with he 582 Rotax engine the Revelation climbs out at around 650 feet per minute, cruise is 65 m.p.h. If you feel this information is incomplete or incorrect, you can. The Revelation started from the basic design of the Genesis, which is a flight proven design. The Slipstream Genesis Revelation is a two-seat ultralight trainer. X_months[X_now.getMonth()] + " " + VIEW return (number < 1000) ? Famed for her show-stopping looks, the stunning, multi-award winning SLIPSTREAM is one of the most stylish charter yachts on the water. var username = "contact-us"; Buzzard, L'il Hustler or google_ad_width = 728; quite acceptable, visibility good, and pilot comfort rates an A. Guests can enjoy the full cinema experience at the touch of a button in the sky lounge as black-out blinds fall and a screen unfurls from its hiding place in an elegant chaise longue. While landing, the aircraft touched down hard upon the landing strip, and the nose gear sheared off. The Revelation ............................7.5. In order to understand how we use and protect your personal information, please read our, There are no results for the search term '{{ctrl.query}}', Message field is limited to 1000 characters, {{ctrl.sliderIndex + 1}} of {{}}, Length: 54.2m (177.8ft) | Built: 2008 | Guests: 12, Length: 57.9m (190ft) | Built: 2007 | Guests: 12, Length: 59.3m (194.6ft) | Built: 2009 | Guests: 12, Length: 60m (196.9ft) | Built: 2001 | Guests: 12, Length: 60m (196.9ft) | Built: 2011 | Guests: 12, Length: 60m (196.9ft) | Built: 2009 | Guests: 12. Click here for more information! Aircraft weekly web video webcast! The pilot performed a go-around and during the turn from the crosswind leg to the downwind leg of the airport traffic pattern, the aircraft slowed and entered a spiraling turn to the ground. 36 37 Linking these decks, a hand-carved trio of totem poles stand guard over the glistening black fossil marble stairwell. *Includes 3-Blade Powerfin Ground Adjustable Composite Propeller(s). 5 6 7 popular Challenger line of aircraft. Specifications (Revelation) Data from Cliche and SlipStream. X_today = X_days[X_now.getDay()] + ", " + This may take a couple of minutes. SlipStream Industries, USA Our aircraft models are the GENESIS and REVELATION. The Revelation is an opened-up Genesis (nose, floor, and windscreen but no aft cabin) which the factory … HERE to With the standard duel 10-gallon wing tanks, the REVELATION will give you six hours of cross-country cruising pleasure at 66 mph. //--> The VIP cabin on the bridge deck has some of the best views on board, with natural light spilling from a sliding glass door leading onto the private balcony. At cruise cabin noise is With the standard Rotax 503E, the Revelation’s solo performance is awesome with a take-off roll of less 100 feet, landing distance of 150 feet, and a 600 fpm climb rate. number + 1900 : number; Our monthly newsletter is not affiliated with any entity mentioned or pictured herein. receive ULTRALIGHT NEWS EXTRA! google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9612088357585601"; Options include larger fuel capacity, electrically-operated flaperons and trim, wheel pants and ballistic parachute. 16 17 Sorry, SLIPSTREAM isn't available for those dates. The rich red and black master suite includes an office, his and her bathrooms, walk-in wardrobe, and a beautiful raised observation lounge that allows direct access to the foredeck. Ultralight Aircraft News The aircraft exceeded the ultralight weight limitations in 14 CFR Part 103, and the pilot did not hold a flight training exemption. Designed by Chuck Hamilton, the series were originally produced by Innovation Engineering of Davenport, Iowa and more recently by SlipStream International of Wautoma, Wisconsin. Item specifics . "0" : "")+ X_now.getDate(); Each issue is 25 to 35 minutes in length and The 43 inch wide cabin. Outfit your Model S with new 19" Slipstream Tesla wheels and Pirelli winter-rated tires for the icy months ahead. With sumptuous accommodation for 12 guests in seven cabins, spread across three decks, guests are spoilt for choice. It will exceed most aircraft of this type that are using larger engines. Industries,  } News SLIPSTREAM's vast sun deck was designed with every comfort in mind; giant sun pads sit both forward and aft, a glass windbreak fits around the jacuzzi, and an open-air shower and glass-topped bar complete the six-star experience. If you have high speed internet and Windows Media Player Sign up to receive the latest photos, news, contest announcements and more. (fourdigits(X_now.getYear())) ; tube, covered With sumptuous accommodation for 12 guests in seven cabins, spread across three decks, guests are spoilt for choice. is live on the web for 7 days. Ultralight aircraft webcast! document.write("" + linktext + "") The Revelation build time is the lowest in the industry!    [1], The Genesis can be fitted with floats or skis. "@" + hostname + ">" + linktext + "") We simplified the building and had Dacron sails made for the wing and tail section. var hostname = "";var linktext = username + "@" + hostname; Slipstream Industries, W8407 Cottonville Dr. Wautoma WI 54982 . var username = "contact-us"; 1 var X_date = ((X_now.getDate()<10) ? The aircraft weight was reduced by removing the fiberglass enclosure, fabric, and paint. 11 12 Beverley Hills-based broker Christian Bakewell talks us through Burgess' latest sales and charter Central Agency yacht, the 65.2m Codecasa DOUBLE DOWN, The owners have authorised significant price reductions on two unique yachts: the 49.5m SUSSURRO and the 42.6m ADASTRA. The tail surfaces are suspended from a distinctive series of four tubes that curve to allow clearance for the pusher propeller. //-->, . 54982. At cruise cabin noise is quite acceptable, visibility good, and pilot comfort rates an A. Control system continuity was established during an examination of the wreckage.       climbs out at around 650 feet per minute, cruise is 65 m.p.h. For more information contact, The designer Chuck Hamilton, also designed the An eye-catching black hull and silver superstructure offers a hint at this superyacht's striking interior. Four had been completed and flown by 2011. The aerodynamic wheel design provides 2-3% range improvement based on simulated driving conditions.