I feel the same way about golf balls. However, after spending some time with the ball I found some problems. One difference that causing hesitation to make a long-term switch is the performance in the wind. I have a slower swing speed and have played yellow balls for the past two years. But I will certainly order a couple dozen of the MTB X to try out. I’m based in the UK and currently use the MTB black, I hope the new MTB X will be available in the UK. The Snell MTB Black and Titleist Pro V1 had very similar results, and the higher spinning models of each ball matched up reasonably well. Good to know that companies out there try to keep prices where consumers can actually purchase them. I recently found a Snell golf ball on a local course and decided to try it. Coming from a Titleist loyalist, I love the new Black MTB. I’m an accomplished player with a 3 hcp and prefer a high performance golf ball. If you’re a rational human and don’t care what the ball looks like as long as it works, either MTB model is worth a try. Nice test. I believe the only advantage the old balata balls had was they were easier to work left and right, but the durability of the old balls is not even worth discussion. Up thru the 2015 models, I had always read that the Pro V1 spun more than the X. Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? Yes I loose a little distance with the red but notice the extra spin. Didn’t order any more. Seniors love yellow because we see it so much better. I don’t lose enough balls to be overly concerned with the price so I’ll stick to ProV’s for any type of competitive rounds. I notice no difference between the Snell and pro V1X I play; except the cost that is. Getting ready to place my order for the MTB test pack. What about durability and dependability. It should be a no-brainer that since Dean worked with the original ProV1, he is going to put some of the same engineering into the Snell ball. What about the Red spin from 150yds and in did you not like? The original MTB and MTB Black are great balls. Would love to try some Snells and give an honest opinion. As a data junkie, it would be interesting to take a deeper dive into the numbers. Valiante effort, but you missed the mark in my honest opinion. Which one and what did you think? Switched to the Black for the rest of the round. Could you be saving strokes AND dollars? Still have the ball. Go to the USA website and click on international sales, then choose Canada. Great job MGS and Dean Snell. And the only radar in open range will provide data on how the ball actually flies (vs. just launches). Please keep me in your emails, I’ll provide you with my feedback. It is a trend I wish would catch on with equipment manufacturers. They do have a Canadian website with free shipping. I really didn’t notice a difference between it and other tour balls and I save $12 to $16 per dozen. I am very happy with the results and will look forward to trying the MTB X balls in future purchase. The Snell MTB Black produced marginally higher ball speeds (.25 mph) than the Titleist Pro V1. Please, nobody charges $52 a box for Pro V’s… my local golf course sells them for $45… so versus $32 for Snell’s it’s basically $1 a ball. Swing speed is not the only factor in determining distance. The golfING world has always needed a top shelf ball for less money. Thanks for the info! ProV1 is the most trusted because it’s been around the longest and is the #1 Ball in Golf. You have ur opinion I have mine no need to bash anyone’s game or opinion. Might have to check out Snell. Unless one is tied up in brand loyalty, it is tough to justify paying a premium price for any other ball. Great information on the new Snell balls. The same guy designed both balls but he designed this one most recently. Comparison would be V1x. I do know the one thing that will keep me coming back is the handwritten thank you from the man himself…Dean Snell. When will MTB-X available this side of the Atlantic? Just to add I started playing the 3 UP ball about 6 years ago until they had to go out of business because of being sued by Titleist and will now be a Snell ball user. Unless your breaking 70 from the tips, you’ll ending up shooting just about the same with ‘found balls’. I have been playing the MTB black since it’s been out…like it better over all than any ball I’ve ever played..my index is 4. So it’s nice to see a little competition. For this reason, the comparative Total Distance numbers provided should be considered reasonable estimates. Solid construction does not need the level of testing on every ball. It’s not mentioned outside of the graphics, but it seems the Pro V1 has an advantage there…. Could you be saving strokes AND dollars? I’ve been playing Snell balls for a couple of years now, I get the same performance as the $50 a dozen balls at about half the price! I agree with Vince. As we’d expect at higher lofts, the averages suggest minimal ball speed differences. Thanks for your insight on the new MTB-X balls. Really like the honest presentation of the ball technology from Dean too. Snell does run promos sometimes as well, but the ones listed in the article are their year around pricing. Very good soft feel, genuinely long distance, behaves fine around the green and 0.83 euro (€10/doz) each brand new. 100 mph swing speed. Love the ball and now looking forward to playing the X. I liked the old model, so I’m sure I will like these as well. Also, no one should pay retail for Pro V1s. Why you ask? I’ve been playing the MTB since it came out. I gave him a sleeve to try out. I shot two of my best rounds of the year recently with this ball and will continue to game it. I have a question about the cost structure though…Dean says the cost difference is due to paying pros, advertising and the multiple levels of transactions…he doesn’t mention that Snell is made in China, so there has to be some amount of cost savings due to that. Which emblem do you want on your 3 star mb or Japanese ? The Seed Golf equivalent to Pro V1 (SD-01) was well reviewed. We are here to help educate and empower golfers. been playing the Snell MTB since it was first released and most recently have been playing the MTB Black. My friend, however, is a player and he was very pleased with Snell’s performance. The driver test & results was to be expected with those balls, hell even a 3 year old , water logged pinnacle gold would have been close to those numbers. Same / marginal performance difference . I didn’t mind the Red cover but did notice it struggled in wind. The net difference is “only” $8 dz compared to Snell’s quantity discounts. Your decision $52 or $32 u decide. Have used Snell golf balls in the past and this affirms that they happen to be the best ball for the price, Thanks GolfSpy. Another nice review by MGS!! These balls are not designed for someone with your swingspeed. We know Titliest do? Snell are a must-try golf ball for any avid golfer. Interested to see. More testing required but either ball is a terrific choice for those wanting tour quality golf balls at a lower price point. I’ve been playing the MTB Red since late 2017. i have played both the new snell red and black. That said, I think it is OK to admit that optics are worth something more than nothing here. Shady part in msg. Given I play a narrow course and not that long, it’s hard to keep the GS in my pocket. The comparison will be very interesting. I would like to see a comparison between either of these and Vice Pro or Pro Plus. Who wouldn’t want to play a ball like that! I have an 88 MPH Swing Speed. as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game Great video. I have played prov1, prov1x, tp5x and a number of Callaway and srixon. Great video! I have a lot of Kirklands right now, though. I currently play pro v1x. I played the Mack daddy wedges for a while until I got tired of the spaghetti shreds hanging on the ball after every full wedge shot. As I have gotten a little older, swing speed is down to 87-90 range. Great performance for less money. Those reds will make for an excellent bag of practice balls! He gave me a sleeve and I must say they performed very well, for anyone looking for a little more distance from all clubs this should be a ball they try . For me, Snell was noticeably better, really wasn’t even a comparison, compared to the Vice. Always enjoy the videos with Dean Snell. Put a ping i200 in my hands with a regular shaft and it goes too high and spins too much for me. I’d give it a try if I were you. how is the sound of the MTB-X off the putter? Learn how your comment data is processed. 50 or so shots later the ball would crack but it took that many shots to prove out what i was seeing…. Thanks, I’m looking forward to giving the x a go!! Even though I have dozens of Chrome Soft, ProVs, and TP5s… I play the Titleist DtTrusoft because it seems to be a hell of a lot more durable. The Snell “Red” comes in both white and yellow. Testers rotated between clubs until 12-14 “good” shots were hit with each. NOTE: I have tried them all….. Callaway, TM, Srixon, Oncore, etc….. Snell outplays all of them and 1/2 the price and lasts longer as well. There’s a reason tour players play the new balls, and their golf courses are being lengthened as a result. It would be the MTB Red…either the white or the optic yellow. The Red is definitely longer for me, but the Get Sum for a reason I don’t understand is straighter, but not as long.