Fans will love it. well .. thanq very very much .. really great collection .. and am a great lover of these games .. and really the best of the collections .. thanq very very much once again .. i searching for Datach - Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Bakutou Ankoku Bujutsu Kai pirated version...the pirated version didnt have to use the datach system to select your character for battle..yuyu book is the rom name.. A relocalization project that attempts to fix the damages made by Squaresoft's North American team by using the remake's localized script and uncensoring everything. Like the NES, the SNES also has a number of romhacks to improve and/or modify a game's aspects or make an entirely new game on the game's engine, sometimes with new graphics and music. Dungeons, the overworld, and even the music have been entirely redone to fit the brand-new story. A total overhaul of Super Metroid. ... ROMs (Public Domain) Frontends Technical Documents Extenders Utilities: General Auditing Cheating ... Nintendo Game Archive NiftyHacks ROM MVP RPG Central Swedish Emulation News Spun Web Translations NESten Topping Translations ZD … Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. One of the best ROM hacks for one of the best SNES games had to get one of the top spots in our ranking. 67909 downs / Rating 64%. The prefix “Hyper” denotes something of greater intensity than “Super”. Check Out This Rom Hack. You thought A Link to the Past is perfect enough as it is? Give it a try! Not only that, but the difficulty curve is perfect, which is something most hackers can’t quite achieve. 115124 downs / Rating 75%. NES Ports, Hacks, Pirated, MiltiCart roms (CaH4e3). But it’s mostly made for the average Joe to enjoy too. This ROM hack attempts to fix the issue. Among its most innovative additions are Ice and Water levels to freshen up gameplay as you run through each level. Instead, you’re trying to get your stolen eggs back. Does not download the file, when I click the link of Rapidshare I get the following message:The file was deleted due to our inactivity-rule (no downloads).Could you send the file FAMI.rar my e-mail **DELETE NOTSPAMThanks, Atari ST: 20 X TOSEC Public Domain Collections, ( Daphne ) Laserdisc MPEG: Thayer's Quest. ( Daphne ) Laserdisc MPEG: Super Don Quix-ote + Su... Sinclair ZX Spectrum - All 68 TOSEC romsets. Before going on to make the worldwide sensation that is Undertale, Toby Fox tried his hand at developing a hack for beloved classic Earthbound. you can! But it was designed with a sensible learning curve to make it approachable for beginners, so be sure to give it a go if you’ve got the chops. it'd shred enemies if they didn't have a fuckton of health by the time you can!) There you’ll play through the events as he enthralls the Queen and silences opposition to become the Prophet of Zeal. Rare dumps of pirated Chinese and Russian multi-cart NES games: 10000000-in-1 … But it’s already fully playable so you can actually get through it if you want. Everything else should explain what you're getting into just fine. Super Nintendo Entertainment System, abbreviated and more well-known as NES is the product of Nintendo Corporation released in November 1990 and belongs to the 4th generation of video game consoles. Sleeping within the depths of the planet is a secret heavily protected by the last standing symbols of the great Chozo race..." PROTIP: If you like this, you'll definitely enjoy the library to be found at, Wuzzat? It followed the philosophy that video games are for kids, because grown-ups aren’t allowed to have fun. Back in the day, the process of localizing games from Japan for worldwide release was often done carelessly. Also improves font visibility using FuSoYa’s VWF Edition hack (included in this patch, no need to apply it seperately). Secret Of Evermore is a good game, however it has issues; one being weapons do not have a shared level. The best hack with the lamest title, based on Project Base and some other stuff (ever wanted to combine spazer and plasma legit? It's a bit more challenging than the original game but there is an easy patch included for casual players. As any good Metroid game should, this ROM hack greatly rewards exploration and presents challenging but fair puzzles. In Japan, the analogue of this console was known as the Famicom. This hack is a reboot of The Kremling's Revenge hack made in 2012. It’s perfect to re-live the game’s classic charm, but with a lot of new content to spice things up. Romancing SaGa 3, but completely remade with new bosses, music, quests, and characters from all other SaGa games (So far there are a total of 80 or so quests and that's counting the original quests in Romancing SaGa 3 and new things are still being added to this day). The result was the Halloween Hack, recognized as one of the most disturbing and mentally-scarring ROM hacks ever created. This complements the fast-paced gameplay and fluid physics quite nicely. Even to this day, the SNES library is loved by fans. All these changes are masterfully accomplished and reasonably challenging, but not so much that you need to repeat every level over 20 times over before giving up. SMW2: Yoshi’s Island was closer to an entirely new game than a sequel to the original Super Mario World. Among this, there are vast improvements over some aspects of the original game along with a plethora of new features such as a Save/Load system. This game is Silent Hill levels of messed up. SOR is a complete upgrade that leaves vanilla Arcana obsolete. Another ROM hack that endeavors to give you more of the original game’s charm is Oh No! Also, the game has been modified to be ‘FastROM’ as well so some slow down has been reduced, but it’s still prevalent throughout the game.