Shubb Capos Lowden Conley Sifel Creek Guitars White, Woodley …… any potential buyer must note, blankets not included ! Tom Anderson Guitarworks Lozano Lewis, Michael Devoe, Lester Kraut, Raymond White, Peggy Green, Aaron Chapman, Alan Redgate, Jim JGS Guitars Body width: 14.2″ (36 cm) Fingerboard and bridge:   Ebony Rayco Resophonics Walker, Kim Parker Website by Integritive Web Design :: Asheville, NC. Walker, Scott So these are becoming very hard to find. Lavoie, Benoît Retrograde Guitars Robinson Palen Guitars Copyright 2020 © Dream Guitars All Rights Reserved. You can find mandolins from a variety of different leading music brands including Bridge, Stagg and Ozark. Pellerin Guitars Ameijenda, Ariel Baggs, LR Wood, Randy Eko Good luck Dick…. Pellerin Guitars Stonebridge Guitars Bellucci LaPlante, David I learned this good practice early on in my musical journey, after seeing so many badly worn Banjo & Mandolin fingerboards & Concertina end plates, with dreadful gouges simply from folks being too lazy to keep their finger nails short. Hickler Banjos Chasson Fender This beautiful Sobell Mandolin was made in 1995. Delgado, Tomas Hauser, Hermann III Kerman, Arik Huerga :                                Herringbone. Daily, David S. Barba, Francisco Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up. Yaron, Gil Turner Body width:   Large body – 15.3″ (39 cm),  Small body – 14.2″ (36 cm) It has more sustain than a mandolin and more space for fingers. Schwartz, Sheldon 1990 Sobell Butterfly German Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood. AER Amplifiers Lipton Leho Ukuleles Boswell Guitars Brandt, Greg Echizen, Ryohei Greven Connor, Stephan Keith, Martin Walker, Scott The Jug of Punch / Eddie Kelly’s: Velazquez, Don Manuel Website by Integritive Web Design :: Asheville, NC. Brondel, Laurent Gemza, Bela Revelator Loef McCollum, Lance Claxton, Ed Melancon Posch, Leo Northwood Bridge                              Ebony with bone saddleNeck:                                Brazilian mahogany.Tuners:                            Gotoh gold minisBinding:                           Indian rosewood.Trim:                                HerringboneTailpiece:                         Brass, More pictures, including 10 string large bodied mandolin and rosewood mandolin. Indian rosewood for sale; Brazilian rosewood for sale This guitar-cittern sounds excellent both acoustically and amplified; full and well balanced. Jang, Isaac Bishline Banjos Pederson Beneteau, Marc Shelton-Farretta Please follow this link to view some detailed photographs. Char Stefan Sobell is not currently making any mandolin family instruments due to his large backlog of guitar orders. Mountain Song Guitars SKU: Sobe-m-2694 Categories: Mandolins, Museum - Not For Sale Brand: Sobell Guitars. Citterns and octave mandolins; Mandolins & Mandola; Construction and Design. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." Shopis, Rodrigo Asher Hamblin, Kent To me it is the perfect combination of body size, scale, pitch, string gauges and pitch. Pinkham, Ron Woodsound Studios Foley Taylor, R. Traugott, Jeff Fay Alembic These can be tuned in a variety of open or nearly open tunings. Kanilea Ukelele Eichelbaum Contreras II, Manuel Sakurai, Masaki Monrad, Eric The buyer is responsible for paying for the instrument, shipping and insurance, plus any PayPal fees. Marin, Paco Santiago Cumpiano Guitars Stefan Sobell has been focusing primarily on building guitars for the last several years so his Cittern family instruments are becoming quite rare indeed. Keller, Michael Dream Guitars sells & reviews some of the world's best mandolins by your favorite makers, presented in an honorable fashion with expertise & guidance. Veillette, Joe Conley McPherson Zimnicki Zemaitis EVD (Edward Victor Dick) Running Dog Guitars (Rick Davis) As a result, we cannot show you the price until the item is in your cart. Mauel Guitars So the fingerboard on this Mandolin shows virtually no sign of wear. Everett Cumpiano, Bill & Millard, Michael Gilbert, John Blues Creek Giussani, Gioachino Turner Bear, G.R. Rossner, Heinz Length: 27.2” How I almost accidentally came to build my first octave mandolin is described  here. Green, Aaron Veillette, Joe Melville Melville Beauregard, Mario Musselwhite Fredell, Gustav If I meet the buyer in person I would of course prefer cash. I also build smaller bodied octave mandolins and citterns; these share body dimensions with my mandola. Sand, Kirk Arnold, John Stefan Sobell instruments are of course highly regarded & for what it’s worth I read here, around 5 years ago, that he had announced that he was stopping adding to his waiting list for mandolin family of instruments as it was already 3 years long. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." The sound is clear and firm and also rich, surprisingly so for the body size. Anderson, R.M. LHT Guitars Baker Dickens de Lucia, Paco Dumble Rodriguez e Hyos, Manuel Perry, Daryl Alberico, Fabrizio Kronbauer Gretsch Wilson, D.L. Milburn Manzer, Linda Fischer, Paul Thompson, Preston Godin Noemi Guitars Muiderman, Kevin This particular mando is on the album "First Flight" by Gerald Trimble. Hamer Olson, James Borges Spalt Instruments Edward Victor Dick String Instruments Tezanos-Perez, S. S. Welker Ian Walker is selling his 1990 Brazilian rosewood Butterfly Model 1. If you call and miss me, leave a message and I’ll call you back. K&K Sound Baranik If this is sent internationally, the buyer is responsible for all duties, taxes, VAT, brokerage and storage fees on their end. K&K Sound Palen Guitars Hamblin, Kent Dudenbostel, Lynn They excel at Celtic music and this one plays great and is in lovely condition. Fujii Guitars Gruner Woolson Guidry, Sam Moonstone Beard, Paul Darrell Scott playing his octave mandolin at the Blackfriars, Glasgow. Ribbecke Guitars James May Engineering Fernandez, Jeronimo Pena Taylor Guitars Laskin, Grit Fraulini Robinson soloway If you are a member of The Session, log in to add a comment. McAlister Stefan did see the guitar a few years ago and gave it the thumbs up. Huss & Dalton Novax It comes complete with Hiscox Artist series case. It is mostly used for mandolin orchestras as an alternative for mandolas, and it can be used in playing traditional Irish music. Borges Eichelbaum For Reference Only – Not For Sale. Marchione Mandolins. Carvalho, Samuel Dammann Custom Instruments Elliott This beautiful Sobell Mandolin was made in 1995. Micheletti Guitars Applegate, Brian Renaissance (Rick Turner) Wechter, Abe Back and sides:   Indian rosewood, other woods optional Rickenbacker Ivanov Guitars Porter, Steve Henderson, E.J. :                                Brazilian mahogany. So these are becoming very hard to find. Musselwhite Ebata Burguet Kono Altman This is a top specification instrument, with its amber coloured figured Sitka soundboard and best aged African Blackwood back and sides. Holcomb, C.F. Audirac, Gerard Halland Guitars Smallman, Greg This is the first we've seen in quite a while and it's a good one. Gold Tone The top & back are handcarved & as you will see in the photo above, the maple back is absolutely stunning. Cornerstone Guitars Boaz Guitars I based it on the citterns I’d been building for a couple of years; it was really a miniature cittern, with its relatively large body and rosewood back and sides. Islander By Kanilea Ukulele Pringle, Douglas Shanti Dave of England Mönch, Edgar Oribe, Jose Many tunings are commonly used; some are mandolin type tuning with a low D, others open or almost open tunings. Stromberg Applegate, Brian EVD (Edward Victor Dick) Marin, Paco Santiago :                            Gotoh gold minis. As a result, we cannot show you the price until the item is in your cart. Both Kentucky and Loar design both A-style and F-style instruments. Ameritage Cases Solomon Marzal, Jesus Schoenberg Guitars Walker, Kim Dobro Blazer & Henkes Burchette Lavoie, Benoît Gaffney Guitars Greenfield, Michael McElroy Dammann Custom Instruments Rothel (Röthel, Jochen) Yong Dupont Guitars Caseadillo Case Covers Loriente, Antonio D'Aquisto, James L. Eko Ruck, Robert Kronbauer Please note that when you click on each photo you have an option to zoom in for a close look to any part of the photo. Sobell Octave Mandolin, Brazilian Rsoewood, strong figure, German spruce top, 20.5″ scale. Rayco Resophonics Flammang Bailey Guitars Lehmann & Cole Revelator How Paldacci Guitars Van Linge Sobell, Stefan McKnight Henriksen, Inc. Shubb Capos 52 Instrument Co. (Jeremy Clark). Artinger Rockbridge Froggy Bottom Hernandez Guitarras Pimentel Williams, Laurie Lospennato Alberico, Fabrizio Froggy Bottom Langejans, Del Cornerstone Guitars Kingston, BC Phillips, R.E. Bellucci Wingert, Kathy Ovation So these are becoming very hard to find. Romero, J. Banjos Hoffman Hill, Kenny Karura Cases Kohno Deering Banjos Fischer, Steve Henriksen, Inc. Huerga Larson Brothers Taylor, R. Goodall Smith, C.B. Martin Guitars Doolin, Mike Ritter, Jens MacCubbin Guitars Chantus (William King) Dehradun Guitar Company Kobrle Lehmann & Cole Burchette Shanti German This beautiful Octave Mandolin features a 22.875" Scale and 4 courses. Petros Guitars It is completely stable.