Also, from 1986 to 1987, this logo was restricted to the coming attractions part of the releases. It was re-adjusted for the 2nd music variant for DVDs especially for the widescreen version. There is also an abridged version for some New Line Home Video releases. The stallion grows a pair of wings and flies over the "T", and a Pegasus Tail. Music/Sounds: None, but on international releases, a generic hip hop-like jingle was used. A few tapes with the RCA/Columbia print logo that were released in early 1992 also have this logo. SPHE is responsible for the distribution of the Sony Pictures library for home entertainment, mainly releases from the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group (Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, and Screen Gems) as well as releases from Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (Triumph Films, Destination Films, Stage 6 Films and Affirm Films). One of the last releases to (officially) include this logo was Mississippi Masala. Since June 20, 2007, SPHE has handled distribution of children's content formerly handled by Sony BMG's Sony Wonder label.[1]. [14], On April 23, 2012, Mill Creek announced that they had signed a home video distribution deal with SPHE, acquiring the rights to distribute 250 films from the Sony Pictures catalog on DVD and Blu-ray. Availability: Common. On PAL tapes in Germany, the logo is against a sky blue background, after its warning screen is finished scrolling. WikiLeaks said in a press release that the content of the leaks were "newsworthy and at the center of a geo-political conflict" and belonged "in the public domain". The trailer variants can be seen on rental copies of Bad Boys,The Net, Jury Duty, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Tapes featuring this logo without the clip-on at the top include, The VHS theme was for the most part exclusive to its format, but has been spotted on the R1 DVD of the Jeffrey Blitz documentary, Conversely, the DVD theme has made appearances at the end of the VHS of, On DVDs released prior to the last quarter of 2001, the 8th logo was used. Columbia TriStar Home Video kept this logo on the '90s VHS releases of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Cat Ballou (making its appearance after the 3rd CTHV logo) and it also made an appearance on the mid-80s video release. Nicknames: "The International Spinning Cube", "RCA/Columbia Box II", "The RCA/Columbia Cube". We see a filmstrip in the center of the screen and then pan towards it, seeing the boxes in each frame and the endings of their respective movie animations playing out within them. It was also spotted on the 2005 First Look Home Entertainment VHS of The Snow Walker. Also, this is a placeholder logo, a logo that is used on a show or video when the new one isn't quite ready yet. [13] On August 31, 2010, SPHE partnered with Image Entertainment in a multi-year agreement, marketing and distributing DVDs and Blu-rays by Image. It's a popular logo now that the widely hated "Split Boxes" have been put to rest. Nicknames: "CT Boxes VI", "Part IV: They Seriously Used This?! None to low for the RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video music variant. The one at the start of the film for the PAL version is noticeably higher pitched than the one before the menu. Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (commonly known as Sony Pictures or SPE, and formerly known as Columbia Pictures Entertainment Inc.) is an American entertainment company that produces, acquires, and distributes filmed entertainment (theatrical motion pictures, television programs, and recorded videos) through multiple platforms. Seen on UK rental releases of Macbeth and D.A.R.Y.L. Availability: Uncommon to rare. For series outside the US, it's seen on the series incarnation of the 2007 movie, This was oddly seen at the end of an episode of, This also appears at the end of a Roku Channel print of. New Line formed their own video label in 1990 (the result of acquiring Nelson Entertainment, which had previously been Embassy Home Entertainment, ironic considering EHE had been owned by Columbia for a brief period of time before being spun off), but continued to go through RCA/Columbia Pictures (as well as SVS-Triumph and then Columbia TriStar Home Video) for distribution until 1994, when Turner Broadcasting acquired NLC and Turner Home Entertainment assumed distribution functions. Variation: On releases outside of the Columbia TriStar Family Collection, the logo is on a sky background similar to the 1995 CTT logo, and the text is blue. [24][25][26][27] It was also announced on the same day, that there will be more Spider-Man sequels and spin-offs,[28] though on February 10, 2015, Sony Pictures eventually signed a deal with Disney's Marvel Studios to allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, beginning with Captain America: Civil War, before appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming which was released on July 7, 2017. Now Available on Home Video