Very disappointing for what I thought was a Sony quality TV. However, the LG has better built-in speakers, it handles reflections better, and with its IPS panel, it has wider viewing angles. Depth of a touch more than 7cm means the Sony is not exactly skinny, but then its full array local dimming arrangement is bound to add more than a millimetre or two. The Sony X900H has a BGR subpixel layout. Blacks are deep, the colors pop, and the best part... it's ready for the PS5! Skin-tones and -textures are completely convincing, whether the actor in possession of them is wearing pancake makeup or not. If so, please email the below information to if you disclosed some of this information in your review and to customer service, we just want to ensure that we have your accurate details at the time of communication.Full Username:Telephone Number:Sony Headphones Model Number:Additional Information regarding your experience with the XBR65X900H.We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to speak to you to resolve this matter.We appreciate you and thanks again for shopping Sony!Sincerely,~RalphSony Social Support, KD-65XH9005 23/10/2020 by Colingb20 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. Sony X900H in the US and XH90 in Europe has been referred to as the 'PlayStation 5 TV' and is it also one of Sony's 'Ready for PS5' TVs based primarily on its HDMI 2.1 capabilities including support for gaming in 4K120 (4K at 120 pictures per second). I completely reset to factory but problems remain. Also, the 65 inch size and larger of the X900H have a different speaker configuration and are expected to have better performance. The remote is old-school Sony: way too many buttons, most of which you'll never use. With local dimming enabled, uniformity is much better throughout the screen, and surprisingly, there's very little blooming around the test cross. The Sony X900H runs on Android TV. Still, based on Sony XH900's Atmos performance, we would not go as far as to call it immersive sound. You will need external speakers or headphones for that. I don't know if it is hardware or software as there are zero debug logs or error messages or emails from Sony. I bought this TV 3 weeks ago, easy to set up and use excellent picture quality & colour another great product from Sony again, thank you. After a quick search on the web I found an owners forum which had over a 1000 people complaining about similar issues. I changed various settings in the sound settings and turned off all auto controlled sound settings and that’s when the random reboots started. As regards the HDMI inputs, all four are at 2.0 standard and one is ARC-enabled – although this seems to have changed since our initial review. With Full Array Local Dimming and TRILUMINOS Display, experience deeper black levels, greater contrast, and vibrant color from your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.Thank you for choosing Sony! Like the Sony X950H, the TV's control is now just a single button, located beneath the Sony branding at the center of the bottom bezel. The Q80T also gets brighter in HDR content to make highlights pop and its reflection handling is significantly better. Chroma 4:4:4 is supported at all resolutions, and only requires that you be in 'Game' or 'Graphics' mode. The sound and vision were out of synch, the volume/channel changes stopped working (reset required) PS4 turns off mid game .... sound distorts and then resets itself .... this issue needs to be addressed by Sony .... things have improved in recent days and the tracking has restored but the other issues are still in play. I looked at others also and finally decided on the X900h or in the UK the XH90 or XH92. Commands are transcribed on-screen, along with suggestions for follow-up commands. The XH90 is nigh-on impossible to fluster, and as a consequence is an absorbing and involving watch. Your email address will not be published. HDR and 4K video: The X900H is a suburb HDR performer overall. The backlight wouldn't turn on, but it would still play sound from whatever device was connected. Even if we had received a pre-release of the firmware, we would still be missing PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, or just any HDMI 2.1 player. We were surfing through the channels in no time. Picture, ease of use and fast operating system! Unfortunately after a couple of days I realised the sound was out of sync with the visuals (upto about a second making it pretty much unwatchable on certain content). Review collected as part of incentivized promotion, Hello beave0222, We are thrilled to know that you like all of the features and capabilities of your new Sony Bravia 4K TV. The Sony also preserved detail in very bright areas better than the Hisense. The Vizio has a faster response time, though, and it has a much wider HDR color gamut.