If there are any changes in the plan which is non-mandatory, it generally does not require approval from the administration. Duty Engineer: To assist Chief Engineer for any oil transfer operation which includes preparation of SOPEP material and readiness of firefighting equipment. As prevention is better than cure, in order to avoid the above mentioned monitory losses and primarily to avoid marine pollution and losses of marine species, a prevention plan is carried on board by almost all cruise and cargo vessels. Consult the state minimum chart or MSDS forms for the reportable quantities. Station, 09.32 -… The approved plan guides the Master and officers on board the ship concerning the steps to be taken when an oil pollution incident has occurred or a ship is at risk of one. In order to minimise the impact, it is necessary that every person in such a situation knows exactly what to do. h�ܖ�n7�_�� �`I�@`@>5��ݺ ����Ȓ )E�������cUq�^E�p8��|�e��B-���IX��˭�ҠwB��1@#�hY�1�2 OЏ0�,Z,X-f- MEb���y)E� �x��B{�:A�Y' on AFRA MAX oil tanker double hull-GRT 53000,DW-97000 in SOPEP manual the quantity of required anti pollution items is not mentioned(annex VI,only sufficient) ,could any one advise the required quantity or where to refer to.. If you are a maritime professional working on ships, SOPEP locker (room) is one of the important places which you would be asked to familiarise with in the first few days of joining a ship. The article or images cannot be reproduced, copied, shared or used in any form without the permission of the author and Marine Insight. The owner and ship manager must update the appendices about the non-mandatory changes done in the plan, MASTER: He/she is overall in charge of any incident related to the oil spill and should informing the authorities about it. Chief Officer: He/she will be the in charge of complete deck operation to prevent any oil spill or in the event of a spill, the Chief officer must keep the master in the loop at all times and update the situation and action taken to stop or reduce an oil outflow. When an oil spill occurs at sea, it tends to spread over the surface of the sea water, leaving a deadly impact on marine mammals, birds, the shoreline, and most importantly the ocean and the environment. The action plan contains the duty of each crew member at the time of the spill, including emergency muster and actions. Deck Duty Officer: To Assist the chief officer in deck watch and. SOPEP contains the general information about the ship and the owner of the ship etc. 256. What is meaning of all alphabet as per INTERCO or International Code Sequence of Event: 09.28 - Spill report recieved by OOW from manifold (via UHF) 09.28 - Emerg. Scenario of Drill: Spill resulting in disconnection of the hose after bunkering. Chief engineer should keep the Master informed and updated on the situation, and the results from action taken to limit oil outflow. Steps and procedure to contain the discharge of oil into the sea using SOPEP equipment; It contains the inventory of the SOPEP material provided for pollution prevention such as oil absorbent pads, sawdust bags, booms etc. Your email address will not be published. Related reading: Responsibility of chief engineer under SOLAS. The Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan must be written following the provisions of regulation 37 of Annex I of MARPOL. endstream endobj startxref and other related incident related to oil. 23 important points for vetting checklist for ships third officer. THE NATIONAL OIL SPILL CONTINGENCY PLAN - PDF 65 Appendix H Surveillance and Communications 68 Appendix I Locally: pin. I need your help. 3. Drills 1 This regulation applies to all passenger ships.