(ordered by download count. Concentrating on specific fields and avoiding the overhead of having to develop everything yourself allows CSA to stay on the bleeding edge and make valuable contributions like Canadarm, Mars Phoenix and JWST. "Center of lift" is mainly useful for atmospheric vehicles (planes) and will be rather useless for rockets. there's a new mod called Sounding... wait... Dammit, I'm trapped in an endless cycle of RoverDude!". (ordered by download count. The symmetry mode can be either "radial" or "mirrored". I am using KSP 1.2.2 a handful of mods mostly USI stuff and Remote Tech. For all your gaming related, space exploration needs. Contribute to inigmatus/ContractPack-SoundingRockets development by creating an account on GitHub. - now compatible with Contract Configurator 1.17 and higher, requires Contract Configurator 1.17 or higher, removed launch stick requirement from all contracts. Both should be centered horizontally (look at the rocket from above to verify). Reduced weight means a more efficient aerobraking and less stress on your vessel. Reaction wheel torque is grossly overpowered in-game when compared to reality, making it much easier to control craft. Placing one on top of your payload is the best bet for a safe descent. If RCS and SAS are active, RCS will be used for course corrections. The downside is that solid boosters have no thrust vectoring, so you have almost no means to correct your ascent trajectory while the main engine is shutdown. The available modules fall into two major categories: Manned and unmanned. I honestly didn't notice who this mod was made by (I know, I am the dumb). If it's a manned mission, you now can test out the EVA suit and take a spacewalk (Don't get lost! It also is directional, so you have to ensure to hit the atmosphere with the heat shield facing forward. The amount of energy generated also decreases the further the probe moves away from the sun or if angled to not fully be in view of the sun. It will describe basic VAB functions, explain available part groups and their uses, and introduce you to basic staging while providing a multistage example rocket as well as describe how to complete your first launch and return successfully. Manual control input will be dampened while SAS is active and slow the rotation rate to zero ("dampening mode"). Requires USI Sounding Rockets: https://github.com/BobPalmer/SoundingRockets/releases, Requires Contract Configurator 1.12.1 or higher from https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases I am using RemoteTech and as far as I can tell by doing a bit of googling it was a known issue a couple of versions ago but according to RemoteTech changelogs it was fixed. Another upside is that fuel consumption is extremely low. This can be useful if you have very powerful rotation wheels that would cause too strong of a torque otherwise or to "brake" rotation. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com, Press J to jump to the feed. Fairly straightforward. Now both the apoapsis and periapsis should be around 80 km, meaning a stable, round orbit. Once you reach the upper atmosphere (~50km), the airstream should stabilize your vessel and no more control input should be required, so best deactivate SAS. This modpack is designed to give a smooth progression from aviation to sounding rockets to probes to crew to reusable rockets to alternative means of propulsion to colonies. If it is far above, your rocket will be "top-heavy" and be more difficult to control during ascent. On the bottom left portion of your screen, you can see a button with a yellow dot in the middle. Parachutes are very strong and can decelerate your payload safely onto Kerbin, thanks to its thick atmosphere. A solid rocket is much easier to handle and can sit for years before firing. Newb question for RSS RO RP-0 play through. Batteries in KSP do not deteriorate in capacity or rechargeability as real-life batteries do. Very interesting, looks like a nice addition to the tech tree. Upon creating a new vehicle, you are first required to choose a suitable command module. Using the Mk25 heavy drag parachute is only necessary for heavy payloads to slow down enough for the final parachute to be able to do the rest. To aim for a specific landmark along the way, use the maneuver tool again; this time you'll need the other green lever (retrograde) as you'll have to retroburn to lower your orbit. 6 altitude contracts requiring Umbra Space Industries (USI) Sounding Rocket parts by RoverDude. The thrust generated by these thrusters is very low, but - unlike in reality - they do not apply force on nearby other objects (the exhaust of regular solid or liquid thrusters can push another object away), making them the first choice for all kind of high-precision rotations and translations in vacuum, where no significant resistance (drag, gravity) has to be overcome. These would be the perfect type of rockets to realistically come out of the early-stage KSC barn. However, they require space (either placing them singly on the rocket or satellite or placing expandable solar arrays) to generate meaningful amounts of energy, need unobstructed sight of the sun and will not endure a lot of physical stress (drag, heat, impacts, bumps, etc.). Attaching two OX-4W solar panels or three OX-STAT panels in a symmetric fashion will ensure sufficient energy for most uses. I am not sure how to fix that. If your vessel runs out of electric charge, you will lose control over all devices which require it and all engine power will be automatically cut off. I think Sounding Rocket Mod is not working as intended but please correct me if I missed something I am trying to start the motor for the sounding rocket got the probe core and a battery and parachute but the stage is locked with the purple light. A simple set of 6 altitude contracts requiring the use of USI Sounding Rockets. Liquid rockets tend to be heavier and more complex because of the pumps used to move the fuel and oxidizer, and you usually load the fuel and oxidizer into the rocket just before launch. Perfect for any fledgling beginner space program. You can also just wait until your speed doesn't decrease anymore and the G forces on your pod are close to 1 (around 100-150m/s, probably at 3000-5000m altitude), this will certainly be a safe deploy. This option is immensely helpful when constructing launch vehicles, as this assures that you do not accidentally misplace parts that would shift your center of mass from the middle of the rocket. But seriously, why can't we build something bigger than a bunch of sounding rockets? This gas is stored in a compressed form called Monopropellant (often shortened to Monoprop or Mono) as it does not require a mix of two propellants like all other engines. If you don't want to keep your satellite permanently in space or be able to deorbit your Kerbals safely, there's no better way than using parachutes. Space exploration is a team sport, just because Canada hasn't launched its own 363 foot tall moon rocket doesn't mean you haven't made some amazing contributions. After that, attach three Rockomax BACC Solid Fuel Booster on these decouplers. Filed Under: Download Tagged With: KSP 1.0.4 Mods, Your email address will not be published. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the KerbalSpaceProgram community, Continue browsing in r/KerbalSpaceProgram, The Kerbal Space Program subreddit. In short: Use the WASDQE buttons to rotate pieces in 90° steps before placing. I attempted using a manned capsule and I wqas able to stage normally. Download (52.49 KiB) Version 1.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3 Later, this will make it easier to better estimate what launch vehicle you'll need for your missions. Center of mass should be in the lower third of your rocket (or rather: Close to your center of thrust). The shuttle program would have been slower and smaller scale without the help of Canadian engineering, and the ISS may not have been possible. The other upside of burning much and hard at the start is that you immediately begin reducing your weight by burning fuel and soon after by discarding empty fuel containers, making the following ascent phase more and easier.