During those final days of the collapsing Marxist experiment in the Soviet Union, Soviet novelist Chingiz Aitmatov retold the following story, which has been paraphrased here. Our minds become slaves to those we see as having total power to control us and to cause pain to us. And then they were nothing more than what they did between 9:00 to 5:00 in order to survive; it became their identity as their real human identity got lost somewhere in the smoke of the chimneys from all the factories. The more you narrow it down, the less effective it becomes and the more absurd it is. She has said the R3.3-billion allocated to the department and its entities by the provincial treasury is being used to intensify the fight against public enemy number one - poverty. 62 quotes from Joseph Stalin: 'A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. The distinction was a confusing one for me. Did Stalin Pluck a Live Chicken as a Lesson to His Followers. That was simply not part of the deal. This chicken showed deep loyalty to Stalin despite being subjected to chronic pain. We're all just apes who learned to read... Election 2020: Swimming in Sewage Toward a Different Kind of More Hopeful Cesspool, In a Violent World, Non-Violent Protest is the Grown-up Choice, How to Begin De-Fanging The Isms in the System. Why should we let them have ideas?' This chicken showed deep loyalty to Stalin despite being subjected to chronic pain. Actually, that's not entirely true. Recall how earned income is essentially based on the work you do — your active employment of your skills, education and talent. We fact-checked the claims of those who sought to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic in the weeks prior to the 2020 presidential election. Welcome back. People are like that chicken. He turned to the people and said, “People are like this chicken. Cullen, Robert. He plucked it live, in front of them all, down to the last feather, down to the red flesh, until only the comb was left on its head. Those who count the vote decide everything. He is a Partner & Co-founder at uGen Group (www.ugen.ca), and the Co-Founder & CEO of Valu Ventures Inc. (www.valuventures.ca). The Soviet novelist, Chingiz Aitmatov recounted a story in one of his articles written near the end of the failed Marxist movement in Soviet Union. “I understand you’re wondering how I govern the people so that every last one of them … thinks of me as a living god. Don Hall. We offer a variety of subscriptions to our Magazine, Website, PDF Reports and our photo library. Apparently, during the final days of the collapsing Marxist experiment in the Soviet Union, on one occasion, Stalin called for a live chicken. The Far Right is using this principle wholly. “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”, “Those who vote decide nothing. That would include natural resources like land, energy sources and minerals. Help preserve this vital resource. Majid Kazmi is an entrepreneur, community leader and board member based in Toronto. B. All inclusive equality, freedom and justice. To the utter surprise of the transfixed spectators, the chicken managed a weak-kneed stagger back to Stalin and started to peck the fresh grain right out of the hand that moments ago had inflicted unbearable pain on it. Aitmatov appears to be the source of this tale, but as noted in the above New Yorker article and a 2008 Reuters obituary for Aitmatov, he wrote in “elliptical, allegorical ways,” and his works “often interwove popular myths and folktales to create allegorical themes populated with down-to-earth characters.” Aitmatov acknowledged that of himself as well, writing in the introduction to his novel “The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years”: As in previous works, here I also draw on legends and myths handed down to us from former generations; together with these, for the first time in my writing career I also use fantasy to form part of the story. A common item of interest on social media is a rather gruesome anecdote attributed to Soviet leader Josef Stalin, which describes him purportedly plucking a live chicken in order to demonstrate “how easy it is to govern stupid people”: We found no sources for this anecdote that were contemporaneous with Stalin’s life (he died in 1953), nor from the next few decades afterwards. Arizona was one of several states apparently won by Joe Biden in 2020 that were targeted by election-related conspiracy theories. The poor bird squawked under the torment but Stalin kept at denuding the chicken until it convulsed with agony. The more tribes we set up based on what we look like and who we fuck, the less power the disenfranchised have. No man - no problem.”. We are quick to give up control of ourselves to those who have the power to rule us as long as they also have the power to feed us. This was the new face of feudalism. Liberalism is about including everyone. Readers beware. Please enter the email address that you used to register on Polity.org.za. This material may not be reproduced without permission. In the early nineteen-eighties, when discipline of all kinds was lax, he managed to get past the censors a novel called “The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years,” which in elliptical, allegorical ways, attacked the Stalinist legacy, and sold five million copies. Lewis To Christianity In... 5 Vietnam War Heroes You Really Ought To Know, We Have The Exclusive Interview With History With Kemi, FDR Actually Tried Packing The Court In 1937 America Said No, Judge Kenneth Lee Survived South Korean Coup and 1992 LA Riots, J.R.R. Over the long term, this freedom gives you the leeway to experiment with your talents and to focus on what you think is truly meaningful in life. Amid the much-ballyhooed advent of private business ownership and birth of the ‘corporation,’ a parallel layer in the economic hierarchy was created — those who controlled the owners of private businesses. With that, we all became salary slaves — too afraid to raise our voices against our providers and oppressors, lest we be laid off.