The water should have a pH from 8.0-8.2, a water hardness 10-18 dH, and a warmer temperature of 79-84F . In the wild, male peacock cichlids situate themselves outside of rock caves and grottos in order to attract the female. Get great deals sent directly to your inbox! During the mating process the male and female will make several passes over the selected area and, once the female drops the eggs, the male will fertilize them. (In most cases, we replace any problem fish) We will fix any reasonable problem to everyone's satisfaction.,, ... Breeding fish in a captive environment can be difficult but, with the proper information and environment, peacock cichlids can be bred in captivity. In the unlikely event your guaranteed male turns out to be a female, we will replace it at our cost. The young should be raised on newly hatched Artemia and fine-grade flake foods. Albino Strawberry Peacock Aulonocara African Cichlid. Strawberry peacock? I've seen those sold as strawberry, dragons blood, etc. Breeding Peacock Cichlid. Pretty cichlids but a bit of a nightmare to ID with any degree of accuracy. If you buy a six fish colony, you will get one to two males and the rest will be females. Regular price If not bought and labelled as pure from a reliable guy I think you have to assume hybrid. If you buy a four fish colony, you will get one Guaranteed Male and we will do our best to get you three females. Hi, I'm aware that this is an old post, but I was searching for info on fry I have when I found this post, I have 3 female OB peacocks and 1 large male strawberry peacock in my Cichlid tank. The breeding tank should be at least 45 gallons and it should be adequately filtered and heated between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Fill the bottom of the breeding tank with sand or fine gravel substrate and decorate it with large rocks and caves. Make sure there are plenty of hiding places in your tank so the pregnant female can hide out and remain undisturbed. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Allow the female cichlid to remain in the fry tank for two or three days after releasing the fry so she can rest and recuperate before being returned to the main tank. ; I would never want to do anything else. I have owned my business for many years and raised a wide variety of fish in the last three decades. The male will dig a shallow ditch in the substrate and begin to make displays to attract a female and to lure her to the place he has chosen for the eggs. The fry tank should be at least 10 gallons in size and equipped with an aquarium heater and a sponge filter. Breeding fish in a captive environment can be difficult but, with the proper information and environment, peacock cichlids can be bred in captivity. This time period is referred to as the holding period. I have been breeding and dealing with aquarium fish on a wholesale level since 1990. ob peacocks are hybrids anyways.. so why would it be unethical to sell the fry.. i have a number of ob peacock females that im currently frankensteining to try and make really cool looking ob peacocks... as long as your ob is the female then you know thats what it will def be.. if the ob is a male and theres other males in the tank you wont know who spawned with the strawberry unless you physically see it.. i have an ob in with my eureka red jakes.. i know the ob is a female cuz it held once in my all male tank dont know who the father was of that spawn and i only have 1 baby that survived... i think mixing obs with other species could make for some really cool fish... Make sure any buyer knows what the parents were and also whether they are a first generation hybrid.