Visit our NC Virtual Coding Club page for details. Our summer session is very short, so it is important that students have a good start. AP Coordinators at face-to-face schools should confirm that their students are enrolled in both the exam and class section to avoid having their school charged for the corresponding exam registration fees. For year-long high school courses, we have confirmed that PSUs may choose how to store the half credit for Semester 2. We have a few notes to add to the release. SAT Prep and ACT Prep – Summer 2019 will be the last time we offer these courses. They are always in touch with you to let you know the status of paper and always meet the deadline! • Enrollments will not count toward the district’s instructional projection for 2020-2021, thus not reducing classroom teacher allotment for the next budget year. © Copyright North Carolina Virtual Public School. Spring Calendar Adjustments – NCVPS is adjusting its Spring 2020 calendar to meet the Office of State Human Resources requirements for NCVPS teachers. Join us in our NCVirtual Middle School Core Courses Webinar! Remote Instruction Webinars – We’re continuing to host our remote instruction webinars and office hours. •You will be assigned 1 Module a week. If your school created a co-teaching course section in the NCVPS registration system and didn’t enroll students by the first day of class, NCVPS staff changed the enrollment cap for the section to “0”. We have already loaded several items and will continue to load more in the coming weeks. See our Guide for Accessing Grade Reports for details. If a student is waitlisted for a course that’s at capacity, the school should look for another enrollment option for that student. Alexa is one of our French instructors and a World Language Instructional Leader. Instead, they will work directly with the NCVPS teacher, and the teacher will grant the 2-day extension. If students need help getting started, we have lots of help for them and for facilitators and parents, too! AP U.S. History – This course will remain off the catalog until revisions are complete. •Important information is found here daily. To support your implementation for the COVID-19 statewide Grading K-11 policy, approved by the SBE on April 23, 2020, NCDPI Grading Workgroup announces the following: • On-demand recorded-webinar reviewing the SBE policy will be released on Wednesday, April 30. If you need an Early Start section, open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center to submit that request. Nov. 6 – Last Day to Transfer into Early Start Block Courses, Nov. 20 – Last Day to Transfer into Traditional Calendar Block Courses, Intervention Strategies – NCVPS has a number of intervention strategies for districts and schools to follow. Note: Schools will use the highest of the two grades for the student’s final grade, but we want to provide all this data to the school. Register for our free NCVirtual Teacher Online Training course. Be sure to include the following in your ticket: Transfer options will remain open through midterms each semester. Please review the report and contact students who have not logged in yet. Scholarship Opportunity – Essayontime has launched an international scholarship contest with an opportunity for applicants to win $1000 intended for educational purposes. 504 and IEP Information – If you have students with IEPs or 504s, please communicate the modifications to the students’ NCVPS teachers. It is only on our Traditional calendar at this time. April 30 Progress Report – We posted a progress report today in our NCVirtual registration system. Download the report from our registration system. We (and your students) need your summer ELA contact information. It’s online, naturally! Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Please note that once we successfully complete our database sync, no action on your end will be needed. In response to Senate Bill 704, NCVirtual is adjusting its Standard Start calendar. Priority consideration for enrollment should be given to your graduating seniors, tested courses, hard-to-staff courses. Sixth Grade Math – Curriculum Course Outliner. If you attempt to enroll students in the section during the Drop/Add period, you will receive the message “Student Name added to waitlist” as seen in the image below. Spanish III and IV now have yearlong options. She is focused, determined, dedicated and passionate! Since schools are being directed to store the higher of the two grades, we will let the previous progress report grades stand and only report the final cumulative coursework grade on the final progress report along with the March 10 progress report grade. We have more to come, and we hope to see you there! We are updating the courses for standards alignment and design. Current Enrollment Options – Our regular enrollment period for yearlong and fall block courses is over, but we still have some enrollment options for you. Emergency Requests – If you’ve worked with NCVirtual in the past, you know that we always try to help seniors and students in emergency situations or with special needs. Students will not be penalized for late work. Scholarship Opportunity – The Future of School (FoS) 2020 Student Scholarship Program is open! •Our class officially begins on Fall Start Date Change – In response to Senate Bill 704, NCVirtual is adjusting its Standard Start calendar. Visit our Partnership Course Program page for all the details! Enrollment Options – We can help schools with enrollments throughout the semester. Here are the key dates for each calendar: Summer Session Begins July 7 – Summer classes began today! Please help our teachers find update-to-date parent contact information.