Messi with Maradonna It's easy to say they gave up on life So if you wanna understand about Suli Breaks, I guess you need to understand what went on in the Dormroom. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest. If you're hearing or listening right now, I just want you to promise me one thing. Rather than know a lot about a little, we decided it was better to know a little about a lot And it was slow at first, but gradually I began to, inbetween those piles of clothes and unwashed dishes, I found myself Because, you keep asking us to look up from our screens Use abbreviation and forget about punctuation Stand in firing lines outside classrooms I see dead people. Just surviving Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Weather it was creating twerking on Snapcats or creating Kermit memes Thank you But your wrong if you think, your ever gonna deliver your message the way you address us I felt like that room was my prison cell And I want you to know that as well Just getting-bying So lets chase this motherfucking dream and tell the world what we got. I made some of the biggest decisions of my life behind those four walls Before I stepped into my dormroom I had no sense of direction in my life. You know it's where I wrote my first poem Because, we believe rulers are meant to be broken But sometimes I feel like flowers aren't enough Now way back then, I was 15 and just starting high school, I knew little of the processes in higher education. Have you ever played spot the difference between living and existing Sometimes I feel like the ghost whisperer And we took away all the "Y's" and created our own paths Album: Message from da Millennial Generation, This ones for my 80/90s babies and millenials I just want to know that you'll chase that dream, re-runs of the Michael Jackson Thriller video Men walking into offices to sit in coffins. And were still busy keeping up with the Kardashains, because it's a much better than that glamorised reality TV show that you call the news like nooses attached to glass ceilings But it doesn't take a genius to see Rihanna with Madonna I said "The world is longer yours It's simply that you listen Where I met some of my best friends, Abraham is only man I ever knew who was willing to stand If you found mistakes, please help us by correcting them. If they don't make sense, we question rules that they are rotting on the inside An annotation cannot contain another annotation. Emails and letters I don't give a shit, tell them Suli Breaks said so. You expected us to cry when humpty dumpty fell off the wall Think about it, "Is that the kind of argument a younger version of you, would have responded to" so instead remain on an office chair in purgatory Suli Breaks & Nathan Ball) And I feel good And you feel good I knew I would It's amazing No, I have no skin I feel everythin' It's amazing It's the best thing It's life changin' This feeling This feeling Feels like bein' free Ipads and Ledgers Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINEES You either accept us or you reject us And was surprised when we didn't And most don't even have the courage to jump