points on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Since Chiro was not born a superhero, or with any enhanced abilities, the five Robot Monkeys take up training him to hone his abilities which results in him leading the team. This powerful energy beam that is fired from its chest is capable of destroying large objects or hostile entities while an array of smaller weaponry is used to handle other lesser threats. Galactic Smash: Game Over! is a 2004 TV Show. : Soul Resonance Did you know there is a Y8 Forum? Not only it is a battle to fight against the Skeleton King, it is also a battle to regain their memories to remember who they are... Let your soul guide your heart and let fate decide your destiny. Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Please register or login to post a comment. Hi there! The hyperforce itself also expanded as the series ran to include various allies and a rogues gallery of enemies as recurring characters. Guide the Super Robot into space to the pit of Formless and through the Citadel of Bones. NA: August 16th, 2006PAL: January 12th, 2007 When fighting with larger enemies the Hyperforce uses the Super Robot, which can operate as a single entity or split into six separate vehicles for versatility. Genre(s) The Ice Crystal of Vengeance was located here. Whoever reaches near the treasure shall have it's memory erased in order gain control of its lethal powers. When he was exploring the outskirts of the city, he stumbles upon a giant abandoned robot. The Super Robot Monkey Team is set in Shuggazoom City, a city that takes up a good portion of its planet, named Shuggazoom. SRMTHG premiered on ABC Family's Jetix programming block on September 18, 2004. is a video game released on August 16th, 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. In reality, all fifty-two episodes were added, but the four seasons of thirteen episodes combined into two seasons of twenty-six episodes. The game features Chiro and the cyborg monkeys (Antauri, Sparx, Gibson, Nova, and Otto) as playable characters in story mode. Now Chiro must brave Skurgg's sadistic games, survive the desert, and reclaim his friends... and his only hope is to connect with the Power Primate on an entirely new level. Few years later however, a group of heroes known as the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! by distributor It is likely that the Savage Lands were once occupied by some sort of ancient civilization, as it houses a great deal of seemingly ancient temples and tombs. Wiki. A tropical jungle hidden within a series of caves located beneath Shuggazoom's surface. But, with a price to pay. The Pit of Doom is located here, as well as the deep gorge where the Hyperforce found Captain Shuggazoom.