Why would you want to watch that? The least compatible signs with Cancer are generally considered to be Aries and Libra. So a lot of traditional media people miss that, because they had to spend so much time on perfecting what you see on TV that then suddenly when you see someone filming something and they’re in their bedroom and their room is a mess and the drawer is open and stuff is falling out of it and the bed is unmade, they were like, “Why would you want to watch that?” But people do. WOJCICKI: I started working in video with Google’s product called Google Video. Susan’s life path number is 9. Again, that was Dr. Becky Smethurst, astrophysicist at Oxford… and YouTuber. HOFFMAN: Failing at scale was not a familiar experience for Google back in 2005. So I very quickly learned that this was a much more scalable way to be able to get the word out. Capturing this “democratized video” market was something Google Video and YouTube were racing to do. You could make decisions based on it, and so on. No one has ever built an advertising system, but yet we’re going to build one when there already are all these existing systems. But also, YouTube would need some guidance to support this rich, strange, diverse ecosystem. I just wanted to learn how to install the ice maker in my refrigerator. YouTube was only two years old at the time, but it was already averaging over 100 million views a day. Today, called Google Ads. Because you can always have these unintended consequences of removing content that you didn’t mean to. We got together and we had a good conversation with Sergey and Larry. What is the next undiscovered country? This is a key point, and central to YouTube’s true north: not everyone is an expert, but anyone can be. Thank you, Becky, for extending our metaphor. It was pretty impressive just to see that you really can tell a brand story in 6 seconds. Not only has Susan earned a fortune but also equal fame and recognition from her work and dedication. They’ll guide you when you’re at risk of losing your way. Wow, that’s so intense. I had already completed this master’s program, but it just wasn’t in me. Here’s some of the early lessons about how to maintain a true north within the melee of a lot of different people with a lot of different opinions? The vision was – and I don’t want to say this was mine – but they said we should really make the ads be targeted. And I believe to navigate massive scale, you have to find – and keep – “true north.”. Even if you know Google’s origin story – even if you lived through it – it’s truly challenging to recall what that mindset was like. A little while ago, I had Shishir Mehrotra on the show and we touched on this. There was this appeal of the democratization of broadcasting what you had to say. You may well have seen it – since then, it’s been viewed 106 million times. With successful accomplishments, Susan ranks 41 on the Forbes list of America's Self-Made Women currently. – When is Susan Wojcicki’s birthday? WOJCICKI: You’re alluding to some of the challenges around content moderation and what we’ve termed as responsibility and that work there. This kind of growth happens fast. WOJCICKI: These are incredibly hard issues, and they’re not just technical issues. HOFFMAN: The multifarious, multifaceted content on YouTube might be hard to keep track of – except that their single guiding principle is right in the name. Along with her husband, Melinda founded the Gates Foundation, which if focused primarily on poverty and healthcare worldwide. If you’d rather go under than violate your first principles, you know they’re guiding you true. Was there targeted outreach? Growing up in Silicon Valley would give Susan a unique vantage point, from which she could actually watch the landscape change. HOFFMAN: Just as they did with AdWords, the YouTube team measured “quality” by relevance. Again, that was Dr. Becky Smethurst, astrophysicist at Oxford… and YouTuber. They kept the old, incorrect definition. So regardless of what the culture is that we’re not doing anything that would in the end lead to harm. WOJCICKI: Google early on had a lot of philosophy about democratizing, like: how do you make advertising accessible to everyone? HOFFMAN: It’s a massive undertaking to support endless user-created content in a way that stays diverse while filtering out violent extremists, conspiracy theorists, or those who think COVID came from aliens or 5G. And at this calculation, Google has gotten very, very good. And that at the time seemed really unique. If those three notes made you picture the grainy image of a prairie dog turning suddenly to eyeball the camera, then you are probably one of the millions of people to have seen the video. No matter what I want to fix, there’s a video for it. And if you watch this video, it says so much about what YouTube’s appeal has always been. JAWED KARIM: All right, so here we are, in front of the elephants. HOFFMAN: How did you make the universities aware? Google soon outgrew Susan’s Menlo Park garage. Facts: Net Worth, Restaurants, Bio And More. : Our goal is to be the best home for creators, and so we want to build the best services and make sure that they can achieve their goals of both revenue as well as traffic. Susan and her husband run a charity Troper Wojcicki Foundation, through which they donate over one and a half million dollars every year, mostly on education and the Jewish community. And saying “ads is going to have its own quality, but it’s going to be in a separate section and we’ll never mix the two” – because the early search engines had this whole paid inclusion model where you could pay to be in the search results, and Google from the very beginning rejected that. WOJCICKI: We’ve had to make a number of changes in terms of how we handle monetization because brands required it. I already know how you scale a company and how you grow it. There was … another. WOJCICKI: We didn’t know if we could afford the mortgage, so we decided we were going to rent part of our house. Dr. Becky Smethurst is an astrophysicist and research fellow at the University of Oxford.