You have a enough damage at the beginning of the match to put General Skywalker on his knees early. I was pleasantly surprised with the droideka zeta however. If you don't think you will have Old Ben/Farmboy Luke done before the next CLS event, you may want to work on getting Lando to 7 stars instead. More if its hard node day for your guild. So have at least 800 tokens on you to get him if he or his ship pops up in the ship store. I will discuss good ships for ship arena below. Zetas should be given to characters in this order. This event is VERY easy so only leveling her up to 50 and getting her to gear 5-6 would likely be more than enough. Her leadership will easily beat Palp lead teams and she is only in danger of losing to Traya lead teams, which you won't see too many of in your shard for your first year of play. This is the best prioritization for the Thrawn event. Captain Han Solo 5* - 7* (ROLO TB Mission), Boba Fett or Storm Trooper 7* (Do in order depending on when R2 event is coming back, Fett is good for Chewbacca and on BH teams), Qui-Gon Jinn 7* (Yoda Event save farming if already have 5 7* jedi), Cassian's U-Wing (Ship for Jyn, Cassian, and K2S0), Jyn 7* (Pit Raid/1 of 3 characters need for a ship), Finn/Rey (If you don't have them 7 stars and JTR event is coming, you can farm extra shards here), Resistance Trooper (JTR Lead Raid Team/TW/TB), Storm Trooper Han 7*(CLS Team/Rebel/ Credit Heist), IG-88 (Scoundrel/Merc/CH Team/ship arena), Asajj Ventress (Night Sisters/HAAT Raid/Sith Raid), Magmatrooper 7* (ONLY if you think you will need him to get R2 next time his event starts), Biggs 7*/Biggs' X-wing 5* (Farm at same time), Following Ships until they are 5 stars (Biggs, TFP, FOTP), Ships (Always buy Tie Advanced and Slave 1 over Ghost and Phantom. You won't be able to put zetas on characters until lv 82 (most charters until 84). This attack can’t be evaded and ignores Defense. Then focus on leveling up each of those mods. Gotcha- that makes me feel better. Should I start over? Bonus you unlock M. Falcon shards when working on Rey. The only overlap will be your cantina farms. Still just damage so I'd probably delay this until you have the 4 core zetas. It can attack twice on its basic, and both attacks have a chance to inflict target lock, as well as dealing a lot of damage. Bossk is a FANTASTIC character to farm for his Bounty Hunter leadership and his ship, but he is a late tier hard node farm. Related question, I’ll have a single zeta to put on Darth Revan for the Darth Malak event. -(Nightmare Sith with Traya): Traya (L), Sith Trooper/BSF, Thrawn, Sion, Nihilus. This is what your FO team is for. These crystals will allow you to do more energy and cantina energy refreshes which will allow you to farm characters and gear faster. We'll see. Cassian's U-Wing will dispel all buffs on enemy ships. I’d like to know this as well. Subs: Captain Han Solo, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), General Kenobi, Grand Admiral Thrawn Specific Strategy: Must match Gear and Relics for this to work. I did not focus early on my FO (First Order) team because they could only be used for the BB-8 Legendary event. If you are using this guide and find you need to work on another character/ship for something other than a legendary … Put a priority on farming Bastila first as she will be your arena leader until you unlock Revan. That dramatically improves him, and the team in general, and helps offset GG unique. With B2 dispels and buff immunity around, it could make magna an insane stunner or it could be wasted. Again, ALWAYS buy Tie Advanced and Slave 1 over Ghost/Phantom. Special Note - I know I do not have Wedge listed above. SWGOH - YouTube Best thing you can do is focus on getting your 5 dark side ships you got to 4 stars up to 5 stars to save time. Mods are mostly used to add speed to your characters, but in the short term and early game getting a full set of 5 star lvl 15 mods on your Phoenix Squad team makes a huge difference in arena. B1 first imo. The main focus of this guide is for character shards, but we cannot forget mods. Because of this your earn Ship arena team is going to likely look much different than your late game team. It's just as/more important that legendary characters? Reinforcements: Tie Advanced, Slave 1, First Order Tie Fighter, and if you have the last reinforcement unlocked Sun Fac's Fighter. General Grievous Zetas: Leader: When a Target Locked enemy is damaged, each Droid and each Separatist ally gains 2% Turn Meter, doubled for Grievous Unique: Whenever a Droid or Separatist ally is defeated, Grievous dispels all debuffs on himself, resets all ability cooldowns, and gains 1 bonus turn, B1 Zeta: Unique: +50 stacks of Droid Battalion, B2 Zeta: Unique: Whenever B2 inflicts a debuff, all other Separatist Droid allies gain 5% Turn Meter. But you will find you have neither of these things to work on in some stores such as the Arena store that only has Tarkin and Kanan. You should be working on your ships and finishing up your Empire/Jedi. This is why this is the last team you should work on. For your First Order Team, the most accessible farms are Kylo Ren, First Order Officer, and Captain Phasma. You should focus on farming Han first in the because he doubles as a scoundrel for credit heists, and Old Ben in CB because he doubles as a Jedi for the Yoda Legendary Event (As does Ezra and Kanaan). The Magna zeta is almost completely useless. -(Revan Lead): The current team that is showing to do the best on defense and most are having have little issue with when being used to attack other teams: Revan (L), GM Yoda, Jolee, Bastila Shan, and General Kenobi. The priority for Nightmare teams is to give Vader all your best speed mods. You definitely want all of DR’s and both of Malak’s. Some of the characters you are going to farm for these legendary events are also used in several other areas of the game. Can I do so with this plan? You should always work on what you need in other areas of the game and only you will be able to tell when it is a good time to farm other areas and when its a good time to follow this guide. Vader's Tie Advanced does what it did in the previous team, but without Slave 1 in the team as well Vader will always get called out first when on defense. If you are using this guide and find you need to work on another character/ship for something other than a legendary event, do so. The Geonosian trio has AMAZING senergy with each other after the Ships 2.0 update. If you can't get Veteran Han/Chewie and have time to farm Wedge, do it. Then you have to be able to put out enough damage to take the clones out before he gets back up. Droideka seems okayish, not essential though. Bastila will be your leader, so she is a must to have at 7 stars, but you may be behind on Jolee or Old Ben. I also didn't want to create a list of who to farm in Cantina Battles after you get done with the main list like I did with other farming areas because the list is already so long and there are several characters along with Wedge who you should farm there. It will also briefly cover other aspects of the game such as arena, ships, mods, and raids. This farming method obviously does not put any importance on farming these characters. B1 might be killed in a single swarm attack without the zeta; I guess this guy is horrible without it or at least he is the weak spot. It doesn't work against some things it seems like it should (GMY) and everything seems to point towards it's continued bottom-teir status. After that you should focus on mods until you have a full set of 5 star mods on each Phoenix Squad member (I'd recommend focusing speed mods for your arena squad). Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. -(Bastila Lead): Bastila (L), Jolee, Ezra, GM Yoda, Old Ben/General Kenobi. A good example of this is when I was ready to farm Vets Chewy and Han, I knew I would not have them finished in time for the JTR event, so I instead farmed Death Trooper, a good character for Raids and TB. Since I do not have a good idea of how some of these characters should be best used, and since most of the new characters have no use in legendary events, I have kept them out of this guide. B2's zeta is also crucial for overall TM for the team. Give Vader all your best speed mods. On top of that some characters recently released as F2P characters (such as Young Han) are still relatively new and their how they should be used and what they should be used for is not yet entirely known. Ezra’s says that in the zeta text, so pretty sure the answer for Magnaguard is no, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. I'd say skip the Magna zeta entirely unless you're a completionist and hit B1 absolutely last of the other 5. DS I have Vader for Empire (also *required* so extra benefit), Maul and Sidious for Sith. Current strongest Meta Team: Home One, with Hound's Tooth, Millennium Falcon. This is because you need them to do Thrawn's event, and they can also be used to complete Palpatine's event (quite easily in fact) because they double as rebels. Wait for some testing if you value your zetas. Further, don't expect to top arena with maxed droids if you see much Revan in your shard, unless they get an update.I agree with the vast majority of the above comment. Check your achievements and see which achievement rewards you with his shards. As always you can work on farm certain characters ahead of others depending on when certain events are returning. First Order Tie Fighter. Your fifth member, Kylo Ren (unmasked), is the most viable option and his node also drops shards for his ship. Farming him is a long process but if you’re committed and participate in every Rancor Raid, you’ll be happy you did. They will likely put and keep you in the top 50 for a while, but eventually you will get pushed out to top 100, and then top 200 as you level up to 60-75. Hard node farming is currently set to 8 sims and a 25 crystal refresh for the first node refresh, so farming hard nodes is no longer as long as they used to be. You will not have to call in FOTP or Plo Koon 95%+ of the time can they can be replaced with other ships if needed. I am very curious about all the Deathmark/marked synergy Bastila and Canderous have. It is worth purchasing some of your mod energy refreshes if you can afford them. Your First Order team should be Kylo Ren Unmasked (KRU) and Kylo Ren (Cantina Battles), First Order Officer (Cantina Store), Captain Phasma (Guild War Store) and First Order Tie Pilot - FOTP (Fleet Arena Store/Hard Node Battles). -(Nightmare Sith Minus Traya): Palp (L), Vader, Thrawn, Sion, Nihilus. Or maybe it's a way to eventually come back if your Grievous was focused down early? First Order Low Priority Zetas: First Order Tie Pilot (Keen Eye) – A nice Zeta that ramps up what’s best about the FOTP, more Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Sam is a reformed personal finance blogger that now focuses on mobile gaming and the obsessively fun "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" (SWGOH). Its never a game changer and only comes up in maybe 1/20 matches. This guides primary focus in on how to farm and build teams to complete all Legendary/Hero's Journey events. And magna depends a lot on what you're facing and how you are using magna / how the AI uses magna and if the taunting magna stays around long enough to utilize it. LS I have QGJ-led Jedi, Finn resistance, Jyn Rogue one, CLS-led rebels. CW Chewie (only up to 5 stars as he is not really useful), Stormtrooper Han (Squad Arena Store), Boba Fett (Cantina Store), Cad Bane (Galactic War Store), IG-88 (Squad Arena Store), Lando (Cantina Battles), and Han Solo (Heroic Pit Raid) are all good characters to get from easy farms.