I think the Splitfish would be better for me. Alternatively if you do mediocrely you wouldn't be in charge of much more people, and if you fuck up you could even suffer the consequences (martial court or lose ran. And lots of Bondo. A couple of my friends swear by the arrow keys, I think they are crazy. It wasn’t my first, though. I think this is key -- I was way more into Final Fantasy VII because of the level of interaction with the characters. Oh and regarding the phrases spoken by the German soldiers, I did a search and found a site that lists them all: http://www.mac-archive.com/wolfenstein/talk.html [mac-archive.com], I would like to add that most of those phrases are horribly wrong. So here’s your next thesis study: does being a pianist/keyboard musician make it easier to change over hand habits/positions in gaming? Aiming a gun is much more natural from a first person view than some sort of overhead view with a crosshair floating over your character's head or something. The part of my brain that handles the third dimension blew a fuse while navigating those spaces. I played the whole game with the self-imposed restriction that I wouldn't kill a single character. Really? Eventually I was migrated over to a spiffy 8088 and thus MS-DOS based games. You can make things bold like this: I'm very glad Darth Vader isn't my father. After a few hand cramps from learning to circle-strafe, I retrained myself to WASD and I haven’t looked back -yet-. These game fail me at immersion because they're just the sophisticated equivalent to turning the pages of a book. I went back and forth on whether to include this one. then take your hand off the movement keys entirely, relying on an auto run button and mouselook for navigation. I played a little decent but at the time I was big into Wing Commander. There is first person and third person. And sorry I could not travel both Where you play the squishy marine, and you just gone inside a long tunnel. ESDF has more buttons closer to it... like the number buttons. They're excellent so far and. When I was playing Descent, I used a joystick that my grandpa gave me years earlier for some flight sims. It’s wonderful to hear that I’m not the only numpad/inverted-y-axis player. At the time, there was no reason not to use it. You don't want hyper-realistic. Man, the atmosphere that was created did let you shit bricks? I second this. So every damn time I start a new FPS I have to rebind right click to jump. My theory goes: you develop an aptitude to rewire, making new control schemes easier to adapt to, without getting stuck in muscle memory rut. I learned my lesson :(. If "aim" is something that is virtualzed -- as it is in 3rd person shooters -- then the game is by definition not as visceral -- and *may* not be as immersive. Newer games only put in the option to make those players happy. But as a result of that one coin-toss decision, I’ve had nothing but headaches for the last five or six years. Actually RE4 & 5 pull this off quite well -- your weapon has a "laser sight", that projects a beam where it's aiming, and gets a little brighter where it hits the enemy. For each game, I spent an hour getting my controls configured. During a period when there weren’t many new games out, I picked a short-ish game I had already played through a few times (HL2: Lost Coast) and played through it again with the non-inverted axis. They should work with most games, but setup will be a bit different for each and could involve a bit of custom keymapping. They still do. If it isn’t working, I wouldn’t even think about alt-tab or win-key. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately due to my recent conversion to MacOS from PC (CTRL vs Command, Home/End keys now useless for coding) and from PC games to XBOX360 controller (circle strafe w/ analog sticks!!!). Frankly, a thumbstick is awkward unless you can hold your input device in a claw-style grip. Shamus Young is a programmer, an author, and nearly a composer. EDIT: Oh, how can I forget Hexen. Thanks for triggering a wave of nostalgia. Still, Shamus, you’re one of those super-à¼ber-geek types, right? I never played Descent (always wanted to) but Freespace was my second big jump into the pool of PC complexity*. Also, motion blur helps. Here is my new keyboard, I am using that red stuff on the left now instead. However, it’s probably somewhere during 2003-2004 that I got sick of remapping the keyboard all the time, especially when having LAN parties and I wasn’t always on the same machine consistently and just forced myself to stick with whatever “default” keymapping the game offered. As Fong’s celebrity grew, the one question everyone asked him was: “What’s your config?” His answer could be most readily found in Thresh’s Quake Bible, which describes the WASD formation as an “inverted T.” And his guide carried weight. Ah, yes. Keypad in the center, keys ringed around that, and all of it assignable at the keypad to whatever lame-ass WASD scheme the game du jour demands. Anyone using a mouse on a console has a huge advantage and that’s Splitfish’s business model. Thats why i’ve played consoles until recently. Eventually, the number of keys available just couldn’t cut it and I switched to esdf (actually .oeu because it’s dvorak) which has all the advantages of wasd’s many reachable keys in addition to letting me take advantage of the fact that I’ve been touch typing since I was 12. You’re stuck buying one used. What’s the Best Modular Android Phone in 2019? And of course you learnt the inverse y-axis from descent. http://dblume.livejournal.com/131070.html, http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/11/18-button-open-office-mouse-makes-a-keyboard-look-minimal/, http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l275/praecorloth/keyboard-mangled-arrows.jpg, a comparable design with an optical sensor, This is the game in its 320×200 glory. If I was numpad-centered I can’t imagine how I’d activate the 3 trays of 10 powers each. There were plenty of extra keys around the edges of the numpad for whatever special actions were required by the game. Back then I used the arrow keys and mostly the row “qwerty” on the keyboard. Hi Paolo, I know that the wireless PS3 FragFX works with PC, but I’m not sure the wired V2 does. One who is wanting to switch to pc because of the substantial upgrade of the framerate and graphics possible on the pc version of a game found on both console and pc like destiny 2. I can't stand WASD. What AC is trying to say is that frame rate is not an inherent characteristic of a game. I bought Dead Space two weeks ago and can not get it to work as I can not rebind my keys to the numpad. Kudos to Resident Evil! No infinite respawn - If I am in an isolated town that had a population of 20k then their should be at most 20k zombies after the zombie pl, A forcefield is not glass, duh. It’s kind of like when your first girlfriend trains you to do something a particular way. After Wolfenstein, I was exposed to both Doom and Descent simultaneously. I have one of the craziest key configs I know of. QWE for Jump, Activate, and Fire, or whatever, plus the Numeric Pad for moving about.