Afterwards, she lets out her frustrations by going to a karaoke bar and singing death metal. [8], A Netflix original series was announced in December 2017, with Rarecho returning as director and writer at Fanworks. He got drunk, called Tadano and ended up in his limo, laying on the sofa with his eyes fixated on the ceiling. In addition, Tadano seems to have the "Self-esteem" tier well under his belt as he is confident, charismatic, and has this 'drive' in him towards his dreams by his philosophy. Only Retsuko can turn making curry at the company barbecue into a metal-fueled warzone. Haida (the hyena) was originally a minor character who had barely any interaction with Retsuko. Jokes aside, I agree, and wait, you WORK with A.I.?!? Adaptation tropes do apply to this series. They're already constructing well organized, stylistic sentences, musical compositions, and even entire scripts. Tadano can't protect his AI forever. In addition, her gossipy nature turned out to be. Japanese Badger News breaks about Retsuko's relationship, and Retsuko learns of Tadano's comments about marriage. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. We get a short sequence which takes place inside Retsuko's head. To make matter worse, Director Ton and Komiya discovers that Retsuko has been browsing on how to quit the job and knows about her plans, thus Director Ton nicknames her "short-timer" and will subject her to more work and power abuse. "The Duel" presents this in a more serious context: calling out Ton for his behavior and. Gori is seen in many departments as a glamorous, high-ranking woman who has complete control of her life. It's basically a souped up version of Siri. All plans have failed, including asking Tsunoda to use her charm and Director Ton to use his aggressiveness. Tadano comes to check on Retsuko and offer his support. Haida eventually barges into Retsuko's house and drags her out to karaoke to get their feelings off their chests. In the first episode, Tsunoda's rather reliable and popular presence on social media is played as a joke. During the scuffle, Retsuko bumps her head and faints. Haida goes from being a flippant playboy who coasts on his looks to being Retsuko's close friend with a crush on her. One day, Tsunoda invites Retsuko to an office mixer, which she is finally convinced to join in. Retsuko has her future planned for her; Tadano wants to break free from tradition and create his own destiny. Eye Color  The company president reports to Gori and Washimi that an entrepreneur is coming to the company to give a presentation. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. When Tsunoda posts a social media pic showing her going out with someone on Christmas while Retsuko is stuck late in the office and without anyone to spend Christmas with, it drives Retsuko into a rage. What if Retsuko found out she was pregnant after breaking up with Tadano? he gives Retusko some surprisingly useful relationship advice. Retsuko is understandably upset by this. In the next 20 years cars are going to be self driven, and a lot of 'paper pusher' type jobs like Retsuko's will be replaced. Haida being interested in Retsuko actually was. Haida and Fenneko discussed with Gori and Washimi about how to get Retsuko's back to them. [Alternate Retelling of Scenes from S2E10/One-Shot] At first Retsuko tries to be kind, about their relationship but Anai is too paranoid and sends her threatening e-mails telling her what she did wrong. [13], A Christmas special was released on December 20, 2018. At the office mixer, Retsuko starts to have a hearty conversation with Resasuke, a worker from Sales Marketing Department. Though some of the characters that Retsuko did interact with a lot in the original shorts have been demoted to background characters with almost no lines. r/aggretsuko: Discuss the Aggretsuko anime here! In addition, she’s fully aware of Fenneko’s social media sleuthing, and exploits it by loading her accounts with things she know will anger Fenneko. The game is a tile-matching puzzle game with the premise that Aggretsuko should begin working to build the furniture on the new company building, similar to games like Gardenscapes. your own Pins on Pinterest While shopping in a clothing store, Retsuko unexpectedly meets up with her free-spirited friend, Puko. He appears once more in Series 2 in the background when Retsuko, Gori and Washimi go to the gym. So much that the poor guy spends most of the last episode utterly depressed Retsuko does infact have a boyfriend. Friends  Retsuko and her friend are visiting a marriage reception, commenting on how the couple is perfect for each other, and Retsuko gives most of her money as wedding gift. her motherly side, paired with her ability to deal with her three unruly children, allow her to calm Anai down, after even big bad boss Ton had cowered when confronted by him. At that point, what's going to happen? [11][12] A third season premiered on August 27, 2020. ... aggretsuko aggressive retsuko aggretsuko season 2 aggressive retsuko season 2 haida aggretsuko haida … An original net animation anime series adaptation was … Resasuke could be interpreted as a deconstruction of this trope. [14], Aggretsuko was met with critical acclaim in America. Some work attire/casual aggretsuko humanizations! Tadano begins to self-reflect and blames himself for their break up causing old unwanted feelings to resurface. [17] The A.V. Washimi is seen as the strongest and most stoic woman in the entire company, and backs it up by intimidating her own boss from doing stupid things. Retsuko participates in a matchmaking party, unexpectedly meets up with Gori, who is also looking for a suitor.