I just received a .51 DCF Grace Duo from MLD a few weeks ago. The Plexamid currently has a 2 week lead time, and the Aeon Li is currently out of stock. the ‘box’ ends for extra volume are really well done. This tells you a lot about the conditions they expect to use the tent in imho. Are they tucked under somehow? I remember this guy darwinonthetrail talking on youtube about how he cannot really say anything about his new rainjacket coz it just wouldn't rain for the last 500 miles of his CDT trip. I am having trouble finding information/reviews other than Ryan’s detailed review of the Notch Li (though thats just initial impressions – not long term usage). But, the overall join durability is increased about 2 to 4 times. Perhaps tape only is fine as a fairweather shelter. Glue & Stitch is a fairly standard technique. I think it would have leaked long before it actually pulled apart…again, you might be right: that the flat joint actually doesn’t leak under greater pressure than a rolled joint. Get our Handbook - the resource you need to make intelligent decisions about gear, safety, comfort, and pack weight. let me know if that does not do it for you. A normal flat seam, rolled together with glue, provides this. Seems well thought out, might be  generation ahead of everybody else. Stratospire option for “solid” (1/3 mesh) inner tent for better wind and snowdrift protection. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is rather simple to do, once you know. Double wall tents still get condensation on the outside wall/fly, but you are much less likely to make contact while inside, keeping you and your equipment dryer. – SS Li has vents, Duplex has none Tarptent Aeon Li V Zpacks Plexamid comparison. And then we’ll work from there. “Hi Dan, where did this information come from?” The vestibules are big. I wouldn’t give ZPacks too much credit for pioneering DCF. Only the Zpacks Duplex scores higher due to its lightweight, but the StratoSpire holds up better in poor weather. If you start by taping, then you’re probably using 1″ double sided tape in sheer (first diagram below. As always, I prefer durability/ruggedness over extreme light weight. Of course, cleaning the needle with a alcohol or acetone rag will be required periodically. Discussion in 'Shelters & Accessories' started by FOX160, Feb 19, 2019. Trekking pole tip up vs handle up. Standard stuff while sewing. The first proto will hopefully be ready in a month or so and it’ll use a combo of methods – some seams how I want them (basically that last diagram) and other seams how they think is best. Even now I think they still do that and just slap some tape over top (I could be wrong). ). As it creeps, the first stitch picks up picks up pressure (depending on your viewpoint) transferring it to the second stitch. Tarptent StratoSpire Li vs Zpacks Duplex. Both tents have only been used for 3 nights, and were both bought new earlier this year. In practice, not a big deal, unless you need to pack your tent into an unusual space. Both are just slightly too small for me (I'm 6' 2" 250lbs). Home › Forums › Gear Forums › Gear (General) › Tarptent StratoSpire Li vs Zpacks Duplex. That’s some tent! Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 48 total), Forums are supported by our merchant partners (. I studied the ridge line seam in particular, and never could quite be certain how it was put together. I agree that the sewn seams of the Duplex aren’t going to fail when the tent is used reasonably. The Aeon Li does not come with DCF tape. Phone: 650-587-1548 530-362-8763 From what I have read, it is generally considered as bomber as any DCF shelter out there, and MLD has claimed to have not received any reports of failure in the field. This gives a really strong seam because the force is distributed so widely. https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/topics/camping-and-hiking/best-ultralight-tent, https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/camping-and-hiking/ultralight-tent/zpacks-duplex-flex-upgrade, https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/camping-and-hiking/ultralight-tent/tarptent-stratospire-li. Just a thought…. So ultimately the seam is very strong because of the tape in sheer in the middle, but this load isn’t transferred to here until several other components have failed. Home › Forums › Gear Forums › Gear (General) › Tarptent StratoSpire Li vs Zpacks Duplex. The Plexamid needs the apex guyline to stand up, the Aeon doesn't. BACKPACKING LIGHT® and the FEATHER/MOUNTAIN icon are registered trademarks granted for exclusive use to Beartooth Media Group, Inc. The Plexamid just is not my thing either I'm afraid, having heard them described as floppy abominations in Scotland. In common with most American tent vids, you don't generally get to see the (outer) doors closed. With ,.51oz cuben, the seams are probably the strongest part, anyway. The Tarptent Notch Li, the ZPacks Soloplex, and the Gossamer Gear The One. What happens is that as you pull on the seam it twists (and this would be particularly pronounced here because the seam is to thick) so it would start to peel the outer layers of tape (middle diagram) and if that was all there was to the seam, these would peel apart until you are left with only the middle bit of tape that is in “sheer” so it won’t peel: Both do fray a little after a lot of use but a damn sight less than uncoated fabrics. But again, durability, reliability, ruggedness are my focal points. Maybe you could use a regular flat seam (no glue) with tape over it? The set-up video looks a bit busy. The overall weight of the joins in a two person tent will be about two ounces heavier. It’s not a design for extreme conditions anyway, and the cases of failure that I’ve come across on the web haven’t involved the seams. Is this clear? To make up for that, it has two unique foldable corners called PitchLoc. A Basic, Premium, or Unlimited Membership is required to post in the forums. Some people accidentally poke holes in tents while installing with the tip up. Membership Sales & Support: 406-640-HIKE (406-640-4453) |, Our Lightweight Gear Recommendations for REI Members, Backpacking Courses, Webinars & Other Events. Hey does that aeon li come with the sack for the tent and stakes? – Neither is going to be great at shedding snow. Isn’t this how ZPacks finishes the seams on their tents? Whereas TarpTent is actually bonding the seams and then sewing afterwards to make sure the bonding doesn’t slip. And, yes, it will also elongate the holes somewhat. Tape loses a lot of performance such that sudden failure can happen in cold temps. So perhaps it’s semantics since if something is good enough then why worry about it further, but still like things to be as good as they can be unless there is a cost to doing that. This will peel back to the stitching, and then all the force will be on that line of stitching and it becomes the weak point of the seam. The SOJ is mostly in shear so all the glue lines/stitches act in concert, reinforcing each other. Tarptent. A few more differences/points: (I’ve done set-ups where I think, ‘When I go pee, I’ll do it on that side and adjust it then.’ ). Be sure to read through the Overview text. Both tents are bomber, and I love them dearly, but I need something larger. The dcf doesn’t fray (very much) because of the laminate, similar to the sil coating limiting the fray on sil-nylon. I have started a thread with a short video clip to show how I set up those Pitchloc corners. While sleeping, reading, hanging out, and comfortably sitting up inside the Tarptent Aeon Li, our testers couldn't help but wonder why they would ever go backpacking with a bivy sack again.At a scant .98 pounds, the Aeon weighs less than your average waterproof, bugproof bivy sack and gives you plenty of headroom, as well as a a generously sized vestibule for your stuff. It may leak a bit through the over-tape from seam abrasion, but this is about a year of use down the road. Ahh here it is. The ridgeline is bonded with a simple overlapped seam without any stitching. My Big Agnes is all screen on top under the rainfly, so that’s no double wall at all. Hi Dan, where did this information come  from? But this was being tested to destruction. Between the combination of glue and the two stitches, the SOJ will actually make up about 90-99% of the fabric strength. The only thing it could do would be subject to peel forces, so but it’s an inefficient use of tape. The BPL review of the Notch Li says: “The Tarptent Notch Li applies a bonded-then-sewn approach to adjoining DCF seams”. Dan, yes. A community for members of r/ultralight who are looking to buy, sell, or trade ultralight backpacking gear. The most immaculately constructed DCF shelter I have ever seen was an MLD Grace Duo Tarp and it didn’t have a single stitch in it’s construction. Download the Backpacking Light Handbook to help you make intelligent decisions about gear, skills, ultralight philosophy, and reducing your pack weight. The stitched rolled joint simply supported more weight in total. I’m not sure what MLD uses but obviously it would be some type of tape (rather than a liquid adhesive). I think MLD normally does sew too (my DCF DuoMid had stitching). This really happens simultaneously from both sides of each panel. If so, this would be bomber production – and very time consuming manufacturing. So then you add more tape on the outside like the 3rd diagram. – SS Li is more complex to set up. That top piece of tape is going to prevent the peeling on one side (the bottom as you’ve drawn it) because it takes the load, but then the bottom tape isn’t really doing anything. That would hold, but ugly to have a seam do this. – SS Li has nice water resistant zips, Duplex has clips which many folks report being hard to use 12213 Koswyn Ct. Nevada City, CA 95959 USA. They all range from about 19 oz to about 21 oz in weight. Don’t know…anyway, covering the seam holes may be overkill. Tarptent Aeon Li. Still experimenting. Discussion in 'Shelters & Accessories' started by FOX160, Feb 19, 2019. Their methods are good enough, but not anything special. My point was just that Zpacks construction methods don’t really provide a reason to choose their product over someone else’s. Both are just slightly too small for me (I'm 6' 2" 250lbs). For a tent like the Duplex, sewn and then taped is fine, IMO. Selling both of my DCF tents. Presumably they then tape as well since the website says it is taped and doesn’t need seam sealing. So it’s a lot more complex and heavier that what I’ve drawn, but I don’t think it would function as well. The two lines of stitches through the glue will distribute any load away from the glue, and, pick up more fibers in the DCF than a single stitch. My basic concept of a tent is: it’s a ventilated rain cover and wind break, with a bug screen. Factory is going to be the same one that’s making the Big Agnes DCF tents because they have more experience with DCF. So how do the edges of the DCF not fray if it’s just a simply overlap like that? Mine does have a stitched hemmed edge finishing the perimeter of the tarp. Plexamid: $500 OBO including shipping CONUS, Aeon Li: $500 OBO including shipping CONUS. So in the diagram above the outer tape will peel apart until you are left with the stronger bit of tape in the center. Always very picky with camp site selection. My writing is terrible sometimes…. Locus Gear’s bonding is highly regarded. Working with DCF is quite a bit different from traditional tent fabrics, but Henry generally does something really well or not at all.