Texans don’t say “Pepsi”, “Sprite”, “soda”, or “pop”… it’s all “Coke” to us. People here are as sweet as pecan pie, which is why they’ll usually exclaim “Oh, bless your heart” when something bad happens. Are you from a sophisticated part of the world and you want to travel to Texas but you don't know how to speak the language? And, you’ll be pleased to find that the locals are just about as friendly as they come. The 23 funniest Texan expressions (and how to use them) Culture Guides Texas, United States. You won’t hear this one as much in the larger metropolitan Southern cities like Dallas and Nashville, but it’s pretty popular once you get outside any city limit. And, while that makes travelling through this region of the country easier, you’ll still want to arm yourself with a few Southern slang words just to make sure you fit in. is the Southern contraction of you all, and it’s meant to be used for when you’re addressing more than one person. It sounds nicer though, doesn’t it? That’s why you’ll find that Southern slang is full of a bunch of unique phrases to get around using swear words. Plus, the chicks dig it. You’re in for quite a culturally enriching experience. “Where is the nearest gas station?” “It’s just down yonder about five miles up the highway.”. You might also hear it used as. Now make no mistake y’all. Photo: Maridav/Shutterstock. If someone’s, Seeing as Southerners like to shorten words, it’s funny that this phrase is actually way longer than it needs to be. However, that’s it. You might also hear it used as “well I’ll be damned.” However, either way is fine. This Southern slang phrase sounds as if someone’s not yet finished their sentence. However, if you’ve ever crossed a hen then you’ll know just how moody they can be at times. When she's not writing, you can find her exploring little hideouts in Colombia or watching photography tutorials on YouTube. Instead of saying. As mentioned, y’all, Southern folk are mighty nice. is just another way to express shock or surprise. Texans don’t always call it “The United States”… they say “that sketchy place outside Texas.”, Texas do usually go to church before noon on Sunday… or what they like to call “the time we can’t buy beer.”, Texans don’t call half an inch of snow a “light flurry”… they say “snowpocalypse 2017”, Texans don’t say “wiretapping”… they would call it “the eyes of Texas are upon you.”, Texans don’t guess or think… they “reckon.”, Texans don’t call it “the death penalty”… they say “killing you back.”, Texans don’t say “shut up and do as you’re told”… they would go for “time to paint your ass white and run with the antelope.”, Texans won’t say “I get what you’re saying”… they’d say “I smell what you’re stepping in.”. For example, in what is perhaps the most well-known Texan/Southern slang term, say “y’all” instead of “you all.” The polite replies “yes, sir” and “no, sir” are shortened in to “yessir” and “nosir.” Throwing around a few “yee haws” and “y’alls” just ain’t gonna cut it in this part of the USA. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. To some, Texas slang may sound mashed together or slurred. Texans won’t just call you “dumb”… they’ll call you “dumber than a box of rocks.”, Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. ... Texan elocution is not the same as it is elsewhere. Despite whether or not that’s true, the Southern slang phrase what in the Sam Hill is simply used as a way to say “what the hell.”. It sounds especially sweet when spoken out of the mouth of an older Southern lady, but really anybody can use it. Just by looking at this word it really makes no sense at all. Send. Real Texan Translator . But, few visitors know how to use it correctly. And I dig chicks with southern accents too! Now that y’all know how to dress like true Texans, I reckon it’s about time y’all learned how to talk like real Texans too. If you’re talking to a large group of people, you can emphasise it by saying all, As mentioned, y’all, Southern folk are mighty nice. While it’s usually referring to a craving for some type of comfort food, it can really mean anything. All Rights Reserved. and creative eats to the numerous sights to see, there’s a lot to in the Southern United States. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. But, here, you’ll find that kiss my go to hell simply means, well, kiss my ass. mobile app. When it comes to Southern slang, this is one you’ll want to learn fast. If someone’s madder than a wet hen then it means they’re mad…like, really mad. Three of the four fastest-growing cities in the U.S. are deep in the heart of Texas, and for good reason: The cuisine's diverse, the weather's warm and delightfully moody, and the live music situation is pretty much ideal. To pitch a hissy fit means to throw a tantrum. It sounds especially sweet when spoken out of the mouth of an older Southern lady, but really anybody can use it. The phrase might could is one instance where they take a phrase and draw it out. Texas slang, Tennessee slang, it’s all Southern slang when it comes to the term pitch a hissy fit. However, this one can also be used sarcastically, too. In fact, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas all made the top five spots on our list of the 50 Friendliest States in the US. This one’s famous. It’s literally just another way to say could but with an additional word in there. While it’s often used for children, adults can also pitch hissy fits. However, either way is fine. If you really want to learn Texas slang and impress the locals, then next time someone’s throwing a fit, exclaim “Wow, she’s throwing a meaner tantrum than a two-dollar rattlesnake.”. The word “scouse” comes from the word “lobscouse,” which is a type of stew that was bought to Liverpool by Norweign soldiers.