He is confident that Ming Yue will follow him once her memory is fully restored. This helps cover my site costs! Yun Si tells Li Qian that Kai Er Bi has removed Yun Si from Ming Yue’s memory. It tells the story of Li Mingyue, a vivacious and childish princess who was forced into marriage with the stoic and reserved Prince of Beixuan, Li Qian. He also knows his mother is guilty but keeps it a secret. So, it is indeed a sweet ending to a love that begins with hypnosis as Ming Yue tries to … During the assassination, Li Qian emerges to chase after a killer. This leaves Ming Yue confused and wonders if Li Qian is still mindful of her past relationship with Yun Si. I would consider this to be a light watch with just a tiny bit of angst to conclude my review of The Love By Hypnotic. However, Li Qian is transported back to the time when his mother taught him the poem and starts crying. While she is now happy with Li Qian, both of them are still shy around each other when it comes to sleeping together. When Li Qian wakes up, Ming Yue has already been taken away by Li Xun and Hui Xin. Hui Xin still has hopes of marrying Li Qian. He wants Ming Yue to be his bride but she rejects him and says that she loves Li Qian. He orders Li Xun to be put under house arrest and to reflect on his actions. Minister Qiao wants her daughter to forget Li Qian. Hui Xin rushes forward to stab Li Qian but Ming Yue blocks her. Li Qian struggles to wake up from the hypnosis. Required fields are marked *. He is helped by Si Kong Zhen when soldiers attack him. He suggests that the problem is Li Qian hasn’t made an effort to sleep with Ming Yue which leaves her insecure. To prevent Ming Yue from going for a meal with Yun Si, Li Qian tells her that Si Kong Zhen is sick and that they should pay him a visit. She is a demure lady who is presentable and comes from a respected family. She is just a chess piece for him to recover his memory and grasp Xiyue’s power. Li Qian tells Hui Xin that he only treats her as a sister. The Emperor’s aide overhears their conversation whereby Hui Xin seems revengeful over the death of her father at Li Qian’s hands. She regrets that her action had caused a breakdown in her relationship with Li Xun. After thinking it over, Ming Yue writes a letter each to Li Qian and Yun Si. So, she has to make him fall in love with her instead. Outside the door, she bids her goodbye and thanks him for getting her freed. Li Qian suspects Hui Xin is helping Yun Si with the kidnapping as the words Yun Si has uttered are similar to what Hui Xin has said previously. On the other hand, Ming Yue cannot afford a divorce because Xiyue would never accept her back. When Ming Yue goes to bring her soup to Li Qian again, she overhears him telling Si Kong Zhen that he still can’t trust her. Chinese, Korean & Hong Kong Drama Reviews, November 18, 2019 by Drama Addict 2 Comments. Si Kong Zhen accompanies Ming Yue to go and look for Li Qian. Princess Kang Le reportedly has a potential suitor who is asking for her hand in marriage. Li Qian finds Ming Yue’s bow lying on the ground and chases after her. Li Qian goes home and tries the same thing on Ming Yue. So, while Ming Yue expects them to be intimate, Li Qian tries to avoid going further than kisses. He wants Ming Yue back or he will declare war on Beixuan. Yun Si believes that he will need to get rid of Li Qian if he wants Ming Yue to come back to him. Her love turns to hatred. Instead of killing him, Li Qian slices the confession into pieces. When they get back from the hunting trip, Ming Yue’s feelings for Li Qian is deepening but Li Qian is still confused whether his love for Ming Yue is real or fake since it all started with a hypnosis. He witnessed his mother being burned alive in a fire while he was 9 years old which caused him to fall sick. The matter is brought to the Emperor’s attention. It’s a mystery as to what Li Qian’s memories will reveal. Yun Si is now a powerful military commander having won several wars for Xiyue. Hui Xin hears about Ming Yue’s stay with Lan Ku and heads there to find out more. Yun Si approaches her and tells her stories about their past. Li Ming Yue has the ability of hypnosis, and after using it on Li Qian, he discovers that he is able to recover lost memories from his childhood. There are fun supporting characters though! The next day, it is Li Qian’s turn to have the say. Both Li Qian and Ming Yue do not want to marry each other. There is a bit of comedy in this drama especially the scenes that show Li Qian sleepwalking. When it is Ming Yue’s turn to be the head, she requests Li Qian to dress as a common folk and head into town. During the hypnosis, he can see that his mother is healthy and well. He sleepwalks again at night after hurting Ming Yue’s feelings during the day due to his anger. Qiao Hui Xin is a minister’s daughter in the Beixuan palace. Li Qian helps Ming Yue to wrap up her wound. Yun Si appears and accuses Li Qian of the killing and kidnapping. When Hui Xin questions her about Li Qian, she gives the impression that he has gone for a few days leading Hui Xin and Li Xun to think that Li Qian could be making his way back to the palace. In the secret chamber, Li Qian could hear Li Xun lamenting that he is doing it for Hui Xin and that he just wants the crown prince’s position and not his life. Your email address will not be published. Li Qian is unable to reveal the truth to Ming Yue as it pains him to lose her. Otherwise, she will report the matter to the Emperor. They have shared the same dream in their sleep. Li Xun makes it hard for Li Qian during the wedding ceremony by tampering with his food and drugging his wine. During the hypnosis, she tells him to go to the market with a woman in red the next day with a few other cues. Li Qian wants to find out what happened to his mother. Li Qian goes back to the city to save Ming Yue. He is disciplined and needs things to be clean, tidy, and organized. Hui Xin leaves him a letter to say that she will bear responsibility and will not bring him trouble. Using her Zhunxin Bell, Ming Yue hypnotizes Li Qian after touching his earlobe. Li Qian frequently consults him for advice and they share a special bond. When Li Qian snaps out of it, he feels weak and doesn’t understand why he can be so fearful. Ming Yue keeps wondering if Li Qian is telling the truth about his feelings or he is just mumbling in his drunken state. Li Xun is plotting a countermeasure as the Emperor is planning to appoint Li Qian as the crown prince. In return, Ming Yue gives Li Qian a pair of clay figurines that features them as a couple. Li Qian tells Yun Si that he will repay Ming Yue’s debt to him to make things even. So, Li Qian thinks that it is good to keep Ming Yue by his side to help him recall his past. She uses her hypnotic skills on him without knowing who he is. She wants Li Xun to be superior to Li Qian. Yun Si is angry and tells himself that he will win back Ming Yue. Li Qian manages to convince her to play when he agrees to consume a cup of poisonous wine in exchange for her help. On the other hand, Li Xun has feelings for Hui Xin. When Hui Xin sees her father dead on the ground, she thinks Li Qian killed him. Ling Mei Shi as Li Ming Yue / Princess Ai Mai La. Filed Under: Episode Summary Tagged With: Alen Fang, Ling Mei Shi, Romance, The Love By Hypnotic, Your email address will not be published. Yun Si orders Kai Er Bi to hypnotize Ming Yue to make her forget Li Qian. He’s in love with a girl* who is in love with Li Qian, and I actually feel sympathetic towards him. I personally find Ling Mei Shi to be pretty good in her acting for a newcomer. He refuses to acknowledge his attraction to her but is jealous of her friendship with Si Kong Zhen. Li Qian tells her that he will uphold his promise to his brother to spare her life. Hui Xin insists on accompanying Pei Shu Tang back to keep guard over her.