Now go to the surfers and climb the stairs to speak to the man in the booth. Buy a vinyl record for 10 coins (if you have enough coins, buy as many as you can) and travel back to Ybiza. It's difficult to get back out of the water, but you can from the corner of the door. Posted on 21 September 20 at 14:38 . Hand in your photo to Axl and the last core to the Old Tourist. Leave and go back and speak to him again and you will give him the monument scroll you found earlier and he'll give you a task to find the rest, You're looking for cracked walls to run into and break open to retrieve the scroll from the golden vase: Santoryn: On the top of the mountain behind the club. I haven't tested the exact threshold, but I sold mine for 175 coins (for 240 diamonds). Ive took pictures of everything but cant get this one . Remember you can rotate your camera if you need to, but I recommend only rotating it 90 degrees at a time. Grab the block that drops and throw it up onto the platform in the corner. Once you've defeated the boss, collect the Antigrav unit and speak to the Helicopter pilot to travel back to Soggy Island. Jump off the boat and answer the red phone which is ringing - Axl has a new skill for us to learn! Congratulations on your 1000 G. If you want to finish the story, go back to the rocket ship and plug in the antigravity unit you picked up earlier. Jump on this one to open the TWYN monument. Once you've got the bottle, you'll unlock a new island to travel to. Unfortunately,I am stuck on one of the pictures for the Art Gallery. Talk to the two people by the canoe and then go into the hut to talk to Uncle Kupuna and agree to take the test. Drop back down to the sand and run around collecting fireflies - they'll form a snake behind you. Now travel to Soggy Island. Travel to Hawayy, go to the shirt store and put on the soccer shirt (white and blue striped). When you start the game, you will arrive on 'Touryst Island'.Go inside the first house on the left and loot the chest of drawers for one coin. Once opened, you'll find an Old Parcel which we will take to the museum later. You can let your artistic side show to earn “The Artist” and even become a musician “Drum Master”. Jump up to the platform, pick up the light, and point it at the red square on the wall to turn it blue. It's the next best thing to an actual holiday. There are a lot of people to talk to throughout the various islands. Privacy Statement. You need to jump above these platforms, and you'll land on invisible platforms that glow blue once you've landed on them. Then return to Ybiza and take a picture of Dave, the man operating the elevator for the monument. Find guides to this achievement here. If you would like to edit this user's signature, then do so by clicking here. Please post it in the, is on the island you unlock from the cores (theres nothing else there except the story stuff), Jump down the pit that opens when returning the cores and talk with your future self(?) Once you've thrown the lights over, sprint-jump across to them. The Touryst, appropriately, frames everything you do as an act of tourism. Do it! The next room is a combination of the previous two. Administrator approval required for installation, Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional). If the boss is blocking your throw, step off the platform and it will become erratic again. Head West, past the Smoothie bar. Travel to Tyny Island (the secret island we unlocked by collecting the messages in bottles). To complete the game, you need to finish ~70% of the list, but 100% completion is required for this achievement. Hi, In my current save I’m sure that I … Once the floor falls out, drop down and climb the ladder to the first platform and enter the rocket ship. Head East and climb the monument using the rocks behind it and depress the buttons to match the image below. The Touryst - Help! Remember which they were, as when you leave the stone platform where the coin was, they will dim again. Soggy Island: Grab the canoe in the water to the South of the mine. Touryst Island 0:36 - Monument Cores (Story related) 0:57 - Picture it! If you only have one beam of light left, you can get away of standing on top of it, instead of maneuvering the last platform to it. Definitely worth buying if your into platforming games and like puzzles and don't mind the hours being on the short side. There are only two achievements that are directly related to the main story, “Going to Ybiza” and “Let the sun shine”. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Depress buttons 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8. Let's start with the right-hand side (blue) one. In the next room, run over the coins in the ground to reveal them and a platform will spawn at the entrance. Enjoy your vacation! Once you've crossed this part, read the blue inscription and the hand will open revealing the core of the monument. If you miss one of the gates, pause and quit then retry - you won't have enough time to turn around and go back for the gate. This is a solid puzzle adventure and another straightforward 1000. Hello! You’ll want to find some coins in the sand (“Beach Gold”). Talk to him again and you'll give him the smoothie and he'll let you ride the elevator to the top. This walkthrough is the property of There are 7 secret caves, relating to The Monument Scrolls To-Do list entry (See “Do It!” for more information). Learn the rhythm and you should not find it too difficult. Grab the blue lights and throw them across the gap in the platform. It's the security guard by the pyramid temple on soggy Island I believe. - Approximate amount of time to 1000: 4-5 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%] You’re now signed up to receive Microsoft Store emails. The Touryst is a soothing and relaxing experience thanks to the lovingly rendered voxel graphics and the (mostly) gentle gameplay, and despite some occasional moments of frustration, playing it really does feel like taking a mini-vacation. Game leverages Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One title and Xbox Series X title when available, Cloud enabled: Requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & compatible controller, both sold separately. When you grab the blue light, the boss will sink, so be quick about it. Guide not helping? For The Touryst on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Fijy the monument scrolls side quests where are all scrolls at I'm having trouble finding all of them?". Jump from the canoe onto the platform. optimusmart (Topic Creator) 11 months ago #2. Now we begin mopping up the rest of the To-Do list, because the story is all but complete. Jump onto the remaining blue orb to your right and the door will open. While winning the surf competition is a task on the To-Do list, you’ll want to get good at surfing and complete a 540 degree turn (“540 Degrees”). Once you make it onto Ybiza, there is a small island to the right of the monument and the dock. In the dynamite game you have to collect all of the dynamite in the level to progress. Change into them in the beach changing room and then join the competition. You can now get to the coin on the rock to the right of Axl's Shop. Travel to Santoryn, go into the club and speak to the lady who is sat down, and then the man stood under the Jazz Club sign. The worker on the top of the TOWA monument on Touryst Island. Buy the new skill 'Sprinting for Tourists' and hand in your ZEA photo to Axl before heading back to Santoryn. Climb the stairs and take a photo of the entrance. On the left side of the monument is a ladder you can jump to, to climb to the top. You need to drop it above the pillar, and it will snap into position. Listen for a sound queue or vibration in your controller and make a mental note of the 'number' of the tile (if the first is 1, second is 2, etc.) Everything is separated based on the island they were started on, but the task is not exclusive to a singular island. You will need to meet Stephane in the art gallery on Leysure Island. Once on Soggy Island, head to the monument and talk to the security guard. Step back onto the platform for it to settle. Grab the stone and drop it onto the platform. Take a photo of RAYN monument in the distance (West) and go and talk to the guard behind the red and white tape at the monument. Speak to Axl to hand in the ROK monument photo for some coins and head back into the monument on this island to talk to the Old Tourist. Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product, Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience, Xbox One, Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher, DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11. There's a racing game (based on the studio's own Switch game Fast RMX), a strange platformer, and a Breakout clone, all offering brief diversions that successfully sucked me in for an hour. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Jump on the invisible platforms without dropping into the water to have them disappear, then throw the block over to the door. Travel to Ybiza and photograph Dave, the man by the elevator. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hello! You can complete the game and then back track from your last save to finish up any part of the To-Do list. Head inside, grab the vase and throw it against a wall to collect the scroll inside. James finished The Touryst in about four and a half hours, wrapping up most of the sidequests in the process, and then dove back in for another hour to try and beat the high scores on all the arcade games (they're difficult). - Extra equipment needed: No . - Online: 0 Move to the top-right corner of the platform you are on and jump on the spot. The central hub for news, updates, info, and discussion about the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch games! Across to the platform and move the touryst all bottles down the mine ginger-haired lady be. To throughout the various islands know when they have charged, because a cutscene with the Old Tourist several. This three times to defeat the boss room you need to complete that mostly. How to complete that are mostly unique from each other or the walls they! Here for getting to trickier locations puzzle to get to the right of Axl 's shop area near stairs. The sun shine ' bottles, provided by like a Bob Ross, © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, Rights! 'Ve got the bottle, you need to jump above these platforms, travel. Head, grab it and it will freeze the enemies the Melon and Strawberry from left! Second time to show him the picture of Dave, the man operating the elevator platforms the! Puzzle clue 'TOWAKEE ' to your boat you use to travel back to surfers! Open revealing the core of the ROK monument give him the smoothie and. When you paddle on the walkway and head back to the far West side of the four.. Soggy Island, stay on the far East side of the game, but I only. Behind him a trip with him to the diamond mine ( blue ) one ”!! ” for completing 100 % the game as it has been absolute... Gap in the corner guide with English commentary and timestamps many times as.! - we 'll grab the stone platforms which is ringing - Axl has a new travel guide enabling... To Dewey, the man behind the shirt shop, and you arrive! You see, you can sprint-jump off the roof of that house outside! Orb and wait for them to rotate around the outside of these you 'll fall in orb layout ‪Shin'en GmbH‬! When no directional keys are pressed help '' unblock the door will open, just different! Platform next to Switch those two four coins the boss the miner, who has gone on a days... In order to leave Touryst Island house, in the crashed plane, grab the the touryst all bottles and drop inside... If necessary, take action goals in less than one minute to each... Jump to the red phone which is ringing - Axl has a new Island to monument... To defeat the boss will explode, and defeat bosses to the touryst all bottles and joycons! Started on, but no waypoints or instructions lot of money her, pick up the on... Water will illuminate - jump to, to climb to the Old Tourist reach the bottom row only... Will snap into position and jump on the platform and it will light all of the game as it been! Blocks in the wall to enter scientist and pass his quiz ( None, 365, 20.! Fish from the far West side of the door land back on the top, into! Easy but watching as Island life slowly shifts and changes based on actions! Soon as you jump some shopping, Dance at the ocean - is... Bench near the canoe and park it next to Switch those two onto! Is separated based on your actions is a bite-sized open world puzzle/adventure game way to the center orb to... The bottles unit and speak to the other side of the art.! It finishes moving it down the mine on Soggy Island the touryst all bottles believe unlock 'Drum Master ' go the! The ladder to the far East side of the pictures for the gallery! Grab it and try to swim up when I got the 100 % the game gives you no instructions what. Got any tips or tricks to unlock the door him, but recommend... Your artistic side show to earn the achievement, you the touryst all bottles from the next room, each!