Tiny Times 4.0 is an anti-climax that brings an erstwhile controversial and cacophonous cinematic juggernaut to a whimpering close. I liked the whole idea of fire based on real life story, but I also feel really bad for Gu Li… she just survived CANCER, got rid of her debts, reunites with her friends and now, she suddenly dies in a fire? At the same time, she finds herself struck with cancer. Thanks for the article Rolf. Nan Xiang, who gets a job at M.E Magazine thanks to Lin Xiao's connections, quickly reveal her true colors as she climbs the corporate ladder thanks to her new-found relationship with Lin Xiao's boss, Gong Ming. Meanwhile, Lin Xiao becomes engaged with the mysterious Lu Shao. They party all night and GL cries. Figure: A rising candlestick is shown on the left and a falling candlestick is shown on the right along with the explanations of terms used for individual candlestick components. Thanks so much Sir for making it simple to understand it was straight to the point. 1 hrs into the movie the only thing I get from the movie is there are bunch of guys and bunch of girls who meet and fight each other for I don't know what is the reason. Tim was the unlikely leader of the holiday cheer and without him, the household has a different, solemn atmosphere. Director: Guo Jingming 郭敬明. The emotions were hid so deeply in character's eyes and expressions that couldn't be sensed by audience at first. (Source: Wikipedia). The DS2417 RTC chip is in a TSOC package, and is probably the trickiest item to solder as its legs are tucked under the package. Intranet hate actually, to be precise, since most of the Chinese live behind the despicable firewall of … Tiny Times 4 (Chinese: 小时代4:灵魂尽头) is a 2015 Chinese romantic drama film and the fourth installment of the Tiny Times franchise directed and written by Guo Jingming.Originally scheduled for release in February 2015; it was delayed to July 2015. Here is a basic story writing : Opening, Content, and Conclusion. The first book doesn't have the finished point and it continues to the next one. Figure: The trend of candlesticks from the opening price to the closing price is described by the candlestick body. This is the most in-depth insight into the background of candlesticks at the moment. We discover Gu Li has cancer. He Li Chen Guang Media EE-Media Star Ritz Prods. Thank You, so helpful, love the information. As a result of looking out throughout the internet and meeting advice which were not pleasant, I thought my life was over. Change ), https://cfensi.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/the-last-supper/, http://www.weibo.com/p/2303933862808251998124.