You want a sumo base to be able to do extra wide stance exercises inside the rack (e.g. The two competing racks, while VERY similar, aren't completely identical. Most specifically, it is associated with workout benches. using your hands on the barbell itself, or creating a makeshift handle from a towel or a v-bar attachment that you pull against the bar). Now, as I mentioned in the previous two sections, the X-3 spotter arms and X-3 flip down spotters have UHMW plastic liners atop their steel surfaces. It's in the name. Even racks with comparable specs (i.e. This is likely because having holes in this location would structurally weaken the rack's base and reduce its total weight capacity. You prefer, or don't mind, a flow-through dip attachment design with connected handles and a single attachment point. Do the same on the right side. Unfortunately, they don't come standard with the X-3 flat foot power racks, like they do with the T-3. Another good feature of these particular X-3 j-hooks is that they have a tall upper portion. You can safely use this rack in its default state, unlike with sumo base power racks (e.g. If you’re on a budget, the Titan Fitness X3 power rack is still the best overall option for the money. In this review, I'll be going over all the different X-3 power rack built-in features and add-on accessories currently available from Titan (as well as ones from Rogue). Maybe your family has a vacation house that you want to workout at, despite only visiting infrequently or for relatively short stays throughout the year. This includes modified dip variations to make dips easier for beginners. It may also get a ding or two in the knurling. It has built-in lower band peg holes, which is a key feature that the X-3 lacks. And it includes other types dip variations that emphasize the chest, shoulders or triceps more. If you want the benefits of having extra j-hooks, then be prepared to get a extra barbell if you only have one now. You may just prefer working outside the rack. 3"x3" uprights & 1500 lb capacity, No need to bolt to floor for stability thanks to flat feet, Superficial imperfections e.g. A comparable Rogue rack will easily cost 1.5-2 times as much. In practice, though, this probably wouldn’t occur often if at all, since you’d likely install the storage pegs out lower or higher on the rack–out of the way of the height of your main lifts. That's in addition to the pin/pipe safeties that come standard with the power rack. T-bar rows are an awesome back exercise. So this ​handle and the actual X-3 landmine attachment are both on my short list for future purchases for my home gym. Why use a pin and pipe for spotters? Comes standard with pair of j-hooks, fat and skinny pull up bars, pin/pipe safety bars, 4 weight plate holders and 4 band pegs. From the adjustable lever arms to DIY projects to belt squats, I’ve been able to maximize the space within the power rack. It has a robust base that makes contact with the rack along an entire 10 inches of the upright, and wraps around three of the four sides of the 3" x 3" upright tubing. I'll start by saying that it is a 12 gauge rack and not 11 gauge -- But don't dismiss it based on that! When you use the dip bars for pull ups, you can attach at a lower height, so you have plenty of clearance to do pull ups without hitting the ceiling.