Looks like you already have an account! These techniques were originally used by traveling warriors or commonfolk in need of protection, when traveling on foot was quite necessary as a part of daily life. https://www.centurymartialarts.com/bo-staff/century-tapered-ash-training-bo-staff-natural. My fire knife is evenly centered so I think it will be good enough. ); −  If you are on the shorter side, you may find that a smaller staff is a better fit. I’m learning at home and practising daily, (No sparring partners or anything like that) what type of bo would you recommend, like toothpick, wood, graphite, tapered, etc. I would get a white wood lotus, or an oak or ash bo. A tapered Bo staff is generally lighter and more agile than a straight Bo staff. But don't worry, we've found a similar item that's ready to ship now. Mine also arrived with a bend near one end. Max Edge CLP Knife Lube - Use With All Blades, Long-Lasting, Inhibits Rust, Lifts Residue, Won’t Dry Out - 1.5 Oz, Wahoo Killer Multipurpose Knife - Bushcraft / Companion / Fixed Blade - Blue. It will not really hurt you, but you will not get to practice full-reach and full-extended strikes in the art. Perishable products (like food or flowers), Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons). Made from Grade 9 titanium tubing ranging from 0.065 to 0.075 inch thick. Customers who bought this item also bought: © BUD K Worldwide 2020. White Wood Lotus Bo Graphite Bo. Hi James, I am glad that you have been traning with us, and hopefully you can get the course soon. Worldwide in 4-10 business days. 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I want to stay at the light weight because its only used for demo and compatitions. ", "Great staff. Hi Michael. Hi there! Payment processed through Etsy interface. It is durable, strong, and not too heavy, but not too light. In that case, I would get a staff that is 6’6”. I have been attacked several times by herd of dogs and also by bunch of ghetto criminals, they are just waiting for someone passing by. Night Watchman Heavy Duty Self-Defense Sword Cane - 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade, Aluminum Shaft, Fiber-Filled Nylon Handle - Length 37 1/2", The Enforcer Tactical Gauntlet And Throwing Knives- Stainless Steel Blades, PU And Nylon Canvas Arm Sheath - Length 13 1/2”, Night Watchman 5-Million Volt Stun Gun Flashlight Baton, Night Watchman 2 Million-Volt Police Stun Gun Flashlight, Night Watchman Escrima Fighting Stick - Polypropylene Construction, Training Tool, Perfect Balance And Weight - Length 28”, Night Watchman 4 Million-Volt Stun Gun / Baton / CREE LED Flashlight, I love this staff. }, I’m putting on a flashy performance that includes a lot of spins so I want to make sure it’s light weight, but not easy to damage. Etsy keeps your payment information secure. PayPal and credit cards accepted. It is almost the exact height as you and will bode well for all types of training. Thank you. 2 hours ago, Python | Is the 6′ bo staff the best size for someone like me? The Jo staff and escrima is much better, suitable for combat (practice or actual) or trail hiking. Ideally, it should be slightly shorter than you. Thanks and merry christmas! I’m a beginner so could you also give some advice (if it’s not to much trouble) I’m really excited about getting the right one thank you, But wouldn’t that scape against the floor and make it difficult, Turns out that’s not my height either I’ll find out then I’ll text you I’m very sorry, Should it be tapered because I’m a beginner. Tracking available for larger items by default and on small items by request. If you are going to train in one place, I would get a normal wooden bo, but the extendable bo is not a bad option. There's a lot of concern about the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak with lots of calls for quarantining and social distance and we wanted to ease your fears and let you know our plans going forward. Martial Arts Bo Staffs Over 90 staffs to choose from. The best general purpose training bo (in my opinion) is the ash training bo that century offers. I need it purely for self defense. Hi, I’m 5’9 and i just ordered a tapered hardwood bo that is 5’5″ (on its way), I already have a 6′ with no taper but i can’t perform well with it (not sure if it’s the height or lack of taper). Have a great time training with me! If you mainly want to do tricking/bo tricks/spins, get a 5′ staff. For a strength staff, although I have yet to use it (I need to get one), this heavy steel staff could work out well. Can I Become A Certified Instructor and Open A Dojo through Complete Shotokan Karate? Time limit is exhausted. Purchased as a reliable practical walking staff for both martial arts forms, and everyday self-protection. which do you recommend and would the 5’5 be a good height? Please reload CAPTCHA. ", "What an amazing bo. $13.99 $ 13. As the name suggests, everyday carry (EDC) weapons are those that you can easily take with you on the go and that help you with various tasks. Hi Michael, I am looking to join your Ultimate Bo course and am a complete beginner. For general traditional and combat style training, I would actually use the 6′. A good walking stick can save your life in many ways. This High strength aluminum staff ticks all the checkboxes that meet or exceed my standards for use in that capacity. Hello, I am trying to write about a character who wields a bo, but I can’t find any resources specifying the weight of a bo. Ideally, it should be slightly shorter than you. Bo(s) wielded for combat were usually made of stronger, hardier, and higher-tensile strength wood. They are widely used in tournaments and in the movie industry because of how flashy and exciting they look when they are spun around. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. Since the pandemic started, we haven't had much time to make new videos. Ship items back within: 21 days of delivery. Custom products can not be exchanged. The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. I am 6’2″ without shoes and 6’3″ with them. Be the first to know about new blog articles. I also plan on getting your DVD! Our Night Watchman Bo Staff is constructed of high impact-resistant polypropylene that will take a beating for years without wearing down. But, if you have a custom staff, as long as it is within 3-4” inches of your own height, you should be just fine. Looks amazing on my version of nightwing. But the advantage of this metal bo staff with grip goes beyond the strength and durability of wielding a metal clobbering weapon instead of a wooden one. If you’d like to file an allegation of infringement, you’ll need to follow the process described in our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy. Thanks Karatemart!! Also, would the 6′ with a taper make a lot of difference or do i just need to use it more. A graphite or white wood lotus bo would probably work well! Great price for the product. A staff that weights about 1-2 lbs. You should be fine using it. My requirements are NOT to do some tricks, workouts or win competitions with the Bo staff. I give it 5 stars. http://www.tanakas-martial-arts-academy.com/. Hi, i am looking for a staff that is light and durable. Hope to see you on the other side soon! In the following video Check Out This Titanium Bo Staff Near Me, Rotating Competition Method by Professional Martial Arts Defense Producer. Is your program effective for this purpose? Probably, I have never used one. P.S. Thanks for being a reader! The bo staff is an excellent weapon and very well made. 1 min ago, Java | Hi Kelley, I would have recommended a 6′ tall staff in this case, getting a staff your height is a great option. Think of the tree that bends in the wind. It feels great.. a nice lighter weight compared to the steel staff (also bought that one).