Half Japanese. If you do by chance get rejected (Even without Japanese you will know) then just be on your way to the next store. In the case of Tobita Shinchi, on paper (and even on the map), stores are classed as restaurants or ‘Ryoutei’ in Japanese. There are no touts and no pimps visible (but I suppose they have an interest behind the scenes). Now that we have gone over the background and history and you understand exactly what Tobita Shinchi is, let’s get into the more fun parts. The prostitution aspect of Tobita is a bit sordid, but the district contains stunning examples of Taisho Era architecture. And as I said above, Tobita Shinchi is the largest of the list with more than 100 different ‘stores’ housing sexy Japanese girls to help you release your sexual tension. Hotels near Tobita Shinchi: (0.04 km) Flower Trail Homestay (0.11 km) Peace House Abeno (0.18 km) Peace House Showa (0.31 km) Cocoroom Café Garden Guest House (0.46 km) Hotel Chuo Oasis; View all hotels near Tobita Shinchi on Tripadvisor Put your camera away and keep your iPhone in your pocket. If you’re looking for a fun activity in Osaka that’s suitable for all weather conditions—this is the perfect choice. A word of caution—we try to accommodate walk-ins, but it is not always possible. And to top everything off, full service is guaranteed. The first, some stores will be ‘empty’ meaning that some will not have a girl sitting at the entrance. The biggest con or negative point about Tobita Shinchi actually really depends on what a Bro is looking for. It’s only a ten-minute walk southeast of Good Times Ink. It was interesting to walk along the 5 major rows of shophouses, taking curious glances into the various shops and with the elderly woman beckoning to you from within the house. Understandably, with just so many steaming hot options, choosing a girl can be a very difficult decision to make. Unlike Tokyo, the main part of Osaka is fairly compact. TOBITA SHINCHI Shop open 12.00-22.00 (Kitchen closes 21:30) !! Hey Kevin, thanks for dropping by Bro! Outside Tobita shinchi, there are other area in Osaka which provide these service including Nihonbashi, Ebisucho and even along Shinsaibashi. Visiting the area at the time must have been a magical experience. Even if you have no interest in cooking, don’t let that deter you. You will find that the majority of stores will have girls in their early 20’s and definitely the youngest lineup of all 3 streets. This is because the lollipop is a sign to show that you have already had a session at a store. But how about we say you wanted to try something that you can only experience in Osaka. Photo of kushikatsu  from http://30min.jp. Just like any service, it is ‘First come, first served’. Denden Town starts about 400 meters from Kuromon Market. However, from my personal experience and the experience of guys on our team, the large majority are all happy to serve you. Directions are here →Directions to Tobita Shinchi It's Gourmet town where shops where pretty girls are sitting at the shop are consecutive.. A time system fee is set for using the restaurant. Not to mention for Bros really looking for full service, you definitely won’t get any at a health service unless you really know what you are doing, and a decent sweet talker. Kuromon consists of several covered shopping streets with almost 200 shops selling a wide variety of fresh produce. Foremost among them is the Hyakuban restaurant, a brothel turned restaurant—a real restaurant—in this case. However, Tobita Shinchi has a special place in my heart. That doesn’t sound right to me. TOBITA SHINCHI RED-LIGHT DISTRICT in OSAKA. In 1915, Tennoji Zoo was built adjacent to Shinsekai. A proportion of them ignore foreigners, while some wave politely and others wave enthusiastically – obviously, these ones are gianjin-friendly. As I mentioned above, there is little to no foreplay involved in a session at Tobita Shinchi. Aunties are there for comparison to make the fish look good. I have read many forum about Tobita Shinchi because I’m about to go there soon. It is no coincidence that the development of this area coincided with that of nearby Shinsekai. Is this a place or activity you would go to on a, 3-1-13 Sanno, Nishinari-ku, Osaka 557-0001 Osaka Prefecture, Interesting experience though not necessary a tourist spot, There are few reviews of this place as it rightly should be for a red-light district. So, for all the Bros out there who haven’t had the chance to go yet, or have been and couldn’t quite figure everything out, here is the Definitive Guide to Tobita Shinchi in Osaka for foreigners! Tobita Shinchi allows gaijin, well most as I have been rejected once. Was made curious about this place when I heard from my Japanese colleague that there was a “display” sort of red-light district in Osaka, which is probably the only one of its kind in the. Boom, boom, bang. ・30 Minutes = ¥21,000 Meaning ‘Pension Street’. You’ve done a lot of walking, so I recommend grabbing a cab and heading back to your lodgings or back to Namba to find a cozy little izakaya. 2) 妖怪通り2 = Youkai Doori 2 (Monster Street 2) The police, and pretty much the whole of Japan can’t do shit about it! Soaplands turned from brothels to regular ‘bathhouses’ on paper to disguise their services. However, if the manager is all smiles and wailing ‘Come on handsome man!’ then you know it’s a sign that you won’t have any problems. Osaka deserves more time. They are restaurants. After you have been scrubbed up, your girl will put a condom on you with her mouth and proceed with a blowjob to get you hard and ready for the full service. The mamasan who keep calling "oniisan douzo" will gate you. Click here to learn more or control your settings. Anybody with a sense of adventure should visit Tobita Shinchi in Osaka at least once in their life. Mein Doori (Main Street) has the most stores and a similar level of quality to that of Seishun Doori. Many of structures retain the decorative charm of Taisho Era when they were built. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. Street Osaka GoKart Tour with Funny Costume... Kyoto Cultural Forest, Shrine and Temple Tour... View all hotels near Tobita Shinchi on Tripadvisor, View all restaurants near Tobita Shinchi on Tripadvisor. world. Every corner you turn there will be a lineup of absolutely gorgeous girls to choose from. At the end of the alley is a temple with a moss-covered Fudo-Myoo statue. Towards the fourth and fifth street there were all other sorts of ladies, plus size, mature, etc. 1) 青春通り = Seishun Doori (Youth Street) (An unwritten rule between the stores in Tobita Shinchi and something we can’t do anything about). But this isn’t the case. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Canada. Tell your girl what you are after and hand over the fees. In other words, only one girl can serve a customer at a time so a 3some wouldn’t be possible. Pay your respects at the temple and make a wish as you pour water of the statue. Click the image for an enlarged image, and details on the exact store names in numbered order! If you are with young children, I suggest you skip this last stop. more, Recommended experiences in and around Osaka. Once you choose your time length and confirm with the Yarite Babaa that you are keen, you will be invited to take off your shoes and step up into the store. Roughly translated as the ‘Osaka Big Five Shinchi’ and includes Tobita Shinchi, Matsushima Shinchi, Shinodayama Shinchi, Imasato Shinchi and Takii Shinchi. Some were cute, some were hot, and some dressed in uniforms. Avoid the disappointment of the experience being full by pre-booking your time slot in advance. But sometimes having too many options can actually be a bad thing and lead you to make the wrong decision or missing out. If you are with young children, I suggest you skip this last stop. But for those interested, I will quickly go over some of the Pros and Cons of Tobita Shinchi when compared to health services that I personally enjoy so much. I recommend you go and visit Tobita Shinchi the ‘Little Amsterdam’ of Osaka! (And there is a police station in the middle of it which does a very good job of ignoring them.) It is said that Seishun Doori has a high percentage of girls who are university students. But remember this lollipop doesn’t mean you can’t go again! These Tobita Shinchi girls try to welcome you by waving, smiling and showing off their bodies in a sexy outfit. The rates there pretty friendly too. You will see an overhead motorway above you to your left. ・60 Minutes = ¥41,000. And for the guys that want to go but a little indecisive, I hope it has given you that extra nudge to go out and give Tobita Shinchi a try! In Japanese, it is called ‘Chon no Ma’ (チョンの間). You have to use their condom only? Cross a big intersection and keep walking south. Thanks for the info Keep walking south along Sakaisuji Street. Tobita Shinchi is an eye candy paradise. When you’re finished exploring Kuromon, head back to Sakaisuji Street and start walking south (against traffic). In recent years, however, Shinsekai has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance. But you might end up being greedy and think “I want to have a better look, let’s do another lap” or “Oh wait what was around that corner again? Take a Friday or Saturday night as an example, on a busy day the streets are full of guys looking for the same thing as you. Until 1958, when the first prostitution law forbidding the acts of money exchange for intercourse were enforced. The shop will be closed every Monday!! I cannot stand the no-shower part of the experience. At the time of construction, Tsutenkaku Tower was Asia’s second tallest structure. So you are free to fade off into the night! Slightly camouflaged in a semi-residential area in the south of Osaka City, Tobita Shinchi is a group of blocks lined with regular (although old-school) looking buildings. And just a bucketful of amazing experiences. Hence, decided to check out this area for the vibes, since I was at nearby Namba station. More in-depth information reports on this area coming soon! Prostitution was accepted by the Japanese law in the past. Your chosen Tobita girl will then guide you up (sometimes holding your hand) to the second floor and to the ‘Play’ room. First of all, for all Bros who have never heard of Tobita Shinchi in Osaka (and for Bros who do but need a recap) let’s go over what this magical place is. When a foreigner shows interest or comes up to a store, the Yarite Babaa would first consult with their girl to see if she is willing to service a foreigner. There will definitely be one or two that would tickle your fancy. You’ll see things the average sightseer misses out on, and the money you save by not visiting forgettable overpriced tourist traps will more than cover the cost of a tattoo you can enjoy for a lifetime.