Nov 04 Nov 04 “Twenty million followers later on they’re still hanging on whatever new kid’s mitten is going to be found somewhere.”. News Featured Inspiring Human For Sept. 2020: Joe Imbriano “Fullerton…. Thanx.”, The Hollywood superstar has made it his business to alert people to their missing stuff – making the owners famous in the process. This Is A War Against Western Civilization Says Canadian Man In Epic #GoFuckYourself Trudeau Message!! News at Indian’s Spirit Shop…. When asked if he had ever reunited anyone with their lost belongings, Hanks said he had, but that’s not why he posted about forgotten items. “Who loses a sock?” he tweeted recently. He thought that if they would take america over, that finally, those with special tastes, would normalize all that for now, remains hidden. What Will The Weather Be Like In…, Earth’s Ocean Now In Repair Mode And New Spiritual Laws Now…. Do say: “Really appreciate it, Tom, but I bought another pair on the way home.”, Don’t say: “Hanx, any sign of my lost Spanx?, WATCH LIVE: Election 2020 – PBS NewsHour special coverage, Presidential election updates from 5 key states, Nevada will release more mail-in ballot results on Thursday, Democrats win big in Arizona, a former GOP stronghold, Trump supporters demand Michigan vote center ‘stop the count!’, A weakened Eta moves on to Honduras with drenching rains, 751,000 seek U.S. jobless benefits as virus hobbles economy, Kosovo president resigns to face war crimes charges, Democrat Gary Peters wins Michigan’s Senate race, full conversation with Hanks about his new book here., That's clearly the ministry of truth as described by George Orwell in 1984 Recently, NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown sat down with Hanks to discuss his new book of short stories, “Uncommon Type,” and also asked about the actor’s habit of chronicling lost items. Tom Hanks: actor, director, producer, glovefinder general. The Hillary Clinton Cloning Program Does Exist!! Tom Hanks' Twitter is desperately trying to save every lost glove, sock and shoe in Manhattan. Hat? Tom Hanks has had some success with his lone man lost property crusade. (And He’s Q! Archangel Michael Provides Summary Of Ascension Symptoms… Which Ones Are You…, ​​​​​​​Inner Earth Special Message To Lightworkers:  Hosts Of Heaven To Intervene…. Without a winner, Trump falsely claims victory while Biden urges patience, WATCH LIVE: Biden speaks as presidential vote count continues, Elizabeth Flock Can You Handle These Truths? You Can Now Support O.N.E. In 2000 Years A New Prophet!! His Plane Is Flying According To Flight…, New JFK Intel Will Rewrite American History! 4G/5G…, Robot Dogs Patroling Humans Now A Reality… Pssst… It’s Really The…, 5G Warning And Pep Talk!! Looks like something straight out of Blade Runner. She can be reached at Hanx Bittersweet reminders of Times passing. Ashtar: Solar System Battle, NESARA GESARA, And Your Mission Update!! The Final Phase Of Ascension On Planet Earth, Prime Creator Mentions NESARA/GESARA Twice In Latest 5 Stages Of Ascension…, My Message Today Is That I Am Not Very Pleased With…, Prime Creator Talks Coronavirus And Says It Is Mutating!! Does Covid Even Exist? Illuminati Arrests, Covid Less Virulent, Post-Election Retaliation, Anubis Egyptian Andromedan God Is Back After 10000 Years And Talks…. Nov 03 WATCH LIVE: Election 2020 – PBS NewsHour special coverage, Watch Please check your inbox to confirm. Support O.N.E. I mean, how do you drop a sock? Fine. Secret Galactic War Ends, As MSM Reports Aliens Could Exist…, Beautiful Galactic Prayers And Blessings Via Jim Charles And Hucolo Family, The Divine Masculine Will Rise, Says Andrew Via Galaxygirl, Andromedan/Egyptian Queen Returns To Earth After 10,000 Years, With Planetary And…, I Went To The Most Spiritual Place On Earth… And This…, Message To Humanity From Angelic Collective Protective Military Division and Ascended…. I found your Student ID in the park. Some of the accompanying captions are funny…, Put 'er there! Aren’t we all just lost gloves, looking for our — if we’re a left hand aren’t we looking for our right hand?”. Subscribe to Here’s the Deal, our politics newsletter for analysis you won’t find anywhere else. Often, the image was of something missing its mate — a lost sock, a single glove, a lone shoe. Lost and lonely. Further digging on Twitter reveals there’s a corner of online conspirators who believe that this ‘theory’ dates back further to March this year when Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were in Australia. Major Spiritual Implications With NESARA/GESARA Representing A Changeover To A Christ…, October 1 2020 Day Of Historical Significance As Everything Now Changes! Reported to be NSA, @tomhanks. Lauren! Occupation: Actor, director, producer, glovefinder general. Hanx, There’s a chilly set of digits out there that needs to find its clothes, Cold hand somewhere! His question prompted plenty of speculation: This. He’ll get those homeless clothes off the streets in no time. Hanx, Single at night. Tom Hanks is used to perplexing his fans on Twitter.